Rock And Roll Alternative

It's the show you loved from back in the day that spawned its own station. George Gimarc has brought back The Rock And Roll Alternative using archival audio from his own tapes and from listeners who captured the R&RA on cassette between 1977-1991. This iconic show is the soundtrack to the underground sounds of the ’80s just as it aired. Take a trip down memory lane with some of the greatest music of the era, and an over-eager 20-something host who loved new music.

January 23, 1983

Taking us all the way back to 1983 when George was one of the first persons in America to play the new U2 track "New Years Day." Listen to that monumental moment in this episode.

January 9, 1983

George plays "oldies" from The Sex Pistols and "new" music from The Specials and Yazoo in this episode of The Rock and Roll Alternative.

January 1, 1980

It's time for a new decade. The Rock and Roll Alternative is on a new station (for now), and George is spinning new music from the likes of Talking Heads, XTC, Magazine and The Skids.

December 27, 1981

It's George Gimarc's on-air bachelor party. The day after this episode of the Rock And Roll Alternative from 1981, George got married. So celebrate with him while he spins some Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello and The Cramps.

December 21, 1986

It's a special Christmas edition of the Rock and Roll Alternative, and as it turns out, it was the penultimate episode on The Zoo which George explains. This episode features Christmas music and greetings from some of your favorite RRA artists like The Bangles, Elvis Costello and Mojo Nixon. This show will get you into the Christmas spirit as only George Gimarc can.

December 14, 1980

Going waaaay back to a 20-year-old George Gimarc still somewhat new at The Zoo playing... well, just about anything he can get his hands on.

December 7, 1986

Heading back to 1986 with this one. George plays some tracks from Madness, Japan and a new project calling themselves Dolly's Car. Plus, George has an interview with Andy Partridge of XTC.

November 30, 1986

Not one, but TWO interviews in this one. The first is with Gene Loves Jezebel (courtesy of their label), and the second is with Barry Andrews courtesy of our own George Gimarc. Sprinkled in are some cuts from Television and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well.

November 21, 1982

48 years ago, had you been listening to the radio in Dallas, you would have heard a unique mix of local music as well as new tunes form the likes of The Psychedelic Furs, Talk Talk and Devo. Plus the added bonus of hearing about a club in Deep Ellum that few even knew about. It's all here on the Rock And Roll Alternative with George Gimarc.

November 7, 1982

Not quite a full episode from 1982, but still chock full of goodies! Including tons of local music from the likes of Adult Situations, Fallen Idols and The Skunks.

November 6, 1983

XTC, The Glove, Echo and the Bunnymen, The The, "new" Cure music... it's all here as it was back in 1983. George Gimarc takes you back as only music can.

October 28, 1984

It's a special Halloween edition of the Rock And Roll Alternative. George is spinning tunes from the likes of The Cure, the Cramps, The Police and Wall of VooDoo. Plus, stick around to the end to hear something you just don't hear any more on local radio.

October 19, 1986

It's 3 HOURS of way-back goodness this week including a live performance from Timbuk 3 from the parking lot of the Sound Warehouse on Greenville Ave. Plus, an interview with the members of General Public. Oh, and some music sprinkled in here and there.

October 13, 1985

It's October 13.... 1985. And George is spinning Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus and Prefab Sprout. Enjoy - won't we???

October 4, 1986

George takes us back to October 1986, when this show featured the "most requested U2 song in the history of The Rock & Roll Alternative." Can you guess what it is before he plays it? Listen to find out.

September 28, 1986

Do you remember where you were on September 28, 1986? Well, George was "here" on the Rock and Roll Alternative playing new music from Adam and the Ants as well as Gene Loves Jezebel.

September 25, 1983

George visits with the legendary Oingo Boingo in this edition of the Rock and Roll Alternative.

September 18, 1983

George digs through the archives and uncovers this gem from the early 80;s which features new music from Big Country, XTC and a visit from the group Madness.

September 13, 1987

It's pledge week... at least it *was* on the station where this first aired in 1987. Lots of rare tracks in this one. The more that was donated, the rarer the track George would play. Hear from the Sex Pistols, Peter Tosh, Husker Du and more.

September 1. 1985

In this episode, George introduces The Dallas are to Mood 6 while also spinning some early Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. Set your cassettes to "record" and enjoy.

August 24, 1980

George takes us back to 1980 with Joy Division's most iconic track released just months after a tragic event that changed that band forever. Plus, hear some B-52's, The Clash and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

August 17, 1986

Join George and his Way-Back Machine (TM) as he journeys back to 1986 and his Rock And Roll Alternative show on The Zoo. This show features tracks from True Believes, Guadalcanal Diaries and Timbuk 3.

August 14, 1983

Re-live the Rock and Roll Alternative show from August 14, 1983. George plays new music from Oingo Boingo and The Ramones. He also features cuts from the Violent Femmes, XTC and more. Take a listen.

August 3, 1986

If you were tuned in to The Zoo on August 3, 1986, then you heard George Gimarc playing music you probably didn't hear anywhere else. Cactus World News, Clique along with R.E.M. and The Smiths. Plus, Pete Case and Victoria Williams stop by the studio for a special live set.