ONUG Podcast

The ONUG is a large enterprise technology consumer driven community. Its mission is to advocate for open, interchangeable plus observable hardware and software solutions at every level of a business application’s dependency map, including Hybrid Multicloud and on-prem. ONUG explores and champions technical workforce transformation including retraining, redeployment, efficiency and organizational models for the digital transformation era that deliver excellent outcomes.

Welcome to The ONUG Podcast relaunch!

Take a few minutes to learn about the important contributions of the ONUG community. Mark Tierney, ONUG Working Group CTO, vistis with Co-Founders Nick Lippis and Ernest Lefner. Nick & Ernest discuss the origins of ONUG, as well as the incredibly successful dynamics between the Enterprise IT Consumer and Supplier members. You'll also get a primer on CSNF, the VERY important Cloud Security Notification Framework initiative. This episode is a perfect story on how ONUG delivers value for business.