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No one covers the Tennessee Titans like Paul Kuharsky. Now, you can get his unique perspective in a handy, to-go format!

Status Checks

So much speculation surrounded Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry and Kevin Byard in recent months. What’s the status of each heading into the draft? I like a nice draft guide, but a draft list is worthless. And the meaning of new Titans' free-agent receiver Chris Moore. The PK Pod is presented by Jasper's, the next evolution of the sports bar - with a free game room and free parking.

Defending Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is no playoff quarterback, but he’s not the horror show many Titans fans are making him out to be. Plus a breakdown of why Will Levis isn’t the answer and a look at the mindset of Jeffery Simmons after his new deal. The PK Pod is presented by Jasper's, the next evolution of the sports bar - with a free game room and free parking.

Receiver Talk with Matt Harmon

Sorting through Titans’ receiver possibilities in the draft with Matt Harmon of Reception Perception. Plus the Titans’ stadium status, Amy Adams Strunk's finances and the idea of the franchise making a move for one of the top quarterback prospects. The PK Pod is presented by Jasper's, the next evolution of the sports bar - with a free game room and parking.

Ripple Effect

One Titans’ move that is not a year old has wide-ranging repercussions, some more important than others. Numbers games with Matt Hasselbeck and Zac Taylor. Also Thursday night flexes, a QB prospect’s personality and retired player statues. The PK Pod is presented by Jasper's, the next evolution of the sports bar - with a free game room and parking.

The Titans' $140 million in 2024

The Titans will have huge salary cap room in 2024, but Paul isn’t so sure it will produce the personnel windfall people will expect. Plus how Dennis Daley found more work, the Titans’ outlook at backup quarterback and a player who’s mastered maximizing guarantees.

Pick a side on David Long

Do you want the Titans to address the injury issues or not? Paul looks at how David Long fits into that question. Plus thoughts on all five players the Titans have agreed to terms with and how restricted free agency was a thing for Tennessee for the first time in a long time. Also, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine’s weird choice to test the market.

Fearing Change

Contemplating the potential for a Derrick Henry trade. Plus, lessons from Mike Heimerdinger, throwback jerseys, and sleepy fans and players with social media.

Trade Up?

Four of the last 15 trades up for a quarterback have yielded franchise guys. Eleven have resulted in continued searches. Paul examines that, Tim Kelly’s comments on last year’s offensive predictability, coaches skipping the combine, a quiet promotion and what happened when he reread his favorite book.

Pain-Free Titans' Cuts

The cuts the Titans made to get under the cap didn't hurt much. And history tells us the odds of one of the released players having much success from here are low. Plus free-agent edge rushers, a review of Tulsa and a tribute to Taylor Lewan.

Malik Willis’ fresh start

With a new coordinator and quarterback coach/passing game coordinator, Malik Willis isn’t heading toward being the Titans' starter in 2023 but he should get a clean slate. Plus Paul looks at Mike Vrabel’s staff growth heading into his sixth year, wonders why players don’t work to outperform opponents with precise footing when they play on bad fields and talks through the big impact of a minor adjustment.

The Cleveland Model?

Ran Carthon’s front office structure looks like it will be follow the Browns’ method, which hasn’t exactly worked for them. Paul also discussed Mike Vrabel’s reshaped coaching staff, the search for explosive plays, the importance of spring, a key slip of the tongue by the Titans head coach, NFL officiating and the one thing he can’t be critical of.

Mike Vrabel's Hiring Process

Paul Kuharsky talks through Mike Vrabel's hiring process, what Ran Carthon wants as the Titans General Manger and what one more play could mean for the franchise.

What People Do

We watch players and can see and rewind their successes and failures. But with front offices people, and some coaches, even their titles don’t clue us in as to what their jobs are and we have no clue about what successes and failures they’ve had a hand in.

New Blood

Paul reviews Mike Vrabel’s firings before making the case for outsiders as replacements on the coaching staff, and for the open GM position, where Jon Robinson’s right hand man, Ryan Cowden, remains a candidate.

Who Do You Trust?

It's simple: if the Titans win on Saturday against the Jaguars, they win the South and are in the playoffs. If they loose, they end the season on a 7-game losing streak. So, is there anyone on the roster you trust to take this team to the postseason? PK says it's a tall order.

At Least They're Uniquely Losing

The Titans' losing streak hits five games, but as PK points out, they aren't making the same mistakes again and again. Each loss is its own issue. At least that's... something. Does it give you any confidence heading into the last two games of the season? Yeah, us either.

Low Energy

A four-game losing streak... mounting injuries... this team needs a spark, and PK goes around the locker room looking for it... looking for anything that can show him this team is ready to turn things around and head into the playoffs with some confidence.

Would You Like Him When He's Angry?

The Titans are in the middle of a three-game skid with the LA Chargers on the horizon. So just how angry has Head Coach Mike Vrabel been through this? PK talks to some of the players of the coach's mood. Plus, what to do about the team's stumbling out of the gates to start the second half.

Not Ready For Prime Time

The Titans challenging stretch of the schedule continues with a huge game against the League's best: Philadelphia Eagles. Mobile QBs have been a challenge for the Titans as of late, but PK has an offensive stat in here that just might surprise you, and give you hope.

Offensive Scheming

The Titans offense isn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard. Are they, dare we say, predictable? PK has the stats that show, yeah, pretty much. At least the Broncos come to town this week. That should help turn things around, right?

Word Of The Day

The Titans are on a winning streak, but they are on the road to Kansas City for a prime time game against the Chiefs. Can their streak continue? PK doesn't think it can especially if the backup QB figures heavily into the game plan.

An Opponent Fit For A King

The Titans take on the Houston Texans this weekend, and if recent history is any indication, King Henry should feast on the Texans' defense. Plus, just how good have the Titans been on 3rd down? PK has the impressive numbers.

Where Are The Home Runs?

The Titans are coming off their Bye week still in first place in their division, but their style of play doesn't look like it can hold up against the Big Boys of the AFC. PK breaks down where the team is now and some surprising stats especially in the Red Zone.

Lemonade Out of Lemons

It's a minor miracle the Titans have been as competitive as they have been the past few seasons considering how disastrous their recent drafts and free agent acquisitions have been. PK goes through the brutal reality. Plus, he discusses one of the more underrated aspects of Ryan Tannehill's game.

Stay On Message

The lack of second-half scoring is definitely a cause for concern, but you wouldn't know it if you listened to the players and coaches postgame comments. PK has an explanation. Plus, Titans' ratings are down in Nashville. How? PK explains that, too.

Must Win in Week 3?

It's only Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season, but this week's matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders feels like a must-win for the Titans. PK has a few keys to the game and will tell you why even a loss here may not mean a lost season in Nashville.

Monday Night Lights

No time to wallow after a bad opening game loss against the Giants because it's time to take on the AFC favorite Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football. PK has a stat in here that will give you some hope going into the prime time matchup.

So It Begins

The 2022 Tennessee Titans season is about to kick off. What can we tell about the team as they take the field against the New York Giants? Quite a bit actually. Plus, PK makes his playoff and Super Bowl predictions.

Doing More With Less Since 2018

The Titans got all the way through Training Camp without suffering a major injury. And then... Harold Landry happened. So now what? PK goes through some options, and they aren't pretty. But not to worry, Mike Vrabel is still the head coach.

Camp Wrap

Training camp for the Titans is drawing to a close with one more preseason game before the real fun begins. Which positions are ready and which still have questions? PK breaks it all down. Plus, King Henry is doing King Henry things again.

You Only Get One Shot

Preseason game 1 is in the books, and now the Bucs come to town for some shared practices and preseason game 2 this weekend. What have we learned so far this training camp? PK breaks it down. Plus, when a player goes one-on-one with his coach in practice, does he "take his shot?" PK investigates.

Look Who's Back... Back Again

Paul is back on the pod and covering the Titans as only he can. PK gets you ready for the start of the team's 2022 Preseason schedule by taking a deep dive into the first "depth chart" of the season.

Don't Underestimate The Browns

You read that right. The Browns are 8-3, but many fans dismiss their record because of who they've played. PK says, don't let the schedule fool you. The Browns have some playmakers on their roster including one who could make all the difference in this weekend's game.

Raven Rematch

The Titans return to Baltimore, site of their huge playoff win last year. PK talks about how a recent rash of injuries could affect this weekend's game. Plus, why does Coach Vrabel put such an emphasis on practice, what is the team doing to fix their special teams woes and how the Titans offense can take advantage of the Ravens defense in the red zone.

If Not Then, When?

We thought playing the Bengals would be the cure for the Titans' defensive woes. That did not turn out as expected. So here come the Bears and another opportunity for the defense to right the ship. Will they? PK has the keys to the game in this episode.

The Game Of The Year Of The Week

Two undefeated teams square off in Nashville this weekend as the Titans take on the Steelers in a game that some say has Super Bowl implications. PK has a breakdown of what the Titans need to do to stay undefeated including why the defense (and some specific players) needs to step it up.


The Titans play their first game in 16 days and completely dominate the Bills. So how does this set up for a divisional showdown against the Texans? PK breaks it down including a prediction for a big game from King Henry.

By Any Means

The Titans are starting a season 2-0 for the first time in more than a decade. Some of that is team play, and some of that is being fortunate enough to play an opponent without key players. What will it take to win on the road against the Vikings this weekend? PK has some thoughts on that.

Lack Of Depth

It's only Week 2 and already the depth issues PK was concerned about in Training Camp are becoming a reality. Especially at the Wide Receiver position where AJ Brown is out against the Jaguars meaning Corey Davis will be the #1 receiver in the game. Plus, Offensive Coordinator Arthur Smith on the lack of deep threats against the Broncos.

Disruptor Disruptor Disruptor

The Jadeveon Clowney era begins as the Titans take on the Broncos Monday night in Denver. So, what can fans expect to see from the highly sought-after free agent in his first game? PK breaks it down. Plus, "it's just a prediction," but PK has some lofty expectations from this team this year. Listen to find out what they are.

Issues At Hand

It's been a bit of a wait, but it's well worth it! Wes Patrick is back and is turning the tables once again as PK is the one answering the questions in this episode. Including: why don't the Titans value sacks more? Wither Jadeveon Clowney? And will PK welcome his beloved Yankees back once baseball (finally) gets going again?

Tables: Turned

In this episode, it's PK who is the guest on his own show. Wes Patrick (former Midday 180 intern) asks Paul about the Titans' 5th you option decisions, Jon Robinson's draft grades and how Ryan Tannehill is responding to being the leader of this team.

Buck Reising

Buck Reising from A to Z Sports joins the show to discuss the current Titans roster and what their plans may be during free agency and heading into the draft. Plus, should the NFL hold the draft at all? Buck and PK debate that question in this episode.

Long-Term Roster View

We’ve talked plenty about 2020. What is the long-term health of the Titans’ roster? What are the concerns going to be over the next several years?

Officially The Offseason

The Titans enter the offseason with a pretty good idea on how they stack up against the Super Bowl champs and some big contract questions they need to answer. PK has some thoughts.

David Boclair

The Titans' 2019 season came to an abrupt end in Kansas City. Time to look back on how certain players performed and how the franchise sets up for the 2020 season. Sports Illustrated's David Boclair joins PK in this episode.

One. Win. Away.

The Titans need one win in KC to book their trip to the Super Bowl in Miami. What is it going to take to get that win? PK has some insights.

Rivalry Renewed

After taking care of the defending champs. the Titans travel to Baltimore who not only have an insane offense, but also have fond memories of beating Tennessee in the playoffs. PK has your preview.

Bring on the Pats

Wild Card weekend is here, and the Titans are in a good position to make a statement. But, as PK reminds us, they are still the Pats and these are the playoffs. What do the Titans need to do to win? Listen to find out.

Give The Man His Due

The Titans have a "win and in" game against the Texans this weekend, but PK wants to spend some time making sure everyone truly appreciates what Ryan Tannehill has accomplished this season.

The Saints Are Coming

Last week's loss to the Texans means this weeks clash with the Saints is the proverbial "must win" for the Titans. What are the keys to victory over the high-scoring Saints? PK says it starts with stopping the screen.

Ben Baldwin

PK previews the Titans' tilt against the Raiders this weekend and does an analytical deep dive with Ben Baldwin of The Athletic.

It's Now Or Never

The Titans are playing some of their best football in years. And the Colts are dealing with major injuries. If the Titans can't break the streak against the Colts this week.....

Off The Bye

The Titans have a chance to avenge an earlier loss AND bury the division rival Jags all the in same game. PK gives you the keys to a Titans victory in this episode.

PK Live From Dawghouse Saloon

Following a big Titans win over the KC Chiefs, PK invites members from to talk about the team's offensive philosophy and fan experience at Nissan Stadium.

Where Do They Go From Here?

The Titans find themselves at 4-5 and heading into the toughest part of their schedule. Do they have a run in them like last season? PK tries to sort it all out on this episode.

Mid-Season Awards

Halfway through the 2019 season finds the Titans at 4-4. So, who has stood out and who has... not? PK has his mid-season awards in this episode.

Frank Wycheck

Former Titans legend and broadcaster Frank Wycheck joins the show to talk about life after football and radio, his current health issues and a new life in Philly.


The Titans pull the trigger and pull Mariota. It's Tannehill time in Tennessee. Will it make a difference? PK will let you know.

Good Stat/Bad Stat

There aren't many silver linings in a 2-3 start, but PK has found a few numbers that could be encouraging... along with some that aren't all that surprising. Plus, hear from head coach Mike Vrabel and DC Dean Pees.

Avoiding Another Buffalo Swoon

Titans fans remember all too well what happened last year coming off a big win then playing the Bills. PK says the key this week starts up front with the O-Line starters they envisioned before the season started.

Not Great, Bob

The Titans are 1-2 with the two losses a little less than inspiring. So where will the fire come from on the field to get this team going in the right direction? PK has some thoughts.

Neil O'Donnell

The former Titans QB weighs in on the Marcus Mariota extension question. What more does O'Donnell need to see to convince him #8 is here to stay? Listen and find out.

Happy Opening Day

Titans football is back, and PK sees a few things that give him some optimism for the season. At the same time, there are a few things that.... don't.

Daryl "Moose" Johnston

PK talks with former Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl Johnston about his new role with the XFL and if his old position is a dying breed in today's NFL.

Camp Time

Titans training camp is underway, and PK has his eyes on the main storylines heading into the 2019 season including Mariota in a new system and the WR corps. Plus, PK clears up the great media doughnut controversy.

Bernard Pollard

The Former Titans safety has some opinions about the team's QB situation, and he's not afraid to share them with PK on this edition of the podcast.

Roger Saffold

Titans OL Roger Safford talks about why he chose the Titans this offseason and what he learned during his time with the Rams.

Will Compton

Former Titans LB and host of the "Bussin' With The Boys" podcast Will Compton joins PK talking smart money management and how to win at credit card roulette.

Nate Washington

Former Titans WR Nate Washington reminisces with PK about his time in Nashville and how much the game has changed just since he left the League.

Draft Review with Evan Silva of Rotoworld

The draft is over. So how did the Titans do? Evan Silva of Rotoworld has some thought on the first three picks.

The Car-Harsky Podcast

PK is driving around Nashville (or "Draft-ville" {TM Party Fowl}) and thinking about the draft. He has some ideas on who the team might be after and who you should listen to for reaction and analysis of the picks.

Titans Draft Preview with Kyle Crabbs of The Draft Network

Kyle Crabbs of The Draft Network joins PK to discuss potential first, middle and late-round targets for the Titans in the 2019 NFL Draft.

He Gets Lots And Lots Of Letters

PK is answering your pressing questions including what the Titans might do in the upcoming draft and what he *really* thinks of Titans fans.

Special Guest: Peter King

PK is at the NFL's Owners Meetings in Arizona, and he caught up with NBC's Peter King to get his reaction to the Titans' off-season moves.

Fitting In

The Titans were very active in the first round of Free Agency. What do the signings (and trade) tell us about the type of locker room the team is trying to build? PK has some insight.

Free Agent Frenzy

On the eve of NFL free agency, PK takes a trip around the league talking to reporters who cover the players who may be targets for the Titans. This episode includes Greg Auman from The Athletic in Tampa talking about WR Adam Humphries, May Kay Cabot in Cleveland talking QB Tyrod Taylor, and Richard Hammond in LA talking Ndamukong Suh.

You've Got Questions... PK Has Answers

It's a special " viewer mail" edition of the podcast. PK talks Titans free agency and Hall of Fame voting.

Kevin Mawae

Former Titans OL Kevin Mawae joins PK from the Super Bowl in Atlanta just a few hours before he gets "the knock" or "the call" for the Football Hall of Fame.

Killer Contracts

PK breaks down the worst contracts on the current Titans roster.

Alex Bonilla - Pro Football Reference

Alex - Bonilla - the User Affairs Coordinator for - join PK to discuss who Mariota compares to after 4 years in the League.

It All Comes Down To This

There's a lot on the line Sunday as the Titans take on the Colts for a spot in the playoff/possible division title/possible first-round bye. PK and Madison get you ready for all of it.

No F.O.M.O.

The Titans are in the playoff hunt, but ticket sales are still sluggish. Plus, PK explains what has been the keys to the Titan's success on defense this season.

O Line, Where Art Thou?

Madison Blevins is back! She and PK are talking about the o-line woes and questionable calls on Monday Night.


Not your typical Thanksgiving leftovers as Paul credits the Titans for their "bounce-back" games but laments the fact that they are in so many "bounce-back" games. Plus, an impassioned plea to stop asking players what their favorite Thanksgiving food is.

Pats Preview

After a big win in Big D, the Titans take on the reigning AFC champion Patriots, and PK doesn't have the same feeling going in to this one that he did last week.

All My Rowdy Friends

PK toughens through a cold to talk about the Titans/Cowboys Monday Night matchup - a game PK thinks the Titans can (and should) win.


As the Titans head for London, PK talks with London-based writer (and Titans Fan) Jamie Cutteridge about how American football has been received overseas.

Hubble Talk

Where else can you get Titans WR and OL news AND up-to-the-minute Hubble Telescope news???? Nowhere else but here!

Titans/Bills Preview

Titans/Bills Preview

Calling All Hacks

PK is putting out the call for more life hacks... oh, and some Titans/Eagles preview focusing on the defensive side of the ball.


PK has a few extra notes from the Texans game as he looks ahead to the Titans' game plan for Jacksonville. Plus a bonus lifehack that's a little... NSFW.

Mike Herndon - Music City Miracles

PK welcomes Mike Herndon of Music City Miracles to take a deep dive on the Xs & Os from Week 1 including TE play and the RBs sharing the load.

Just a Few More Sleeps

The Titans roster is set (for now) and an official injury report means the season is just about to start. Plus PKs thoughts on the Nike/Kap campaign.

The Final Cut

The final roster for the Titans is set, and PK has some thoughts. Of course he does or there wouldn't be a podcast!

Generally Miserable And Annoyed

Titans training camp trudges on and the injury list continues to grow. Rashaan Evans returns to practice.... aaaaand promptly leaves. Plus, PK has a plea for all Nashville drivers.

Camp Wrap

Titans training camp wraps up and PK has some thoughts on what he saw plus a preview of the pre-season matchup against the Bucs.

Big News

A major announcement... not for the Titans, but for What is it? Who is it? How many times will PK plug the site? You gotta listen to find out.

Happy B-Day PK! turns one, and we couldn't be more proud! In this episode, PK has his observations from the first week in Titans Training Camp including the new-look offense and which rookies he's keeping an eye on.

Evan Silva

Senior Football Editor at RotoWorld Evan Silva joins PK to talk about the details he's looking for in players for his fantasy football columns.

Blake Beddingfield

Titans former Director of College Scouting joins PK to talk about evaluating talent especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Samari Rolle

Former Titan CB joins PK to talk about his time in Tennessee and the loss that sticks with him to this day (Hint: it's not the Super Bowl).


PK and Madison are talking about the NFL trying to move on from the Anthem protests, Madison's European vacation, pot hole repairs... you know, football!

Road Trip!

PK recaps the Titans mini camp including Vrabel's confidence level and the use of the two TE set. Plus, PK rates the best road trip cities on this year's Titans schedule.

John Middlekauff

Former NFL scout and current writer for The Athletic John Middlekauff joins PK to talk about how Titans GM Jon Robinson has re-built the organization.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel

PK and Madison welcome Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel (and his HS football coach) to the Dawghouse Saloon in midtown Nashville for a special episode of the PK Podcast

PK Podcast #16 - Diplomacy Is Not His Thing

It's the end of an era for PKs son plus thoughts from the Titans' Rookie Camp.

PK Podcast #15 - Forget It, Paul. It's PredsTown.

It's quiet around the Titans these days, but the Predators are in the middle of another Stanley Cup run. Paul and Madison compare the vibe around town now to when the Titans were in the playoffs just a few months ago.

PK Podcast #14 - 2018 Draft Recap

The Titans made a lot of moves during the draft to get the players they wanted. Not a big class, but is it enough? PK weighs in.

PK Podcast #13 - Who, When and Where

The Titans' 2018 schedule has been released, and Paul gives his game-by-game win/loss prediction... just kidding. But he does have some thoughts on what's in store for next season.

PK Podcast #12 - Project Runway

OTAs started this week. A long-time staffer leaves the organization. And PK gives fashion advice to Madison... no, really.

PK Podcast #11 - A New Era

The Titans unveil their new uniforms. Paul has his thoughts on the new look, but more importantly what this process says about the leadership within the franchise.

PK Podcast #10 - Brotherly Love

Titans GM Jon Robinson gets a contract extension basically because PK told the team they needed to do that... that and to align him with the head coach Mike Vrabel's contract. Plus, the VY/Fis(c)her feud rears its head once again.

PK Podcast #9 - PK v Prime

PK calls out Deion Sanders on Twitter, and "Big" Deion comes to his father's defense. Plus, more Titans free agency news including who will be the team's backup QB next season.

PK Podcast #8 - (Not So) Free Agency

The Titans made some noise in the early hours of Free Agency, and Paul and Madison are talking about who's in and who's out for next season. Plus, Paul is looking for some new TV recommendations.

PK Podcast #7 - Reunited

With DeMarco Murray being waived, Paul and Madison talk about what he meant to the team while he was here. Plus, free agency is right around the corner, so who should the team be targeting?

PK At The Combine

Paul is in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine talking about what the Titans are looking for in preparation for the 2018 Draft.

PK Podcast #5 - It's Not Plaid

Paul Kuharsky and Madison Blevins are talking Winter Olympics, Titans fashion and even have some time left over to discuss some on-field topics like what the Titans' running game may look like next season.

PK Podcast #4 - He's Got To Admit He's Feeling Better

PK is back from the Super Bowl and back from the IR - and he's got a lot to say about the host city, the Titans new coaching staff and Philly celebrations.

PK Podcast #3 - Inside the HOF Selection Process

Paul is live from Radio Row in Minneapolis - site of Super Bowl LII - talking about being a part of the Pro Football HOF selection committee and what the voting process is like.

Live from Super Bowl LII - 1.31.18

Paul is live from Radio Row with former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky who has some inside on how Marcus Mariota will gel with new OC Matt LaFleur.

Live from Super Bowl LII - 1.30.18

The Titans have new Offensive AND Defensive Coordinators. Paul has a reaction to the hires live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl.

PK Podcast #2 - The New Guy

The Titans introduce their new head coach, and Paul and Madison are talking about what expectations are awaiting Mike Vrabel.

Live From The Home Office - 1.22.18

The Titans officially introduced their new head coach today, and Paul is talking about it.

Live from the Home Office - 1-17-18

Live from Brentwood, TN, Paul has updates on the Titans coaching search plus all your off-season questions

PK Podcast #1 - Roller Coaster Season

Paul Kuharsky and Madison Blevins put a bow on the 2017 Titans season

PK - 1/13/18

PK - 1/10/18

PK - 1/09/18

PK - 1/06/18

PK - 1/03/18

PK - 1/02/18

PK - 12/19/17

Paul is live from Old School in Cool Springs/Franklin talking about the Titans tough road to the playoffs.

PK - 12/12/17

The Titans are staying on the West Coast this week and so is Paul who is joined by Midday 180 co-host Johnathan Hutton

PK - 12/6/17

Paul is live from the DawgHouse Saloon in Nashville talking Titans and Christmas music

PK - 12//5/17

Paul is talking about Dump Trucks and Nissan Stadium - not at all related!

PK - 12/1/17

Paul previews the Titans vs Texans game and tried to put to rest those rumors of the team moving to... Oakland?!?!?

PK - 11/29/17

Paul is live from the Doghouse Saloon in Nashville talking Titans and the state of NFL TV production.

PK - 11/28/17

Paul answers questions live from Old School in Franklin including a controversial take on some classic Christmas movies.

PK - 11/27/17

Paul extends the holiday cheer and shockingly has a thought or two on the Volunteers coaching search.