Society & Culture

Struggle And Triumph

We all go through tough times, but that is what makes the victories afterwards that much sweeter! Nigel and Andrew talk with people from all walks of life about their ongoing struggles and their amazing triumphs.

Justin Daerr

Justin Daerr is a former triathlete who had to overcome many challenges getting to the top of his game, including having all of his possessions stolen before a race. His story of perseverance will surely be an inspiration to all.

Alex Wheeler and Colleen Francis

Nigel and Andrew interviewed their wives for this week's episode. They spoke about the abuse in their lives they faced growing up and in personal relationships. For as different their stories are, there are a lot of striking similarities that we think our listeners will find very enlightening.

Jim Epperson

Battling addiction of any kind is a life-long process. But there is hope. If you a e the one struggling or the one help someone you love through their struggles, this interview with Jim Epperson will give you the motivation to carry on.

Marc Redus

Marc Redus is a retired restauranteur who started the Don Pablos Mexican food chain in Lubbock in his early twenties, and decided to get out of the game early and after they sold the business, the restaurants started closing one by one.

Josh McNulty

Let Josh McNulty's story of his own struggle and ongoing triumph inspire you this week.

Mike Rhyner

Not long after officially retiring from The Ticket in Dallas, Mike Rhyner sat down with Nigel and Andrew to talk about his decision and what his future had to offer. Little did any of them know then that the future would circle all the way back to the VOKAL studios!