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Lemme Tell You Somethin' with Nate and Zai

Nate Newton is known and loved throughout DFW and beyond thanks to his humorous, joyful personality and three Super Bowl Rings. Between being a middle child and then an NFL guard surrounded by superstars, Nate has always had to demand people’s attention when he had something to say. And if you’ve ever talked to Nate for more than two minutes, you’ll hear him declare “Let Me Tell Ya Something!” And he sure has a lot to say!! Isaiah Stanback is a former standout college quarterback and NFL wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and New York Giants. “Zai” is also a husband and dad to three children who has successfully made the switch from pro sports to entrepreneurship by starting Steadfast Fitness and Performance after retiring from the NFL. With 23 years between them, Nate and Isaiah will bring listeners a fresh take on the NFL and all that entails.

Patrick Crayton

Nate is in California for Cowboys training camp, so Isiah is holding down the fort solo bringing on his former teammate Patrick Crayton to talk about their time in the League and how much the game has changed in just the time since they played.

They Use The "S" Word

Is the NFL - dare they say it - soft?!?!? Nate and Zai pull no punches when it comes to discussing today's NFL.

Nate and Zai Say Hi

Nate Newton and Isaiah Stanback kick off their new show with a conversation about the type of show you can expect when these two get in the studio. No topic is off limits.