Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Part 2), DO, AOBNMM, AHBIM, Emergency Medicine Physician, Medical Director,...

You don’t want to miss Part 2 with Dr. Ardis, DC and Dr. Tenpenny! Her upcoming webinar is of critical importance! Find out why Dr. Ardis, DC feels this is the most important webinar to watch this year.

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Sally Rubis
Sally Rubis
  2021-08-02 21:08:30

Speaking of a natural product: I make no claims and per the FDA mandated disclaimer: ASEA does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. What ASEA is verified to do is provide in quart bottles approximately seven trillion bioidentical redox signaling molecules. These molecules are produced in our white blood cells and in our platelets by our mitochondria. These molecules are our immune warriors which communicate on a intracellular level throughout the body. Our body wisdom naturally knows where these molecules are needed in the order where they do the most crucial repair first. Nature knows how to triage internal health issues. This totally natural process has zero side effects, the liquid they exist in mostly equates to the natural liquid our cells navigate in and is comprised of salt and water. It is the process which rearranges chemical reactions at the atomic level which creates what they had said and continue to maintain is impossible. Please feel free to contact me personally on my face book messenger so that we may discuss the available research and I may offer you my guidance in introducing the company of ASEA to you. We go by the honor system at Asea so I will appreciate very much your willingness not to demand that I am some mover and shaker in the ," getting the truth movement," while in point of fact I am a seventy-seven year old great grandmother who is training to return to teaching classical ballet plus other dance genres in my local community.

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