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Rangers Deep Cuts

You can learn a lot about a baseball player just by watching him play, but is that the whole picture? Join Edward Egros as he takes a deep dive into the numbers to give you a different perspective on your favorite Ranger players.

Clearance Sale

One of the bigger names bandied about in MLB’s Trading Rumors is Rangers hurler Lance Lynn. Edward Egros explains why he’s been so much more effective while wearing a Rangers uniform, and why even though he’s on a discount, it makes more sense to trade him for the right price than keep him for 2021.

The legacy of Joey Gallo

There are many reasons and stats to point to concerning what’s made Joey Gallo such an offensive threat. Jamey Newberg of the Newberg Report and the Athletic joins Edward Egros to discuss his evolution during his MLB career. Why is there reason for more optimism in 2020? How has he been adjusting to the new ballpark, and what should be his future in Arlington?

Offensive Offense

The unorthodox start to the season has favored pitching over hitting in Major League Baseball. How much of the Rangers’ problems are because of the pandemic, and is there reason for optimism they’ll correct things simply by playing more games? Or will this offense remain…offensive in 2020?

Meeting Expectations?

We’re roughly 10% through the season, and even with a small sample size and abbreviated season, how are those preseason projections looking? Any reason for optimism with an expanded postseason? Edward Egros breaks down the numbers.

Giving in a Time of Crisis

The effects of the pandemic and the response are being felt in every sector of our lives. Ed talks with Tony Fay of Tony Fay PR to discuss how charities and non profits are faring during this time.

Nina Rios-Doria, PhD, LPC

Mental Performance Coach and Counselor Nina Rios-Doria joins the show to discuss ways to keep your mental health in tact during the Quarantine.

Coronavirus Talk

There's a lot of information (and mis-information) out there concerning the pandemic. Edward talks with University of Arizona doctor of Epidemiology Dr. Kacy Ernst and Dr. Zachary Binney, a sports Epidemiologist with Emory University to help cut through all the noise and lay out what we know and don't know.

The Backlash Against Analytics

Caught in the cross hairs of the sign-stealing controversy in baseball is a movement against analytics. Edward Egros explains why and what can be done to quiet the critics of analytics.

That's A Wrap

The Rangers season ended a little... short. But there were some high points. Jared Sandler from 105 The Fan joins Edward to put a bow on the 2019 season.


Analytics can be great predictors - but sometimes they can be wrong. Way wrong. And the 2019 Texas Rangers were no exception.

The Life and Times of Danny Santana

One of the bright spots of for the Rangers this season has been the resurgence of Danny Santana, who the numbers say may have done more than enough to be a permanent fixture next season

Football Scores On A Baseball Diamond

Edward take a look back at the historic Rangers 30-3 win over the Orioles. And some of the statistical nuggets he's uncovered may surprise you.

Elvis Andrus and Michael Young

While the Texas Rangers honor one of its former shortstops, another is putting together a career that could surpass his predecessor relatively soon.

Are Rangers Relievers not... Relieving?

A new research project suggests relief pitchers are struggling more now than they have in the last several years. Is this trend affecting the Texas Rangers?

Is the Comeback Player of the Year a Texas Ranger?

Now that advanced statistics can chart the progress from season to season, we can see who's experiencing the biggest turnaround from last year to this year, and the evidence suggests the best Comeback Player of the Year is a Texas Ranger.

Over The Hill

What is the peak age for a baseball hitter? New stats may tell us something different than conventional wisdom.

Are the Rangers Actually Lucky?

Edward speaks with Dr. Ed Feng of "The Power Rank" to discuss why the Rangers may have exceeded preseason expectations.

Shift Happens

The "shift" has become a popular defensive strategy in baseball, but the Rangers don't really use it that much. Edward looks to the numbers to help explain why.

Exceeding Expectations

When a baseball team does better than expected, how much of that can you credit to the manager? Edward trying to answer that on this episode.

Managing The Managers

Just how much can a manager affect a game? The Athletic's Levi Weaver joins Edward to discuss.

A Relative Look at Odor

Rangers 2B Roogie Odor's numbers this season have been... not great. How does he stack up against other 2B in the League? Well, that's where there is "good" news.

Ryan Spaeder

Author and co-host of the "Best Baseball Podcast" Ryan Spaeder joins Edward to talk about how the Rangers are perceived outside of the fanbase.

Opening The Show

How effective is the concept of "The Opener"? Well, for the Rangers, very. Edward takes a look at the Opener in this episode. (WARNING: Math)

Talking Weather with Kevin Roth

Kevin Roth of RotoGrinders has married his tow passions: sports and weather and how one can have a definitive impact on the other.

Home Runs... Home Runs Everywhere!!!

It's no secret that home runs are waaaaay up across MLB, but why? Sports data scientist Dr. Meredith Wills tries to answer this question on this episode.

What We Know... So Far

The Rangers have completed the first quarter of their season. So what do we know beyond their record? Edward takes a deep dive into the numbers to find out.

(New) Ballpark Adjustments

The Rangers are building a new home. So how will the ballpark affect the caliber of free agents the team can attract beyond just the promise of AC in August.

Joey Gallo By The Numbers

Joey Gallo has had an incredible start to the 2019 season. Edward Egros takes a closer look at Gallo's stats and why this is closer to the "real" Gallo than what we've seen in the past.