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Renegade Ramblers

Ty Walker and Ryan Medellin with a weekly look at your XFL Dallas Renegades. All the insight and information you didn't even know you needed.


Season 1 of the XFL is over (prematurely). What did we learn, and will it come back? Ryan and Ty break it down in this week's episode.

Halfway to.... Where?

Ryan is mad. Ty tries to explain. The renegades are still looking for a home win. What has this season become?!?!?!

Rivalry In Waiting

A rough start to the rivalry with the Roughnecks, but Dallas looks to bounce back in Week 5. Plus, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck talks improving the game-day experience in the stadium.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Slow start for the offense + stout defense = 2 wins for the Renegades in the young season. HUGE matchup with the Houston Roughnecks this weekend. How do the teams match up? Ryan and Ty break it down in this episode.

A Win Is A Win

The Ramblers score their first TD in team history AND gets their first win in team history. Can they keep it going? They have a pretty big test this weekend. Ty and Ryan break it all down in this episode.

That Could Have Been... Better

All the XFL home teams won in Week 1... except one. Yup. So what do the Renegades need to do to get back on track? Ty and Ryan break it down. Plus, what worked and what didn't in the overall game presentation.

XFL 2.0

The XFL is back! And this time... it's a lot different, and that's probably a good thing. Ryan and Ty preview the inaugural season for the new league and how they think the Dallas franchise will fare in Year One.