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Big Head Pod with Kevin Mench

Ever wondered what major leaguers talk about behind the scenes? Join Former Texas Ranger/ MLB Outfielder Kevin Mench on his new show, Big Head Pod. He is joined each week by one of his big league friends where they go unfiltered and swap analysis of the current game and stories about their time spent on MLB rosters. Kevin has a big head, a big personality, and big show that we are excited to bring to you on the DUB Network.

David Van Sleet

David Van Sleet started a softball league for Wounded Warriors that has taken off nationwide. Hear his amazing story in this episode.

Shea Hillenbrand

a professional athlete's physical condition makes headlines, but what about their mental health? Former major leaguer Shea Hillenbrand wants to change the stigma around mental health and bring awareness to a serious issue.

Orlando Hudson

The former major league second baseman is now in player development with the Arizona Diamondbacks. But the most important aspect of this episode is actually seeing Hudson in all his glory!

Bob File

Former MLB pitcher Bob file doesn't hold back when comparing today's game to when he played.

Chris Michalak

The former major league pitcher and current coach talks with Mench about how much input minor leaguers should have in collective bargaining. Plus, the two have some great minor league stories as you can imagine.

Gregg Zaun

If you really want to know what's going on on the diamond, ask a catcher. Gregg Zaun joins the show and doesn't hold back on his opinions on the state of today's game.

Ken Harvey

The former Kansas City Royal joins the show.

Rafael Palmeiro

The former Ranger and Oriole - and member of the 500 HR/3,000 Hits Club - joins Kevin to chat about playing in the first night game at Wrigley Field and how veteran players teach the new kids when they come up.

John Rocker

Never a dull moment with former MLB pitcher John Rocker as the guest. Hear about his playing days, his dabble into reality TV and marvel at the still picture used for his "phone" graphic.

Mike Adams

Mench sits down with former MLB pitcher (and current neighbor) Mike Adams to chat about the philosophy of pitching and the mentality of coming out of the bullpen in a high-pressure point of the game.

Jeff Frye

Former baseball pro Jeff Frye joins the show (along with special co-host Mike Rhyner) to talk about the origins of #SheGone Nation plus everything wrong with online baseball instruction.

Michael Young

Kevin Mench leads off his new podcast with the one and only Michael Young. The former teammates talk about their time together on the Texas Rangers, life on the road and what it's like now as a baseball dad.