Micro Empires

I felt like I was running out of time. I was a single mother in my 40s with no money, no assets, no retirement, no place to live and the sole support for my two children. This had happened TWICE. The 2nd time, I knew I had to create a foundation to protect me and my family. I began building small “empires" for financial stability. In just 4 years, I had created $1.4m in income producing investments with just a W2 and some grit.Join me as I continue the pursuit of Financial Independence (FI), learn from the people who have done it and take away practical steps you can do today!This is my story...

Tela Holcomb:The Stock Market in Plain English

Tela retired at 29 by learning to master the stock market in plain English. Now, she teaches others to do the same!

Amanda Abella: The Importance of Pivoting

Amanda Is the author of “Make Money Your Honey” and a Millennial Business Coach. We talk about the importance of pivoting and why you need to do it NOW!

Whole Life Insurance: A Secret Tool of the Wealthy

Whole Life Insurance can be used as a tool to build wealth. Who knew? Well, not me… until I met Lesley Batson.

Jillian Johnsrud: Writer, Speaker, Coach

Jillian and her husband became financially independent by 32 with salaries under $40K. Now she works with others to show them how.

Day 29: Call Your Mother

Pick up the phone and call mom. Today. I mean it!

Day 28: Invest

Yes. Invest. Now…. It is the BEST time.

Porch Portraits

As long as you have a captive audience…

Day 26: Use Your Sidewalk to Engage!

Hopscotch? Quiz? Art? Get the passers by to stop and take a look!

Day 25: Your Gift: Delivered!

Create care packages from the items you have at home

Go Through Old Photos

Nothing better for a good laugh!

Day 23: Donate Blood

Blood donations have never been more important!

Becky Heptig

It's never too late to achieve financial independence. Jennifer talks with Becky Heptig from about the journey her and her husband took to achieve financial independence.

Day 22: Create a NEW Space

Even in the tiniest of places, you can carve out a new space!

Day 21: Play

I'm a big believer of NOT acting my age!

Allison Hoadley

Private Money Loans how they can work for you!

Day 20: Groom

Many of us haven't gotten out of our sweats in a week… it may be time to clean up!

Day 19: One Day of ZERO Screen Time

Can you go one day?

Day 18: Slow Down

Be exactly where you are in that moment

Day 17 : Make a Post Covid19 Plan

It's important to have something to look forward to!

Day 16: Reimagine

Did you have a BIG event planned ? Maybe it can be re-imagined!

Day 15: Meditate

Yes, you can start with ONE minute

Day 14: Vision Board

Believe it or not, they work!!

Day 13: Freedom Filters

How to create filters for your own well being

Day 12: Traditions

Creating New Traditions is what many of us are doing now

Day 11: Don't Compare

We all only have ONE thing to accomplish.

Day 10: Indulge

Do that thing you NEVER do…

Day 9; Get Organized

Sock drawer? Spice Cabinet? Warm up that label maker!

Day 8: Network

Grow your network, don't shrink.

Day 7:Learn

Learn something, anything…

Day 6: Adopt

You know who loves you? Your pet… for no reason at all

Day 5: Set the Example

Be the Good that will help turn this around

Day 4:ASK

Ask for Everything and Anything

Day 3:Take Stock

Know your finances and how to save money, defer payments

Day 2:Connect

Ways to reach out and stay connected

Day 1:Establish a Routine

Routines give us purpose and focus

#DoOneThing 30 Day Campaign

30 days of practical things we can all DO in a time when we may feel powerless

$5 to 5 Million Cupcakes

How one woman took $5 and turned it into $5m

Find Comfort in the Discomfort

Tips on how to adjust to this new norm we are all living in.

What CAN you do Right Now?

Many of us feel stuck- literally. Stuck at home, stuck without answers, here's a list of what you CAN do including industries, companies and jobs you can do.

Remain Calm and Share Your Bananas

Steps to help weather this storm: stay calm and be generous.

Sherry Deutschmann: Serial Entrepreneur, Author,Thought Leader, Investor

Single Mom who Single Handedly Built a $44m Biz before selling it. Now she is empowering (and funding) other women entrepreneurs.

Gigi's Cupcakes: From $33 to $30 Million in 5 years.

Gigi Butler became an entrepreneur for the first time at age of 7, when she started selling eggs door to door. So, when she opened Gigi's Cupcakes in 2008 only having $33 to her name, she never flinched. Instead she thought, "Why not me?" Within 5 years, that $33 turned to $33million. This is her story and the announcement of her new venture!

Episode 10: Listener Feedback: How Do I Build a Micro Empire at My 9-5 Job?

Want to be the best at what you do? Stand out from the rest? Here are some things I did to create a Micro Empire at my day job.

Episode 9: 4 Ways to Make the Most of Conferences

Conferences can be overwhelming. Here are the things I do to make the most of them.

Episode 8: Sales 101 for Entrepreneurs

Just because you have a great product or service, doesn't mean it will SELL. After years of working with start ups and opening new markets, here are the basic first steps I always take.

Episode 7: The One Year Mark: What happened in the first 12 months after leaving my job

I did it. I finally pulled the trigger. Now what? That was the question I've had to answer…

Episode 6: Four Keys to Successful Networking... that are not smarmy.

Four easy ways to network, grow your brand and your business

Episode 5: Always Have 3 Streams of Income

How and why I have 3 streams of income and how they have evolved over the years.

Episode 4: The Never Ever Evers

A list of things you should NEVER EVER EVER do....... and I have done them all.

Episode 3: The Launching Pad

How I leveraged my home, my W2 and benefits to invest and create $1.4m of income producing investments in 4 years

Episode 2: Digging Out

Step by Step what I did to get on my feet, rebuild my credit and make my first investment.

Episode 1: My Story

The story of how a smart, educated woman ended up flat broke, with no place to live, no job, no money and two kids....twice.