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Suds with Luds

Retiring after a 17-year NHL career and capturing his 2nd Stanley Cup ring in 1999, Craig Ludwig (“Luds”) has stories upon stories and he’s looking to share them with you. A next-step progression from his years as the Fox Sports Southwest analyst on “Stars Live!” “Suds with Luds” is guaranteed to be raw and unfiltered just like him. So settle in to the DUB Network and have a cold one on Luds!

Glenn Healy

Glenn Healy played in the NHL for 15 seasons and won a Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers. Today, he is the Executive Director and President of the NHL Alumni Association.

Ralph Strangis

The long-time voice of the Dallas Stars joins from his home in Palm Springs where Ralphie is definitely living his best life!

Scott Burnside

Scott Burnside has been covering the NHL fr quite a while now. So he knows what he's talking about when looking at teams who have performed and those who have disappointed so far this season.

Vern Fiddler

Luds sits down with former NHL'er Vern Fiddler to talk about his long playing career, which coach he clicked with the most and what life after hockey has looked like

Ed Belfour & Family Pt. 2

Luds continues his chat with the Stanley Cup-winning goaltender and his kids turned business partners.

Ed Belfour & Family Pt. 1

From a Stanley Cup-winning goaltender to an award-wining whiskey distiller, Ed Belfour has accomplished quite a bit in his life. He stops by to talk about his career and staring his whiskey business with his son and daughter. AND he gets Luds to drink something other than beer! Tune in to witness for yourself!

Brad and Cara Lukowich

Post-concussion issues affect not just the player, but the family as well. Brad's wife Cara joins the show to talk about how she educated herself on the best way to care for her husband and what both of them have learned on this journey.

Stephen Johns

Stephen Johns had a promising hockey career cut short due to concussions. His life afterwards grew so dark, he contemplated taking his own life. But fate intervened. Johns decided to rollerblade across the country to raise awareness for athletes and their mental health. And he made a documentary around it. Hear his amazing story in this episode.

Derian Hatcher

Luds is doing what Luds does best: sharing a drink with a former teammate and friend and swapping old war stories. This week's guest is Dallas Stars legend Derian Hatcher.

Guy Carbonneau

Former player and Hockey Hall of Fame member Gu Carbonneau talking 3-on-3 hockey, his transition from player to coach and the future of the Canadiens franchise.

Daryl "Razor" Reaugh

The long-time voice of the Dallas Stars joins Luds talking about his time in Dallas, how much the game has changed and what he thinks the Stars will look like with their new coach this season.

Brad Lukowich

The former teammates talk about getting started in the League and why it's not a good idea to go out with Luds the night before a morning practice!

DUB Party with Nate

The DUB Network held their official launch party this week, so what better time to sit down with former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton (also the "Lemme Tell Ya Something" show on The DUB) and host Emily Jones to chat about the new shows, today's athletes and using training camp to get in shape.

Mick Vukota

Luds talks with former Islanders enforcer Mick Vukota about breaking into the NHL and literally fighting to stay in.

Chris Chelios

Is there anything Chris Chelios CAN'T do?!?!? Stanley Cup winner. Hall of Famer. And now, guest on Luds' podcast WHILE driving through Chicago. It really is that amazing!

Chris Nilan

Former teammates Luds and "Knuckles" tell stories about their time in Montreal, playing with the great Guy Lafleur and literally fighting to stay in the lineup night after night.

Marty Turco

Luds says his favorite players to talk to are goalies. Find out why when he sits down with former Dallas Star Marty Turco. And no, it has nothing to do with the beer Marty brought with him.... mostly.

Mike Heika

For his first podcast, Craig Ludwig faces off with long-time Dallas Stars beat writer Mike Heika. Heika has been there from the beginning, so he knows all the stories and tells some of them here. Plus, Luds and Heika talk about how they would construct the Stars for future success.