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The Mom Game

Julie Dobbs and Emily Jones are both working moms in the sports industry. Join them as they mom so hard, sports so hard and life so hard.

Jenna Owens

From radio personality on the Kidd Kraddick Show to entrepreneur with Fitsh ( and now a new mom - Jenna Owens truly is doing it all. Hear her amazing story and stay tuned for a special offer during the show. Today's episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Herman Marshall Whiskey: Panther City LAX:

Pete Delkus

Pete Delkus started as stand-out college pitcher and ended up as one of the most-trusted weathermen in Dallas. Hear his story in this epsiode. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Early Bird CBD: Drinking Buddy: Panther City LAX:

Happy Hour at Herman Marshall

Julie is joined by her DUB teammates Craig Ludwig (Suds with Luds), Kevin Mench (Big Head Pod) and Derek Harper (Harp's Court) at Herman Marshall's new digs in Wylie, TX,

Dr. John Delony

Mental health expert Dr. John Delony joins the show to tackle the tough questions about spousal relationships and the challenges of raising kids in the current environment. It's an enlightening conversation you don't want to miss. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: EarlyBird CBD: Panther City LAX:

Rangers Spring Training Talk with Levi Weaver

Texas Rangers writer Levi Weaver from The Athletic checks in from Surprise, AZ on the major storylines for the club as they get ready for the 2023 season. But first, the Moms weigh in on Luka and Kyrie at the All Star Game and the reaction to Tiger's joke with Justin Thomas. This episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Early Bird CBD: Panther City LAX:

Super Bowl Hangover

The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes won another Super Bowl, and Emily was so excited for it... she had to go to bed! Plus, Julie shares one of the more... creative(?) comments she's received on social media.

Passing The Test

The Moms are thawing out from last week's ice storm and are back in the studio talking about the Mavs big trade, Emily adding a new gig to her plate, and, oh yeah, there's a Super Bowl being played this weekend. This episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Baylor Scott & White: Early Bird CBD: Yo Quiero: All In Sports:

Groundhog Snow Day

Another February in DFW - another snow day(s) cancelling school and some work. How are the Moms coping with all of this again? Tune in and find out.

Geography Lessons

Emily gets a hold of Coach Kliff who's somewhere in Thailand. Which leads to an extensive discussion and lesson on world geography. Plus, the strange stuff you find when you look up images of the food chain. Today's episode if brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Herman Marshall Whiskey: Early Bird CBD: Baylor Scott & White:

Dinghy Talk

Luka needs help, and a wall mural isn't the answer. Plus, maybe we all should buy a one-way ticket to Thailand and disconnect for a while. Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Herman Marshall Whiskey: Early Bird CBD: earlyBird Baylor Scott & White:

New Year. New Us

Not only are the Moms talking about their new year's resolutions, they are brining people on the show to help them (and you) keep them! First up are Shana and Vanessa from Ideal Balance to help you set goals and give tools on how to achieve them. Plus, Shelley Loving from and author of "What's On Your Fork" joins the show with some easy healthy eating tips. This episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Herman Marshall Whiskey:

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper

First show of the new year! The kids are back in school. Things are starting to get back to normal. And there are still workers in Emily's house! Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Herman Marshall Whiskey:

Best of 2022

Say goodbye to 2022 with a look back at all the best moments The Mom Game had to offer this year. Special thanks to the amazing Ashlea Bullington (@abullington0) for compiling and editing this episode. Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Panther City Lacrosse: DiValore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover: Noble Vines Wine: Early Bird CBD:


At long last: IT'S DIRK! Quit reading the show description and listen/watch! Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Panther City Lacrosse: DiValore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover: Noble Vines Wine: Early Bird CBD:

MGAD: Panther City Lacrosse

It's time for another Mom Game After Dark - this time from Dickies Arena in Ft. Worth for Panther City Lacrosse. The Moms are so close you can feel it! Special thanks to Ashlea Bullington (@abullington0) for taking the production reins on this one.

All The DUB Dudes

It's a Christmas miracle! All the DUB hosts: Nate Newton, Isiah Stanback, Craig Ludwig, Kevin Mench and Derek Harper together in studio all at the same time. Emily somehow corrals all the nonsense. But first: Bish Mubarak, the Chief Sales Officer for BottleRover joins the Moms for some holiday cheer. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: DiValore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover: EarlyBird CBD:

TMG Book Club

The Moms are starting a Book Club, and you are invited! The best part: you don't even need to read! Today's guest is author Celestina Blok who wrote "100 Things To Do In Ft Worth Before You Die." Today's episode if brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Panther City Lacrosse: DiValore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover: Noble Vines Wine: Herman Marshall Whiskey: EarlyBird CBD:

Jon Daniels

The former Texas Rangers General Manager joins the Moms for his first long-form, sit-down conversation since he left the organization over the summer. This episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Panther City Lacrosse: DiValore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover Early Bird CBD:

We're All A Little Crazy

New house. New job. New dog. Big pharma. There is just SOOOO much to deal with these days. And sometimes, you lose your cool a bit. But The Moms find a way.

The Speakeasy

Julie's show mates from The Freak join the podcast. Kevin Turner and Jeff Cavanaugh share their history together, how the Freak came about (kinda), and how adding Julie to the mix really changed the dynamic (for the better we're sure).

Emily's New Crib

Emily is in her new home (yay!), but she's getting over being sick (boo!). The Astros won the World Series (ugh!), but will OBJ be joining the Cowboys (yay?)? Plus, how do you raise highly successful kids? The Moms go straight to the source. Today's show is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: DiValore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover: Early Bird CBD:

This Show Is Sick

Seriously, is there anything The Moms can't do? One of them is sick. The other is in the middle of a home move. And yet, here they are, recording a new episode just for you!

Why You Lyin'?

Is it acceptable to lie to your kids about certain things? What about 100% always telling the truth? Is there a happy medium? Plus, the Stars are hot out of the gate, the Cowboys keep winning, the Mavs get started and the Rangers get a new skipper. It's a good time to be a sports fan! Today's show brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Di Valore Medical Wellness Bottle Rover:

Ooops, They Did It Again

Emily is in the home stretch of her new home construction. So that means she has to join in remotely as she manages the last of the process. Plus, the Stars have some out of the gate hot; what in the world is Jerry Jones doing; and uh, Brittany Spears... um, what? Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: DiValore Medical Wellness Bottle Rover: Herman Marshall Whiskey:

Table This Discussion

Trust me on this: you don't want to mess with "Customer Service Emily." You just don't! Plus, the founder and CEO of Scout and Cellar Wines Sarah Shadonix joins the show talking about starting and growing her own business. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Di Valore Medical Wellness: Bottle Rover: Early Bird CBD:

New Gig. Same Moms

Julie has a new gig on your Dallas radio dial. But don't worry. The Mom Game isn't going anywhere. Plus, Jason Kimball from tells his heart-wrenching story about his son's battle with football-related concussions and the message he has for parents today.

Crazy Ex (Cow)Boyfriend

The Rangers season is mercifully coming to an end while the Stars and Mavs are about to pick up. Meanwhile, look who is winning the hearts and minds of its fanbase again! Today's Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC DiValore: Early Bird CBD:

Angeline Guido

She's a mom and the owner of the successful Angeline Guido Design. Her eye for interior design caught the attention of non other than NBL legend Shaq! Hear her remarkable story in this episode.

Cynt Marshall

Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall has broken barriers her whole life. Her rise, setbacks and victories make for an amazing story you don't want to miss.

No "Quel-s" Here

Sequels, prequels, whatever - the Moms don't have time for any of that! Plus, Emily's fool-proof way to find out if your kids are flossing, Julie has a living arrangement wish list, and both are bracing for Fantasy Football season!

Moms Get It Done

Serena is still Serena. Fun baseball is fun. And remember kids, when you turn 45, there's a lot of $#*! going on! Plus, the Moms welcome a new partner, Melaniw Cobb from DiValore shares her story on this episode.

Jane Slater

The NFL Network reporter joins TMG talking about the early days of her career and what part Emily played in her success. Plus, more changes to the Texas Rangers front office, and Julie coins a new slogan in the wake of the recent Dallas flooding.

Coach Joey McGuire

Someone had to foot the bill for the Texas Rangers' woes this season, and it was manager Chris Woodward paying the price. It's an amazing feet getting your kids ready for Back To School. And Texas Tech football head coach Joey McGuire hopes to get off on the right foot during his first season in Lubbock.

Gina Miller

Dallas sports broadcasting legend Gina Miller talks with Julie about her career in sports that has taken her from Guam to the Dallas Cowboys to FC Dallas to the World Cup!

Dave Raymond & C.J. Nitkowski

Emily brings on her Texas Rangers broadcast team to fill in for Julie. They talk some baseball, fatherhood, raising kids in the social media age and re-live some of their more questionable teenage decisions.

MGAD: Moms On A Vacation Far Away

Emily and Julie are both on a vacation with their families. What a perfect time to open a bottle of Noble Vines Wine and record a Mom Game After Dark! Plus, it's also a good opportunity to compare parenting styles.

Death Becomes Them

Due to summer travel, Emily and Julie have to pre-record a show. But what if something happens to either one of them before this show can air? Luck for you, the Moms ponder just that question. Oh, and Mike Rhyner pops in for a guest appearance. This episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Early Bird CBD: MSU Texas:


How much effort do you REALLY need to put into family events if the kids aren't even going to remember it? Plus, Rangers draft review. Emily gets a little Tech-defensive and Julie temperature brags.

Awkward Transitions

Summer marches on as Emily tried to mix business and fun on a recent trip, the Moms try to figure out just where the line is when it comes to kissing in public and exactly what does Julie mean when she says she was being served "sausage by the pool?" All these burning questions will be answered in this episode. Today's episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Early Bird CBD:

Style Duplicated

Paige Walker and Jeni Mourton run a lifestyle site called "Style Duplicated" that has exploded. Hear their story in this episode. Today's episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Glove Life: globelifeagents MSU Flower Mound:

The Hammer

Greg "Greggo" Williams - sometimes controversial... always entertaining... opens up about his time on The Ticket, the downward spiral that led to his firing and what he has done to clean himself up. Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Early Bird CBD: MSU Texas:

You Betcha'

Cool moms doing cool things. Kelly Pracht - CEO of nVenue - joins the show to talk about how her company enhances the baseball games you watch on TV. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Glove Life Insurance:

Work/Life Balance

Julie is at the beach, and Emily is at her mom's apartment. Life is getting in the way, but that isn't stopping either of them from providing you with the quality content you've come to expect from The Moms! Today's episode sponsored by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Early Bird CBD: Baylor Scott and White:

Bring Your Kids To Work Day

Emily is back in town and back in the studio. It's also summer, and the kids are out of school. So, you know what that means? Time to meet Emily's son and daughter as they join the Moms in this episode. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: Globe Life Insurance:

Memory Lane

The Moms have been media mainstays for a while now. So they thought it would be fun to go back and see how it all started: Emily in Lubbock and Julie (almost) in Tyler. Watch the Moms before they were Moms.

MGAD: Punctuation Matters

Its time for another Mom's Game After Dark episode brought to you by Noble Vines Wine. The Mom's dive deep into the important issues' of the day: namely the proper use of apostrophes' in sentences.

Celebration And Sorrow

The Mavs stay alive in the Western Conference Finals, Emily's kids take home some school-related hardware, and the Moms try to make sense of the horror in South Texas.

Going to the 'Ship!

It's championship talk baby! Yes the Mavs are moving on and the Stars are going home and the Rangers are on a win streak - but the big news comes from the Dirt Divas! Plus, a different philosophy in dog training with this episode's guest. Today's episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Baird Early Bird CBD

Skorting All Over The Place

Mavs! Stars! Rangers! Nate Newton in studio! (Yes, really) There is just sooooo much going on right now, the Moms can't wait to talk about it all. And you are going to hear it all in this extra-extended edition of the show!

Out On A Limb

The Rangers are on the road, but Emily is in studio to celebrate Julie's favorite "second tier" holiday: Cinco de Mayo! With the help of Yo Quiero dips and resident Dad of the show: Adam Hernandez. They are talking Mavs and Stars in the playoffs. Plus, the Moms welcome a new sponsor to the show just in time for summer. Today's show brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Baird Early Bird CBD Globe Life Insurance Bayor Scott & White Mosquito Shield

Craig Ludwig

Former Dallas Stars great Craig Ludwig joins the show talking about his days as a Stars broadcaster with Emily (Hint: they were unusual). Plus, Emily nearly sparks an airport security incident, Julie can't stop laughing at puck drop and verbal gaffs and the Moms discuss public restroom etiquette.... Yes, really.

The Spin-Off Show

Emily joins the show "live" from Seattle where the start of the Texas Rangers season has been a... challenge. Speaking of challenges, Julie shares a recent "mommy meltdown" and how she worked through it. Plus, a new show makes its debut from the set of The Mom Game! Today's show is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Baird: MSU Texas:

Home Again (For Now)

Emily is back from her first Rangers road trip of the year. The Moms have some choice words for Cam Newton's recent comments. And Brianna Moss from Baylor Scott and White joins the show to talk Head and Neck Cancer awareness. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Baird: Baylor Scott and White: EarlyBird CBD: MSU Texas: Globe Life Insurance:

MGAD: Sing Like You Can't Hear Yourself

It's time for another "Mom Game After Dark!" This time with an international flair as Emily joins the show from Toronto. The Moms talk about coping with life on the road. Plus a complete show stop-down to call into a different show. AND Julie's video is frozen for most of the show. Good Times! All the craziness is brought to you by our friends at Noble Vines Wine.

Happy Ranch Water Day!

Emily joins in from the Great White North where the Texas Rangers will kick off the 2022 season. Julie is hyped that the Stars are still alive in the playoff hunt. And "National Ranch Water Day" is right around the corner. How will you celebrate? Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Bottle Rover Baird Baylor Scott & White Noble Vines

The Husband Game

An episode two years in the making. The Husbands are both in studio!!! No recap necessary - just watch! Episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC: Bottle Rover: MSU Texas: Baird: EarlyBird CBD:

Dirty Wine

A huge honor and recognition for Julie's husband at a recent Dallas Start Game. Plus, baseball is back and so is the travel. Emily is making sure she has everything she needs for Spring Training. Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/BMC: Bottle Rover: MSU Texas: Baird:

Junior Miller

He's part of the Morning Musers on The Ticket in Dallas. He's a Marconi Award-winning broadcaster. AND he's a new dad! Junior Miller joins the Moms. Today's episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Bottle Rover MSU Texas Baird Yo Quiero Brands Early Bird CBD

Bottle Rovin'

The Stars are on fire! MLB continues to endear itself to its fanbase. And today's interview/sponsor has a personal connection to Emily in a past life! Today's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Bottle Rover MSU Texas Baird Baylor Scott & White

Three Is The Magic Number

The Mavs are so hot right now, Julie is officially adopting them as "her team." Baseball continues to alienate their fan base (again). And the Moms introduce you to the third member of their team. This episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Bottle Rover Early Bird CBD MSU Texas Baird

Dude Looks Like A Lady

NBA Commissioner stirs it up with his locker room comments, Emily would like MLB to get its act together thank you very much, and Julie shoots a commercial... but not as herself! This episode brought to you by: Gateway Buick/GMC Bottle Rover MSU Flower Mound

Golf Rocks!

Why can't more tournaments be like the Phoenix Open? Why can't Olympic athletes stop taking PEDs? Why can't the Stars keep their roster in tact? These and other Earth-shattering questions are answered on this episode. Brought to you by: Gateway Buick GMC Bottle Rover Early Bird CBD Baylor Scott and White

Happy 100th Episode! With Marianne and Roger Staubach

They did it! They actually made it to 100. And you are all invited to the celebration. So much going on in this episode including a conversation with Captain America himself: Dallas Cowboys legend Roger Staubach along with his incredible wife Marianne. This week's episode is brought to you by: Gateway Buick GMC Bottle Rover Noble Vines Wine Yo Quiero Brands

Therapy Session

Super Bowl talk. Mavs talk. Stars talk. VR rollercoaster talk. But what's really important: Emily and Julie clear the air about "the blinds!"

Stephen Johns

Former Dallas Stars defenseman Stephen Johns had his career cut short due to a head injury he suffered during a game. Now he's raising awareness for mental health by rollerblading across America! He tells his story in this episode.

Pent Up Aggression

The Cowboys season comes to an inglorious end. The Stars are... struggling. But, hey, at least the Mavs are playing well. Plus, there's a little tension in the studio this week over... blinds?

We're Back, B**ches!

The Moms are back in studio for the first time in 2022, and there is A LOT to talk about. New beginnings, new sponsors, new "talks" with the kids, new family members... so much stuff and so little time.

Danny Balis

He's a producer, host, bass player and now... a father again after 30 years! Danny Balis talks about it all on this episode.

Norm & Mary Hitzges

Dallas radio legend Norm Hitzges and his amazing wife Mary join the Moms to talk about Norm's Hall of Fame career and his 20-year relationship with Mary.

Happy Holidays

We are knee-deep in the holidays, and the Moms are dealing with all the "fun" in their own ways. Plus, Dr. Andrea Palmer from Baylor Scott and White joins the show answering questions around the COVID vaccine.

Mike Doocy & Sam Gannon

The Fox 4 Dallas sports duo joins the Moms for some local sports talk.

Too Much Sports

There is soooooo much to talk about in the DFW sports world: the Texas Rangers are spending big bucks! The Cowboys are rolling! The Star are on a huge win streak! And the Mavs.... well.... there's still a lot to talk about there as well.

Round 2

Thanksgiving is over, but there's no time for rest. Christmas is here! There is a ton of things to do with your family, but how do you sort it all? Erin England from Play Source Dallas joins the moms to help you navigate the holidays. Plus, sports does NOT take a holiday - too much sports news all happening at once. And that's a good thing.

Surviving The Holidays

The holidays are stressful enough. Throw families and kids into the mix, and... well, you know. The Moms are talking with Certified Child Life Specialist Katie Taylor for some tips on how to navigate the stressful times with your children.

MGAD: Sleepover At Emily's

It's time for another Mom Game After Dark, and this time, Julie is staying at Emily's home getting a taste of how her household runs. Is it everything they had hoped for? Watch and find out.

What's Your Number?

The Holidays are right around the corner - and you know what that means? Holiday stress. Or does it??? Plus, when is it too early for Christmas decorations. And the Moms discuss their Enneagram number.

MGAD: Sleepover At Julie's

Time for another Mom Game After Dark brought to you by our friends at Noble Vines Wine. In this episode, Emily stays the night at Julie's house. Shenanigans ensue!

Bob Sturm

Dallas Radio Legend Bob Sturm joins the show not to talk about sports (amazingly enough)! but rather faith and family. And Bob tells the story of how he and his family made the decision to adopt and how that has affected their lives.

Engagement Stories

Talking Stars, Cowboys, celebrity engagements, reality shows and the Moms recount their own engagement stories.

Ben & Skin

The incomparable Ben and Skin join the Moms talking about their journey from aspiring rappers (yes, really), to local radio legends to beer moguls. Hear it all in this episode.

MGAD: Mike Sirois

The great Mike Sirois joins the Moms After Dark to talk relationships, teenage boy Internet viewing habits and his fear of heights - all from the comfort of his sweet recording space! This episode is brought to you exclusively by Noble Vine - which everyone on the show is enjoying responsibly!

The After Party

The Moms throw a successful party and recap all the festivities here. Plus, is it too early to get really excited about the Cowboys? And, if you are looking at making some major changes in your life, this week's sponsor announcement and guest can help you with that.

Josh Bogorad

The voice of the Dallas Stars Josh Bogorad stops by for a visit with The Moms. He chats about his broadcasting journey that has taken him from the extremes of Corpus Christi to Anchorage!


Emily and Julie are flying solo in this one, and they have a lot on their agenda to talk about: other people telling you how to raise your kids, cat videos and an upcoming "mom swap" that is sure to entertain!

Babe Laufenberg

Former BFL QB and current Dallas Cowboys broadcaster Babe Laufenberg joins the show talking about his extensive career both on and off the field. Plus, Babe opens up about the heart-wrenching tragedy of losing a son to cancer.

Kori Green

Kori Green has built her own jewelry business while also being a mom and a wife. Oh, and did we mention, she's married to musician Pat Green which comes with its own set of challenges? The Moms talk about it all on this episode.

New Look. Who Dis?

It's Mom Game 2.0. A new logo means a fresh start and a reason to party! Plus the triumphant return of Sports Skorts, and the Moms first foray into sports betting.

Batting Stance Guy

Not gonna lie - this one goes off the rails pretty fast. But not because of this episode's guest: Gar Ryness aka Batting Stance Guy who was nothing but professional during his segment... mostly.

Corby Davidson

"The Snake" joins The Moms talking about his start at The Ticket in Dallas, his diehard devotion to OU despite being a TCU grad and his shock over the recent death of a Rock and Roll icon.

Life Lessons with Lynette Kile

Lynette Kile is a certified life coach, and she knows a thing or two about helping working moms. Some valuable insights in this week's episode.

Pat Green

Legendary Texas Country artist Pat Green joins the Moms talking about his early career, his connections with the Texas Rangers and even a little singing that you won't want to miss!

MGAD: Emily's Vaca

It's another "Mom Game After Dark" with Emily live from Florida and Julie live from... her back yard! This episode deals with how to talk to your kids when their favorite baseball player gets traded. Plus, a surprise birthday celebration.

Jacquelyn Dahl

Business owner, "baseball wife" and now, new mom. To say Jacquelyn Dahl has A LOT going on would be an understatement. How does she balance it all? She talk to Emily and Julie about that in this episode.

Bigger And Better

Julie has a major announcement in this week's episode that will send shockwaves throughout local radio and podcasting! Plus, both Moms area back from a much-needed vacation, and Emily learns the joys of Camp.

Michelle Rodriguez

Dallas radio personality Michelle Rodriguez joins the show talking about life on the radio, all the "cool" spots in Dallas and balancing her professional and personal life.

Summer Breeze

It's summer time and that means camps and trips. Emily and Julie enjoy a glass of wine and talk about their plans. Plus, shake ups in the Mavs front office AND (possibly) the Rangers roster? Tune in for all the fun.

Marty Turco

Former Dallas Stars goaltender Marty Turco joins the moms talking about how the lessons he learned on the ice have helped him in his post-hockey ventures.

Alex Snodgrass

Foodie, mom and best-selling author Alex Snodgrass is the woman behind The Defined Dish. She joins the Moms talking about making healthy choices for her and her family. They also put together the ultimate charcuterie board.

List of Randomness

The Texas Pledge, eyebrows, flying with kids, makeup on air, power grids... oh, and kids swim lessons. It's all here, and it's all glorious.

Drew Robinson

Drew Robinson spent most of his life chasing a dream: to play Major League baseball. He realized that dream, but there was still a lot missing in his life. He got to such a dark place, he attempted suicide. Thankfully, he survived, and now his story is shedding light on the mental struggle many professional athletes face. The Moms hear his story in this episode.

Return to Normal

The Mavs are back in the playoffs, the Rangers are in full swing, and the stands are full of fans again to witness it all! And that just makes Emily and Julie so happy. Plus, when is a good time to hit someone up for tickets, and get ready for The Mom Game TikTok dance challenge.

The Mom Game After Dark With Friends

The Moms are doing their show from home, and they've invited some friends along for the fun. The Great Donovan Lewis, Mike Sirois and Cash Sirois join Emily and Julie for a game of "Never Have I Ever" which leads to some interesting conversations: streaking, jail time, dreams and embarrassing work stories. You don't want to miss this one.

You Do You

Apparently, we've lost the ability to let people live the way they want to live. Instead, there are those who insist you live or play the "right" way - whatever that means. Plus, celebrity sex talk goes in a whole new and disturbing direction!

Ian Kinsler

Texas Rangers legend Ian Kinsler joins the show talking about his playing days, being a "sports dad" and how he helped Emily become "one of the guys" in the clubhouse.

Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Moms and their new sponsor Yo Quiero. Plus, Emily is back on the field, Julie is recovering from surgery and both have a particular way they want to celebrate Mother's Day.

Clear Your Craw

The Moms have a lot on their mind these days - so it's time to #ClearYourCraw. Anything and everything that has been eating away at them for the past few weeks gets addressed in this week's episode.

Medical Talk

Julie has a major procedure coming up that her "other" job just doesn't want to talk about. So, naturally, she can come to her "safe space" to talk about it. Plus, Rick Walton from Cutting Edge Cryo joins the show to chat about how he's helped the Moms.

Julia Morales

The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros may be bitter rivals on the diamond, but their team reporters are actually good friends in real life. Julia Morales joins the fun to talk traveling on the road, being a new mom and establishing and maintaining trust among the players she covers on a daily basis.

Happy Birthday! (Kinda)

It's the Mom Game's first birthday! Well, actually, it was a few weeks ago, but hey, we're celebrating now! The Moms preview the 2021 Texas Rangers season, berate refs at youth games who are way too power hungry and give numerous shout-outs to everyone who made the past year possible.

George Dunham

The Ticket's own George Dunham stops by to chat about the early days of the iconic Dallas sports talk station, the decision to share his family life on the air and the revelation of a new Mom Game motto!

Bedtime Stories

Bedtimes are stressful enough, but Emily's family has taken it to a whole new level lately. Plus, are you a slave to your Apple Watch? And with spring come Break and Cleaning.

Mike Modano

NHL Hall of Famer and Dallas Stars legend Mike Modano joins the show to talk life after hockey, starting a family and raising 5 (!) kids and being a sports dad. Plus, Emily asks Mike for forgiveness for one of the more embarrassing moments of her early career.

Social Delimma

It seems like every day, there is another firestorm on social media. Emily and Julie share how they navigate the tricker situations - even when they are in the middle of them.

Moms Squared

The Moms' moms are on the show spilling al the tea! There's tears, there's laughter, there's... singing. This episode has it all.

Rev. Lance is Back

The official Spiritual Advisor to The Mom Game - Rev. Lance Marshall of the Ft. Work First United Methodist Church - returns to the show to talk about living during COVID, parenting fails and dealing with grief. You know, lighthearted conversation.

Super Bowl Shuffle

The Moms give their Super Bowl picks - you can probably guess Emily's choice, right? Plus, both tell the story of how they met their husbands. Fun stories you won't want to miss.

All The Randomness

This episode has it all: hangover talk, hockey and baseball talk, COVID vaccine talk... All of that, and the Moms still have time to play a little matchmaker with a fan of the show.

Parenting Advice

Amy McCready from Positive Parenting Solutions joins the Moms to give some much-needed parenting advice. No matter the age of your kids, there are a lot of amazing tips and discussions in this week's episode.

Jake Kemp

Jake Kemp from 1310 The Ticket in Dallas joins the Moms to talk about accepting Julie into the boys club at the station, parenting a 2 year old and taking pride in some of his "best" OCD moments.


First show of 2021 and the moms are talking about all the New Year's resolutions they've made.... or not. Plus, NFL Wildcard Weekend picks, the NHL season is right around the corner and the inevitability of Dirk and Luka both being on the show.

Mom Game After Dirk

It's a very Covid Christmas episode as the dreaded virus hits close to home in the Dobbs household. Plus, hockey is making plans for the 2021 season - but it's going to be very different. And the Moms bid a fond farewell to 2020.

Life And Death

A beloved pet of the Dobb's household recently died, so Julie has to navigate those conversations with her kids. Meanwhile, both moms are trying to figure out the best way to talk about... you know... with their kids. So, they've called in an expert. Megan Michelson from Birds and Bees joins the show with some tips on how to have "the talk" with your kids.

Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe is one of the few "success stories" to come out of the Bachelor/Bachelorette reality show. He and his wife Catherine are still married and have three kids! So, what was his secret, and what "dad tips"" does he have for fathers? Watch and find out.

A Very Covid Christmas

The year's Christmas season feels a lot different, but the Moms are making the best of it. Plus, what would Emily and Julie do if they were suddenly named the general manager of a professional sports franchise?

Kris Budden

ESPN reporter Kris Budden joins the moms to chat about her career path from local news to national TV, her challenges juggling professional and personal life and her best "mom fails" (and a few "dad fails")!

Thanksgiving Challenges

This year's Thanksgiving holiday is a little different with changes in travel plans and family gatherings. But the Moms are making the best of it with what they have. They are even challenging each other to a pie baking contest. No, really. Why are you laughing?

Mike Sirois

Mike Sirois from Dallas' own The Ticket (and Twitch) joins the moms talking about spending time in a Mexican jail, deciding whether or not to have kids and debating a healthy dose of video games.

The Golden Episode

It's another Mom Game After Dark as the moms celebrate a "golden episode" - 35 shows. One for every year Julie has been alive! This episode tackles the spike in COVID cases affecting sports, Emily's previous gambling exploits and the art of the "side hustle."

Let's Get Past This

The Cowboys still stink. Covid is still an issue. And the kids still ask questions the Moms aren't prepared to answer. But hey, at least Halloween and the election are over, right?

Moms Are Cray

It's hard to talk about local sports when the only team in action stinks as much as the Cowboys do right now. It's even harder when it's your job! Emily and Julie talk about that and the quick return of the NBA and NHL. Plus, Emily calls out her own mom about her Facebook habits.

Dana Larson

Dana Larson from Fox Sports Southwest joins the moms for some wine, some cheese and some conversation. They chat about the Mavs run in the bubble and the breakout star that is Luka. Plus, advice they give themselves as a working mom and juggling all their responsibilities.

Peaks and Valleys

The Moms are breaking in new studio digs while chatting about the "yips," Halloween nightmares and the best way to handle awkward microphone placement.

Mom Game After Dark

The Moms are doing their show from home and in the "Zin Bin" talking about life after the bubble, embarrassing selfies and a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever."

Am I A Good Parent?

The Moms are joined by Emily's pastor: Rev. Lance Marshall of the First United Methodist Church of Ft. Worth. They talk about surviving cancer, adopting children, finding meaning in life and asking the eternal question: am I doing a good job as a parent? This amazing conversation asks some tough questions and reveals even more.

Ben Bishop

The Dallas Stars are in the Stanley Cup Finals! Goaltender Ben Bishop joins to Moms to talk life in the bubble and what it would be like to square off against his former team the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Finals.

Back To School (Kinda)

Emily's feelings about the virus outbreak are vastly different today than they were 7 months ago - and Julie has the video evidence to prove it! Plus, just like everything else, back to school is very different this year. The moms explain how they are coping with this aspect of daily life.

Dan McDowell

The incomparable Dan McDowell from The Ticket in Dallas joins the moms to talk about being a #girldad and more amazing parenting tips. Plus, you won't believe what Dan does for fun when he's away from the radio! Tune in to find out.

What Kind of Mom Are You?

The Stars and Mavericks continue their playoff runs while the Rangers.... well.... yeah. Anyway, Emily and Julie take an online quiz and give a little more insight as to their mom-ing philosophies.

Back At It

All of the sports are back! And they are all going on at once! Julie and Emily talk about life in the sports bubble. Plus, which holidays are the biggest beat-downs? And how do you handle... you know... *those* conversations with your kids?

Erin Woodward

Erin Woodward is an ER nurse on the frontlines of Covid. She's also the wife of Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward. Erin has some tips for parents navigating the pandemic and some insights on what has already been a weird baseball season.

Celena Rae

Dallas Stars anthem singer and former American Idol contestant Celena Rae fills in for Emily this week. She and Julie talk about the work-life balance of being a mom in a sports-related job. Plus, Celena reveals her... unique way of eating chips and queso.

Back To Work!

Emily is back on your TV as the Rangers season kicks off, and Julie is back on your radio as her furlough from The Ticket is over. They are both here on The Mom Game talking about getting back into the swing of things. Plus, a little OCD talk from the master herself.

Consistant Cray

Emily is back from her Covid quarantine and in studio with Julie! Hockey and baseball are almost back. Julie is almost back on the radio. And not a moment too soon as the Instagram photo can attest.

Furloughed And Isolated

Covid comes home as Emily finds herself quarantined after a family member tests positive. She and Julie talking about how they are coping with the little kids. Plus, sports are planning their comebacks in just a matter of weeks. What are the protocols, and how will the games be covered?

Tyler Seguin

Dallas Stars... star Tyler Seguin joins the show along with his girlfriend Kate. They talk about living together during quarantine, the DIY projects they've been doing around the house and their routines for staying fit. Also, baseball is back! Well, Little League baseball anyway. Emily and Julie talk about youth sports starting back up.

Big A** Water Bottle

Julie and Emily are "live" from My Med Spa in Plano, TX talking about MLB starting back up, Emily's water consumption and Julie's adventures in bathing suit shopping!

Father's Day

With Father's Day approaching, Julie and Emily talk about their own dads growing up and how they see their husbands in the "dad" role.

Donovan Lewis

The Ticket's own Donovan Lewis joins the show to talk about doing a daily, sports-talk show with no... sports. Also, in the wake of the protests across the country, how do people come together and talk to one another?

We Need To Talk

There is so much going on in the world right now. How do you talk to your kids? Your spouse? Your neighbor? Where do you even start? Emily and Julie try to start their own conversation in this episode.

10 Things You Did Not Know About Julie

Did you know that Julie is big in Japan? Like, HUGE? This and 9 other fascinating details about Julie can only be found in this episode.

Mike Leach

The incomparable Mike Leach joins the show talking about life in quarantine, coaching football in the age of social media, prank phone calls, being offended and of course, pirates.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Emily

Major League Baseball may be a bit closer to coming back, but enough about that. Emily reveals a few things about her that provide a little more insight into her persona.

Giant Mom Fails (and a little baseball)

It's been a trying week (months) for Emily and Julie, but hey, at least there's "some" baseball news. Anything is welcomed at this point!

Mike Rhyner

The Old Grey Wolf joins the show to talk about life after The Ticket and being "out there" on the dating scene!


Suddenly, Julie has a lot more time on her hands, and Emily decides to do an at-home chemical peel. Plus, household chores power rankings. Quarantine is getting CRAZY!

Adrian Beltre

The former Texas Rangers great talks life after baseball, advice for other girl dads and what it would take to get him back in the game.

Kari Lehtonen

The former Dallas Stars goaltender joins the show to talk about life after hockey including his new hobbies of smoking meats and woodworking. Plus, Julie and Emily talk about the shows they've been binging and need more!

The Dads Crash The Game

Emily and Julie invite their husbands to join the show to discuss how the families are adapting to life in quarantine.

Social Etiquette

We are all spending a lot more time at home these days, and for some of us, that means a lot more time on social media. Emile and Julie talk about how they handle the not-so-nice interactions. Plus, creating a Mom Game social community.

Gonna Get Thru This

Cautious but not panicked. That's how Julie and Emily are handling the Coronavirus outbreak. Plus handling having everyone at home!

A Day In The Life

Emily and Julie discuss how they balance their life between their mom duties and their sports career.

Hello World!

Emily and Julie debut their podcast, give a little information on their backgrounds, and discuss which (if any) topics are off limits.