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Good God - Series on Race

A special series of episodes featuring black leaders and conversations about race.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones is the CEO and Founder of the Public Religion Research Institute. In this episode, he talks with George about his new book "The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity."

Imam Omar Sulieman

Imam Omar Sulieman talks about his Muslim faith and support of the "Dreamers" that caused him to be arrested for civil disobedience. Join us for "conversations that matter about faith and the public life."

Michael Sorrell

George talks with Michael Sorrell president of Paul Quinn College about the difficulty of reopening campuses, the sorrow students feel over missing their grad ceremony, and the HBCU ceremony over the weekend with President Obama that he conceived and organized.

Greg Garrett

Baylor University English professor Greg Garrett joins George Mason to discuss race relations in America.

Tim Wise

Author Tim Wise joins George Mason on a conversation on ending racism in our time.

Gary Simpson

Are pastors "made" or born"? George Mason has an insightful conversation about this with Gary Simpson of Concord Church of Christ.

Gerald Britt

Gerald Britt is a pastor at CitySquare in Dallas. Britt grew up here, and he has a unique perspective on the city's history with race.

Ron Kirk

George sits down with former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk to discuss the challenges he faced as the city's leader.

Rev. Michael Waters, Pt. 1

George Mason continues his conversations on race with an interview with Rev. Michael Waters - pastor of Joy Tabernacle African American Episcopal Church and Agape Temple African American Episcopal Church in Dallas. He is also the co-chair of Faith Forward Dallas. Rev. Waters discusses economic justice and poverty in America and Dallas, and how it can be addressed through faith.

Dr. Brian Williams

He was an ER doctor the night of the Dallas police shootings. Hear his story on this episode.

Byron Sanders, Pt. 2

The President and CEO of Big Thought, Byron Sanders, talks with George about his organization's commitment to narrowing the opportunity gap for children.

Byron Sanders

Byron Sanders, president of Big Thought in Dallas, joins Dr. George Mason on Good God to discuss the wealth/poverty divide in Dallas and ways to improve the "tale of two cities".