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So the Rangers are what they are. And what they are is.... meh. Much like this season, this episode is shorter and lonelier. Plus, a show announcement at the end.

Sean Bass: Unplugged

What can you say about the Texas Rangers at this point? It's kinda depressing to even think about. Well, lucky for us, Sean Bass is on this show. And he's about to unload!

So What's The Plan?

The 2020 season has been a rough one so far. Which would be ok if we were all in on what the plan is for this team moving forward. Sean, Tepid and Scott try to figure it all out on this episode.

Valedictorian of Summer School

One week into the season, and what do we know? Well, pretty much what we expected at the start of the season: the offense and defense will struggle, and the Rangers will be carried by their pitching. That's a sentence that is stranger to write than you'd think!

Happy (Delayed) Opening Day!

We honestly did not think this day would come, but here we are. Baseball is back and the Texas Rangers are officially kicking off their 2020 campaign. There are a lot of questions and some surprises and a whole lotta craziness with the shortened season. They go thru it all in this episode.

Baseball... No, Really

Baseball. Actual baseball. They are practicing and getting ready for the season... for now. Sean, Scott and Ted talk about what the shortened season will look like and who to watch for on the Rangers during this unusual season.

The Benevolence is Overwhelming

Will there even BE a 2020 season? The way the owners and players are talking, it's not the given some people think that it is. Plus, the guys talk with Bobby Crook from the Rangers scouting department about how they handled a very unusual player draft this year.

Back To Baseball?

Could it be? Might it be? Actual Major League Baseball right around the corner? There are still A LOT of details to be worked out, but at least the powers-that-be are talking about a return. Scott, Sean and Ted go through all the options in the hopes baseball can return.


Amid all the speculation about what baseball will look like post-pandemic, the guys take a break to discuss who is their favorite baseball player of all time.

Opening Day {Sad Trombone}

This would have been the start of the Rangers 2020 season, but just like everything else, that is on hold. How will the 2020 season ultimately play out? TV voice of the Rangers Dave Raymond joins the show to discuss some of the possibilities.

Helluva Pivot

The guys try to talk some baseball, but real life keeps getting in the way.

Keepin' It Real

The Rangers are in second place in the Cactus League which of course means Championship baby!!!! Scott, Sean, Tepid and Ted chat about which prospects have been making a name for themselves this Spring, and who is on track to break camp on the Big Club.

The Old Grey Wolf

The legend Mike Rhyner joins Sean, Tepid and Ted talking a little Rangers baseball, a little classic rock and a whole lotta nonsense!

Abs and Pot

Cactus League games are on the horizon.... but those darn Astros keep dominating the headlines. There are some Ranger-related storylines worth following, however. Tepid, Sean, Scott and Ted are here to do it.

Pitchers And Gallo

The truck has left. Pitchers and catchers have reported. But of course, all conversations lead to.... the Astros.

Winter Work

Scott, Michael and Sean discuss the system as we inch closer to spring training. Comments from Joey Gallo, Willie Calhoun and Chris Woodward at the club's winter mini-camp earlier this week in Dallas. Also 2019 futures game MVP Sam Huff interview.


The RoDPod guys pile on the Astros situation and still find some time to talk Rangers and even break some news live!!!!

Evan Helped Us

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News (eventually) joins the show to talk about the team's new digs and the brand new toys for the 2020 season. Also, more lamenting the state of the MLB/MiLB relationship.


It's the annual RoDPod Thanksgiving debate. Plus, the minor league landscape could look drastically different in a very short amount of time.

All We Have Are Renderings

It's the offseason (for the Rangers any way), but that's not stopping the guys from talking a little baseball. The AL West is stocking up, but the Rangers aren't completely being left behind.

Blood Debts

Lots of changes going on in the front office and the field that will have a direct effect on the minor league clubs moving forward. The guys break it all down and of course, Marry Poppins talk.

Not An Afterthought

The minor league season is drawing to a close, so who might be on the move in September and who is going where in the offseason? The boys have some thoughts - which is good since this is a podcast and all.


The boys are Live from Dr Pepper Ballpark talking prospects and taking questions from the audience.

Jamey Newberg

Jamey Newberg from The Athletic and The Newberg Report joins the show talking about long-term prospect outlook and how the Rangers are set up heading into 2020.

Watched Water Can't Tweet

Now that we are officially in "show and tell" mode at the Big Club, which minor leaguers are poised to break through and how does the system stack up agains the rest of MLB after the Trade Deadline.

Trade Deadline Post Mortem

The one and only MLB trade deadline has come and gone. And......?????? Sean, Michael and Ted welcome Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News to break down the Rangers move and what the team does moving forward.

Locomotive Breath


Ready Trader One

The trade deadline is right around the corner. Are the Rangers in "Tepid Mode" are a more nuanced "Bass Mode"? Find out in this episode.

No Man's Land

It's the symbolic halfway point of the season. So where are the Rangers? Should they go for it? Build for the future? Or stay put? Kevin Carter of Baseball Prospectus joins Sean and Ted to discuss.

Light This $&@#! On Fire!

The voice of the Frisco RoughRiders Ryan Rouillard joins the show to talk about life in the minor leagues. Plus, don't look now, but the Big Club is actually pretty good, and the system is getting healthy.


Lots of movement within the Rangers organization as the minor league teams wrap up their first halves and the Big Club needs some pitching reinforcements.

Baseball Is Stupid

Mike Minor, Mike Minor, Mike Minor, annnnnnd Mike Minor. Oh, and some "dudes"

Kip Fagg

Rangers Senior Director of Amateur Scouting Kip Fagg joins the show to discuss the 2019 draft, the amount of work his staff goes through every year and how the art of scouting has changed over the years.

Team Weird

The Rangers are above .500 heading into June and there's a lot of movement on the Farm. Plus, the Rangers might have a bit of a mess on their hands when it comes to a certain "Rule 5"

Dead Birds

Should the Rangers extend or trade Mike Minor? Plus, which prospect will most likely bring the buzz back to the Ballpark? Sean, Michael and Ted weight in.

Baseball Brit and BBQ

Ted and Sean welcome Joey Mellows (aka The Baseball Brit) to Texas and treat him to some BBQ and talk some baseball. Joey's journey is a unique one and well worth a listen.

Middle Of The Pack

The injury bug has bitten the organization again... and again... and again. So what does this mean for prospect development, and how dies the Big Club navigate these challenges? Sean, ted and tepid are talking about it on this episode.

Well, For Starters...

There have been some major shifts in how the Rangers organization handles its prospects. Just take a look at their (thriving) farm system to see what they are up to.

Wrong Meme, Wrong Team

The Ticket's Ty Walker and The Athletic's Levi Weaver join in on the fun talking prospects, .500 baseball and the trials and tribulations of a rookie manager.

Summer Is Coming

A top prospect is making his Major League debut, some questions about what to do with all the utility infielders, and no one on the show can do math.

Evan On Deck

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News joins the show to talk about the team's solid start, the new vibe in the clubhouse and how everyone should get off Joey Gallo's back.

Arms Race

You may not believe this, but the Rangers farm system is awash in.... pitching talent! Sean, Tepid, Scott and Ted take a look at some of the big arms making a name for themselves.

Happy (Minor League) Opening Day

The Minor Leagues get underway, and Sean, Scott and Ted take a deeper dive into the prospects on the Texas Rangers farm. Plus, hear from Frisco starters Joe Palumbo and Brock Burke plus manager Joe Mikulik.

Happy New Year!

Scott, Michael and Ted are joined by the "new guy" Sean Bass to preview the 2019 season on the Rangers' farm.

New Faces, New Places

Changes abound for the Rangers, their fam system and this podcast. Find out what's in store in this episode.

Tired And Sad

The gents put a bow on the Rangers 2018 minor league season - one that actually had a lot more positives than were expected at the start of the season.

Teeming With Want

Everyone get Tommy John surgery on this episode. But believe it or now, there are some rays of sunshine starting to pierce the gray clouds of the 2018 season.

Bring The Gasoline

If you always wanted to know what "HFC" means and why you should be excited, listen to this episode.

Not-So Social Media

Happy birthday to Bartolo and Dylan... plus helpful advice on how to deal with trolls on Twitter... oh, and some minor league stuff, too.

So... Yeah

This season hasn't exactly been the kind of start the Rangers or their minor league clubs were hoping for. Michael, Scott and Ted try to slog their way thru it in this episode.

Happy New Year!!!

It's Minor League Opening Day, and Scott, Michael and Ted are back to take you all thru the Rangers system. Who is poised to have a breakout season? Listen to find out.

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