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Doug Parker - CEO American Airlines

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is fearlessly taking his airline to new heights. With an emphasis on building trust, collaboration, and developing caring leaders, Doug declares they’re building a culture at American Airlines today that will take them well into the future.  He highlights their strategic objective to think long-term and what it takes to build a world-class airline by making culture a competitive advantage.  In this insightful interview, Doug shares his humbling story of what inspired him during turbulent times that changed his entire perspective to realize leadership is less about his career and all about the people who work there.  With so many great discussions about lessons learned, agility, strategic execution, leadership development, diversity, and inclusion, you’ll learn first-hand how Doug Parker, with a true frontline focus, is changing the way his airline does business.   American Airlines, the world’s largest airline and a company whose service has no boundaries, is truly being led by a boundary-less leader. You’ll ascend to a higher altitude as you tune-in to this week’s podcast and hear how Doug Parker is leading the way today.

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