Episode 1619 - Inversion Of Human Sensibilities

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  2021-09-03 18:46:11

G= Breathe in Love and Power. Remember We are United by Love and with the Power of Love it is Time Now to Save our Nation . Saving our Nation will Inspire others to do the same. Does Love equal Peace. No. Not for what is needed now but Peace will be the result. People run to America to be free and to be protected. We must protect our brothers and sisters. The Indigenous of this Land have been waiting for hundreds of years for Pahana ( look it up ), the White Brother to Return. Why ? Pahana , a white man from the East , unites the People here to destroy Evil and this then spreads out across the Earth to every nation. From there we come to balance and peace with other humans , other beings that were here first and Earth. First comes the Driving Out and Destroying Evil phase. Do not be dismayed that they have imported more of it . The result will be the same. It is easier to listen twice and comment. Good Men , Being Good does not mean , at this time , doing nothing. So everyone find what your skill is and do your best.

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