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Lemme Tell You Somethin' with Nate and Zai

Nate Newton is known and loved throughout DFW and beyond thanks to his humorous, joyful personality and three Super Bowl Rings. Between being a middle child and then an NFL guard surrounded by superstars, Nate has always had to demand people’s attention when he had something to say. And if you’ve ever talked to Nate for more than two minutes, you’ll hear him declare “Let Me Tell Ya Something!” And he sure has a lot to say!! Isaiah Stanback is a former standout college quarterback and NFL wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and New York Giants. “Zai” is also a husband and dad to three children who has successfully made the switch from pro sports to entrepreneurship by starting Steadfast Fitness and Performance after retiring from the NFL. With 23 years between them, Nate and Isaiah will bring listeners a fresh take on the NFL and all that entails.

Game Over

The Cowboys season has come to an end, and Nate and Zai have some ideas to make some drastic changes to the roster for next year.

Road Winnin' Vibes

The Dallas Cowboys have a road playoff win for the first time in.... forever! Nate and Zai break down how it was done and what the Boys need to do to carry it over in the next round.

Playoffs Baby!

The Dallas Cowboys fought all year to get to the playoffs, and their reward is... a road game against Tom Brady. All is not lost. Nate and Zai break it all down for you.

Who You Got?

The Cowboys are looking strong as they head into the last week of the season, but there is still a lot on the line. Is it more important to play a tough opponent at home, or have a favorable matchup on the road? Nate and Zai discuss.

TCU Talk

Nate flies solo and has some fun with some TCU alums: Wren (VOKAL) and Tom (DUB) ahead of their college football playoff match against Michigan.

A Very DUB'd Christmas

It's a Christmas miracle! All the DUB hosts: Nate Newton, Isiah Stanback, Craig Ludwig, Kevin Mench and Derek Harper together in studio all at the same time. Emily somehow corrals all the nonsense.

Prime Time

The Cowboys are beating up on their opponents lately, but Nate says they still have a lot to prove. Plus, Deion Sanders proved it at Jackson State, can he have the same success at Colorado?

Multi-Sport Athletes

Nate and Zai made their names on the football field. But what other sports did they play growing up? And why didn't they spend more time playing soccer?

Happy Turkey Day!

Turkey and Stuffing Cowboys and Thanksgiving Nate and Zai Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Do Your Job

The Cowboys have an issue stopping the run - which is a problem when you look at their upcoming opponents. Plus, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, Nate talks about his weight-loss journey and Zai lets you in on his diet secrets.

Waiting All Season For... Saturday

The Cowboys face the struggling Packers this week, but Isiah explains, Green Bay's troubles aren't all on the shoulders of Aaron Rogers. Plus, the Colts make a head-scratching head coaching move.

Brother To Brother

Nate's brother Chris Newton is the Director of Security for the Orlando Magic. He was in Dallas for the Magic/Mavs game, so of course Nate was going to ask him to be on the show.

Kenny Grant

The former Cowboy and two-time Super Bowl champion joins the show talking about this years' Cowboy team, who he thinks is the best safety in the League right now, and how he is helping victims of domestic abuse through his Shark 29 Charity.

Are Nate and Zai SWAC?

Nate and Zai dissect the Cowboys coming off a prime-time loss against the undefeated Eagles. Plus, Isiah tells you why he says Historically Black Colleges are a necessity in this day and age.

Fly Mench Fly

Big game this weekend between the Cowboys and Eagles. And who better to break it all down than the resident Eagle fan Kevin Mench from "The Big Head Pod" (also on the DUB Network)?


Aaron Judge's HR chase has Nate and Zai debating who has baseball's "real" home run record. Plus, concussions and the NFL isn't a new topic, but a lot of high profile incidents have the hot topic back in the news.

Body And Soul

Friend and business partner Jared Harrison joins the show to talk about nutrition for your body as well as your soul.


There are no guarantees in professional football, so you gotta make the most of any opportunity that comes your way.That's advice that works even if you aren't a professional athlete!

Larry Brown

The Super Bowl XXX MVP joins the show talking about staying focused and disciplined in a world that didn't reward those traits. Plus, how did Brown make a name for himself on those Cowboys teams of the 90's, and what does he think of the team today?

Mental Health Awareness- Coach Fly

Nate and Zai welcome Russel Flannigan aka Coach Fly- Marion Barber’s friend and NFL speed training coach to the show to encourage everyone to speak up about their mental health and for others to be caring and kind when someone they know and love does speak up.

Grim Reaper

The toughest day of the year: the day when final cuts are made. Nate and Zai tell their roster cuts stories. They also give their opinions on the 2022 Dallas Cowboys roster.

DUB Party with Luds

The DUB Network held their official launch party this week, so what better time to sit down with former Dallas Star Craig Ludwig (also the "Suds With Luds" show on The DUB) and host Emily Jones to chat about the new shows, today's athletes and using training camp to get in shape.

It's Just Preseason... Right?!?!?

The cowboys looked less that stellar during their first Preseason game. But hey, nothing to worry about. It's just the Preseason. Right???? Right???

Cowboys Training Camp 2022

Nate and Zai are back from Oxnard. So what did they see, and are there reasons for Cowboys fans to be optimistic for the 2022 season? Watch to find out.

Patrick Crayton

Nate is in California for Cowboys training camp, so Isiah is holding down the fort solo bringing on his former teammate Patrick Crayton to talk about their time in the League and how much the game has changed in just the time since they played.

They Use The "S" Word

Is the NFL - dare they say it - soft?!?!? Nate and Zai pull no punches when it comes to discussing today's NFL.

Nate and Zai Say Hi

Nate Newton and Isaiah Stanback kick off their new show with a conversation about the type of show you can expect when these two get in the studio. No topic is off limits.