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Southern Fried Hockey Talk

Southern Fried Hockey Talk is the Soundtrack of Smashville. Join Adam Vingan and Jim Diamond for their unique insight and access to your Nashville Predators.

Bubble Burst

The re-start to the Predator's season was over before it really got started again. So, what's in store for the off season? A roster overhaul? Changes in the front office? Almost everything is on the table, and Adam and Jim are here to talk about it all. Plus, the guys give their predictions for the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals.

0 To 96.5 KM/H

The hockey season is back! With a vengeance! The Preds looked ready to go with their lone exhibition game win over the Stars. So, does that mean anything once the Stanley Cup tournament starts? Jim and Adam discuss. Plus, how will the team manage their goaltending tandem? They are required by law to talk about this, so you might as well listen.

Guess Who's Back?!?!?

Hockey is back after what feels like a 10-year offseason! It's going to be a little different with all games being played in "bubble cities" and lots of rules and regulations on what the players can and cannot do. So how will the Predators navigate all of this? Well, that's why Jim and Adam are here!

Is There Anybody Out There?

No games? No problem. Jim and Adam still have plenty to talk about including if/when the NHL starts up again. Plus, another draft pick decides to go back to school. We've seen this movie before.

All Quiet on the Western (Trade) Front

The Preds were uncharacteristically quiet during the NHL's trade deadline. Meaning this is the team the front office believes can carry it to the post season. But hey, at least the Preds didn't lose to a 41-year old Zamboni driver, right?

Deadline Cometh

The trade deadline is less than two weeks away. So what will the Predators do? Well, it kinda depends on what happens between now and then. Jim and Adam explain.

Stu Grimson

"The Grim Reaper" joins the show live from Neighbors Germantown talking about his new book, a few hockey stories and the role fighting plays in today's game.

Comings And Goings

Lots of movement on and behind the bench to try to get something... anything... going for the Preds. So how's all that working out? Adam and Jim discuss.

Winter "Classic"

The Preds did what the Preds have been doing all season - but this time, it was on a HUGE stage (with pig races to boot). Jim and Adam talk about where the team goes from here.

Can They Turris This Thing Around?

The Predators are entering a crucial stretch of games that may determine if the team makes the post season or not. Good thing Kyle Turris is back on the ice (for now at least).

Live From Double Dogs

The Preds wrapped up their longest road trip of the year with... mixed results. Jim and Adam take a road trip of their own to West Nashville to discuss.


In which Jim keeps forgetting what holiday has just passed and Adam does his best to explain the Watson contract announcement timing. Anything but re-living the game against the Flames!

Pumpkin Spice Hockey Talk

Any show can give you #fancystats, but how many give you a caloric count? Only Jim and Adam dare to venture into these un-charted waters.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Adam plays hurt while he and Jim discuss Filip's injury and Kyle Turris' status with the team.

Good Company

Preds fans all know how good Filip Forsberg is. But when compared to his contemporaries, he looks... even better. Jim and Adam discuss. Plus, more Pedal Tavern talk!

Rally Pedal Tavern

The Preds came out of the gates on fire for their season opener. And we all know just who (or what) we can thank for that...

Same Show, New Voice

Just like the Predators, the show has some new additions to their roster. Adam Vingan from The Athletic joins the show to preview the 2019-20 season.

No Offseason For The Weary

There are no days off for John and Jim as they take a look at all the moves the Pred's have made this summer and what they mean not just for next season but for several seasons to come.

Too Soon

The Preds are out in the First Round?!?!?! So, what happened? John and Jim do their best to explain and what may happen moving forward.

Second Season Starts Now

It's the Preds and the Stars in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. John and Jim try to answer the toughest question going into this series: will anyone actually score?

Jockeying For Position

The race in the Central is tight, and the Preds are fighting for position. Who will be their first-round foe? How will Coach Laviolette juggle the lines moving forward? And should Soros see more ice time? John and Jim discuss.

Not Stretching

The Preds recent stretch of results don't bode well for a deep playoff run especially with their upcoming stretch of games. However, it is a stretch to assume they won't make the postseason.

Small Sample Size

The trade deadline has passed, and the Preds have some new additions. How will the new pieces fit in for a post-season run? John and Jim have some thoughts.

Deadline Walking

The NHL trade deadline is looming. Who might be coming and/or going? John and Jim speculate in this episode.

Some New (Old) Faces

GM David Poile is busy before the trade deadline (what else is new?). How will the new additions blend into the team's lineup? Jim and John are talking about it here.

Half Way Pole

The All Star Break and the Bye Week have the guys talking about the high points (First Line) and low points (Power Play) of the season so far.

Super Sub

Adam Vignan of The Athletic fills in for John Glennon. Jim and Adam are still buzzing over the team's big win over the Caps but also look ahead at the showdown against the Jets.

Reality Bites

Thanks to key guys coming back from injuries, the Preds seem to be righting the ship. Plus, get ready for all P.K., all the time.

Christmas Wish List: A Healthy Roster

Another week, another injury. The long list is contributing to the team's road woes as well.

Stocking Stuffer

Injuries to key starters is forcing others to step up. Plus, the the Pekka workload a sign of no confidence for Saros?

Keep Austin Hot

The guys are in a giving mood this holiday season, so they have a few gifts they'd like to give a few of the players.

Fierce Foliage

Can the Preds sustain their torrid pace? And which team names are the most (and least) fierce in the NHL?

My Hero Zero

How will the Preds handle Pekka's pending free agency? And when will Eeli Tolvanen get "the call"?

Bull By The Horns

An injury to Rinne means the Preds will have to ride Saros for the foreseeable future. Plus, did we actually see a lighter side of Lavy?

{Insert Goal Siren Here}

The Preds are off to a hot start thanks to the usual suspects. Jim gets so excited, the expletives fly!

Raise The Banners... NO Not That One!!!

Jim and John review the first week of the season and the messages the team is trying to send to itself and the rest of the league.

Backside Pressure

The Predators' preseason games are over, and the regular season is right around the corner. John John Glennon and Jim Diamond as they chat about the team's final roster, season predictions and spirit animals.

Summer's Over. Time For Camp!

Training camp opens this week and John and Jim are on it! They've got all the story lines you should be following as the Preds look to improve on last season.

Isle of Trotz

A special off-season episode of "Southern Fried" features John and Jim talking draft, who to watch for in the Preds rookie camp and what happened between the Caps and head coach Barry Trotz.

Season Autopsy

The Predators are well into their offseason. So what do they need to do to get to where they want to go? John and Jim weigh in.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

The Preds season has come to an end - much sooner than expected. So what went wrong? John and Jim start the post mortem here.

Don't Panic

The Predators have their hands full in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But remember, they are playing the second-best team in the League because... NHL.

Moving On

The two best teams in the West face-off in Round... 2??? Because.... NHL. John and Jim preview the Preds/Jets matchup.

Just. Stay. Out. Of. The. Box.

The Predators are on the verge of advancing in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but there are still a lot of question marks. Namely, why so in love with the penalty box?

It's Playoff Time in Smashville

John and Jim get you ready for round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What are the keys for the Predators versus the Avalanche? Which players are poised to break out? And who will sing the Anthem before Game One?

It's All Their Fault

The refs (the ones in Toronto, not the ones on the ice) make a crucial call agains the Preds. How much of an effect will it have on the team's march to the postseason? Jim and John discuss.

Won't Turn Soggy In Milk

A recent skid by the Preds is no cause for concern. How the remaining regular-season games will play out. And what to do (if anything) with Eeli Tovanen. John and Jim have it all in this episode.

You Down With OTT?

With the Preds cruising to the post-season, John and Jim turn their attention to other pressing matters: should Pekka win the Vezina? Should Tolvenan be added to the lineup? Who has the best fried food item in Nashville?

We Want The (President's) Cup... Maybe?

The Predators are rolling. They have the best record in the league and are in line for the President's Cup. But is that hardware something they really want? John and Jim discuss in this episode.

We're Going Streaking!

The Preds are in the midst of a record-breaking winning streak. Honestly, are there *any* weaknesses to this team? John and Jim discuss. Plus, did the team give up too much for Ryan Hartman?