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Postin' Up With Peas

Whether you are new to the Dallas Mavericks bandwagon or a card-carrying MFFL, everyone can get something from Mike Peasley. He has the insights and analysis you can't find anywhere else.

Not An Ending But A Beginning

The Mavericks season come to an end with a first-round playoff loss to the LA Clippers. But as Peasley notes, this is just the start of the journey. So what do the Mavs need to do to improve this offseason? Peas has some isights in this episode.

Dirty Work

The Clippers handed it to the Mavs in Game 5. Oh, and there were some questionable calls and non calls in the game you may have heard about.


It was the kind of game and the kind of shot that legends are made of. Luka is letting the rest of the basketball world know who he is during the playoffs. And as Peas has been saying: this is just the beginning.

What A Difference A Day Makes

There's a HUGE difference in fan optimism between Games 1 & 2. Could there be some... hope? Peas breaks down Game 2 of Mavs/Clippers and what the team needs to do to keep the momentum going.

Start Of Something Big

The Mavs are back in the playoffs for the first time in three years. And drew probably the worst matchup possible against the LA Clippers. It doesn't help that they were down one of their best players early in Game 1. How will Game 2 play out? Peas is here with his breakdown.