ONUG Podcast

The ONUG is a large enterprise technology consumer driven community. Its mission is to advocate for open, interchangeable plus observable hardware and software solutions at every level of a business application’s dependency map, including Hybrid Multicloud and on-prem. ONUG explores and champions technical workforce transformation including retraining, redeployment, efficiency and organizational models for the digital transformation era that deliver excellent outcomes.

Security & Application Architectures: It’s been a journey

ONUG CTO, Mark Tierney explores the Security & Application Architecture Journey, With Michael Thomas Clark of RTM and Ken Arora, Distinguished Engineer & Architect with F5, in this first of the series.

Episode 3 - ONUG Spring 2021 Sneak Peek

Nick, Ernest and Mark dive deep into the ONUG Spring 2021 agenda.

Episode 2 - The origins of CSNF, The Cloud Security Notification Framework

Join ONUG Co-Founders, Nick Lippis & Ernest Lefner, along with ONUG Working Group CTO, Mark Tierney to hear about the CSNF journey. Featured on the show are also Peter Campbell, Director Cloud Security Engineering at Cigna as well as Devops Pioneer, John Willis. You'll get a peek at the value drivers of this momentous initiative! #ONUG #CSNF #multicloud #cloudsecurity #mitreatt&ck #NISTOSCAL

Welcome to The ONUG Podcast relaunch!

Take a few minutes to learn about the important contributions of the ONUG community. Mark Tierney, ONUG Working Group CTO, vistis with Co-Founders Nick Lippis and Ernest Lefner. Nick & Ernest discuss the origins of ONUG, as well as the incredibly successful dynamics between the Enterprise IT Consumer and Supplier members. You'll also get a primer on CSNF, the VERY important Cloud Security Notification Framework initiative. This episode is a perfect story on how ONUG delivers value for business.