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Population:ONE Pulling Levers

A quick first post to get things going.

17 - Virtual Halloween

Mozilla has a new service they want you to virtually invite your friends to for Halloween. Jimmy signs into Facebook for the new Quest 2, and a break down of the Rudy Giuliani scene in Borat.

16 - Satirical Dialogue

Brad works on (joke) solutions to keep him occupied during quarantine, and we decide whether or not we are going to embrace Vin Diesel's latest song.

15 - Vacuum Sealed Fortunes

This week we talk about what Brad Hall's way of preserving a future pay day, and check in on what the Danish have to compete with Netflix's Cuties.

14 - Now with Lettuce and Bacon

This week we talk about what Frankie MacDonald says is in store for California in 2022, and go over the new Travis Scott meal with the latest video from The Report of The Week.

13 - Pandas Over Politics

Cardi B and Ben Shapiro get remixed, and can stand-up be done without an audience?

12 - WAP

WAP has Ben Shapiro shaken. Did Marty Jannetty confess to murder? People are gathering to watch Smashmouth for some reason - all this week on RBR!

11 - Virtual Fans

Are sports coming back? Is Joe Rogan moving to Texas? We talk about these questions and some from Ask Reddit in this weeks Really Bad Radio.

10 - Remembering Arcades

This week we get the latest from "The Report of the Week", and check in on the other side of ASMR.

9 - The Fighter and The Covid

Brad moves to LA, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen get Covid in San Antonio, The Juice is loose in Las Vegas, and Ask Reddit - Follow us on Twitter @ReallyBadRadio @BradLaCour @JimmyRyanInfo

8 - Pay Per Listen ASMR

Too many Karens to mention, and the many branches of ASMR this week on RBR.

7 - Comedians In Cars Getting Hot Water

We talk about the latest issues hitting comedians today and do a couple questions from Ask Reddit.

6 - 2020's A Riot!

Brad reports live from the Dallas riot zone, and Jimmy brings back Ask Reddit to break down a question for /r/sexover30

5 - Open For Memorial Day

Joe Rogan moves to Spotify, and Brad moves (temporarily) back to Dallas. We talk the differences between the experience of LA vs DFW and what we can expect from both comedy and podcasting in the future.

4 - A Special Locked Down Mothers Day

Brad and Jimmy talk the state of things on Mothers Day, and in Ask Reddit, we break down how a 'F-33' should handle her boyfriends new kinks.

3 - A Cam Girl's Market

Jimmy and Brad talk about InvaderVie's chastising of her non paying audience, and local bars opening in Fort Worth despite a continued quarantine.

2 - Quarantined Relationships

Brad and Jimmy talk about SNL at Home and how quarantine is effecting relationships, sex, and dating.

1 - Back Again

Really Bad Radio is back to keep you company during the quarantine. On this initial episode, Brad Lacour and Jimmy Ryan talk about how the lockdown and coronavirus is impacting them, the comedy scene, and late night television.