Sports & Recreation

The Mom Game

Julie Dobbs and Emily Jones are both working mom in the sports industry. Join them as they mom so hard, sports so hard and life so hard.

The Dads Crash The Game

Emily and Julie invite their husbands to join the show to discuss how the families are adapting to life in quarantine.

Social Etiquette

We are all spending a lot more time at home these days, and for some of us, that means a lot more time on social media. Emile and Julie talk about how they handle the not-so-nice interactions. Plus, creating a Mom Game social community.

Gonna Get Thru This

Cautious but not panicked. That's how Julie and Emily are handling the Coronavirus outbreak. Plus handling having everyone at home!

A Day In The Life

Emily and Julie discuss how they balance their life between their mom duties and their sports career.

Hello World!

Emily and Julie debut their podcast, give a little information on their backgrounds, and discuss which (if any) topics are off limits.