Sports & Recreation

The Mom Game

Julie Dobbs and Emily Jones are both working moms in the sports industry. Join them as they mom so hard, sports so hard and life so hard.

Peaks and Valleys

The Moms are breaking in new studio digs while chatting about the "yips," Halloween nightmares and the best way to handle awkward microphone placement.

Mom Game After Dark

The Moms are doing their show from home and in the "Zin Bin" talking about life after the bubble, embarrassing selfies and a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever."

Am I A Good Parent?

The Moms are joined by Emily's pastor: Rev. Lance Marshall of the First United Methodist Church of Ft. Worth. They talk about surviving cancer, adopting children, finding meaning in life and asking the eternal question: am I doing a good job as a parent? This amazing conversation asks some tough questions and reveals even more.

Ben Bishop

The Dallas Stars are in the Stanley Cup Finals! Goaltender Ben Bishop joins to Moms to talk life in the bubble and what it would be like to square off against his former team the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Finals.

Back To School (Kinda)

Emily's feelings about the virus outbreak are vastly different today than they were 7 months ago - and Julie has the video evidence to prove it! Plus, just like everything else, back to school is very different this year. The moms explain how they are coping with this aspect of daily life.

Dan McDowell

The incomparable Dan McDowell from The Ticket in Dallas joins the moms to talk about being a #girldad and more amazing parenting tips. Plus, you won't believe what Dan does for fun when he's away from the radio! Tune in to find out.

What Kind of Mom Are You?

The Stars and Mavericks continue their playoff runs while the Rangers.... well.... yeah. Anyway, Emily and Julie take an online quiz and give a little more insight as to their mom-ing philosophies.

Back At It

All of the sports are back! And they are all going on at once! Julie and Emily talk about life in the sports bubble. Plus, which holidays are the biggest beat-downs? And how do you handle... you know... *those* conversations with your kids?

Erin Woodward

Erin Woodward is an ER nurse on the frontlines of Covid. She's also the wife of Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward. Erin has some tips for parents navigating the pandemic and some insights on what has already been a weird baseball season.

Celena Rae

Dallas Stars anthem singer and former American Idol contestant Celena Rae fills in for Emily this week. She and Julie talk about the work-life balance of being a mom in a sports-related job. Plus, Celena reveals her... unique way of eating chips and queso.

Back To Work!

Emily is back on your TV as the Rangers season kicks off, and Julie is back on your radio as her furlough from The Ticket is over. They are both here on The Mom Game talking about getting back into the swing of things. Plus, a little OCD talk from the master herself.

Consistant Cray

Emily is back from her Covid quarantine and in studio with Julie! Hockey and baseball are almost back. Julie is almost back on the radio. And not a moment too soon as the Instagram photo can attest.

Furloughed And Isolated

Covid comes home as Emily finds herself quarantined after a family member tests positive. She and Julie talking about how they are coping with the little kids. Plus, sports are planning their comebacks in just a matter of weeks. What are the protocols, and how will the games be covered?

Tyler Seguin

Dallas Stars... star Tyler Seguin joins the show along with his girlfriend Kate. They talk about living together during quarantine, the DIY projects they've been doing around the house and their routines for staying fit. Also, baseball is back! Well, Little League baseball anyway. Emily and Julie talk about youth sports starting back up.

Big A** Water Bottle

Julie and Emily are "live" from My Med Spa in Plano, TX talking about MLB starting back up, Emily's water consumption and Julie's adventures in bathing suit shopping!

Father's Day

With Father's Day approaching, Julie and Emily talk about their own dads growing up and how they see their husbands in the "dad" role.

Donovan Lewis

The Ticket's own Donovan Lewis joins the show to talk about doing a daily, sports-talk show with no... sports. Also, in the wake of the protests across the country, how do people come together and talk to one another?

We Need To Talk

There is so much going on in the world right now. How do you talk to your kids? Your spouse? Your neighbor? Where do you even start? Emily and Julie try to start their own conversation in this episode.

10 Things You Did Not Know About Julie

Did you know that Julie is big in Japan? Like, HUGE? This and 9 other fascinating details about Julie can only be found in this episode.

Mike Leach

The incomparable Mike Leach joins the show talking about life in quarantine, coaching football in the age of social media, prank phone calls, being offended and of course, pirates.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Emily

Major League Baseball may be a bit closer to coming back, but enough about that. Emily reveals a few things about her that provide a little more insight into her persona.

Giant Mom Fails (and a little baseball)

It's been a trying week (months) for Emily and Julie, but hey, at least there's "some" baseball news. Anything is welcomed at this point!

Mike Rhyner

The Old Grey Wolf joins the show to talk about life after The Ticket and being "out there" on the dating scene!


Suddenly, Julie has a lot more time on her hands, and Emily decides to do an at-home chemical peel. Plus, household chores power rankings. Quarantine is getting CRAZY!

Adrian Beltre

The former Texas Rangers great talks life after baseball, advice for other girl dads and what it would take to get him back in the game.

Kari Lehtonen

The former Dallas Stars goaltender joins the show to talk about life after hockey including his new hobbies of smoking meats and woodworking. Plus, Julie and Emily talk about the shows they've been binging and need more!

The Dads Crash The Game

Emily and Julie invite their husbands to join the show to discuss how the families are adapting to life in quarantine.

Social Etiquette

We are all spending a lot more time at home these days, and for some of us, that means a lot more time on social media. Emile and Julie talk about how they handle the not-so-nice interactions. Plus, creating a Mom Game social community.

Gonna Get Thru This

Cautious but not panicked. That's how Julie and Emily are handling the Coronavirus outbreak. Plus handling having everyone at home!

A Day In The Life

Emily and Julie discuss how they balance their life between their mom duties and their sports career.

Hello World!

Emily and Julie debut their podcast, give a little information on their backgrounds, and discuss which (if any) topics are off limits.