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Best of 2018

Hi there listeners! So, this episode is a bit delayed coming out but we knew it needed to be released. Ever since Joe has been announced as a speaker at the Dad 2.0 Summit we've had a TON of new listeners and most of them just jumped right into the latest episode. However, we've received requests from those new listeners as to which older episodes they should check out, OR what is the best way to introduce their friends and family to the podcast? To answer all of those questions we've put together a little "Best of 2018" episode. We did this to highlight 6 specific segments from some of our most popular shows in 2018 which we feel does a satisfactory job pulling in all of the humor and heart the show is known for. Full disclosure, every single guest in 2018 was phenomenal and we wish we were able to take something from every one of them and put it in this show but alas, that would make the episode longer than it already is. For now, enjoy this recap episode and get ready for our next Episode, set to drop thi

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