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Texas Whiskey

There's a new boom in the Lone Star State. Texas whiskey is making a name for itself, but navigating the landscape can be intimidating. Especially if you are new to the spirit. Enter Nico Martini and Coach Jimmy. They take the mystery out of whiskey, and have a lot of fun doing it. If you are a newbie or an old pro, there is something for everyone in this show.

The Texas Whiskey Holiday Special

Don't know what to get the whiskey enthusiast in your life this holiday season? Fear no more! The Doctor and The Coach are here with their gift picks sure to please.

Grayson Whiskey

Nico didn't just write the book on Texas Whiskey, he also makes his own. Hear the incredible story behind Grayson Whiskey in this episode.

Real Spirits Distilling

The Doctor and the Coach welcome David Topel - Head Distiller from Real Spirits Distilling in Blanco, Texas.

Texas Whiskey Trail

Jake Clements of the Texas Whiskey Festival joins The Doctor and the Coach to talk about the Festival, who gets to be on "the Trail" and what exactly defines Texas Whiskey.

Whiskey Neat

Kristopher Heart - host of "the Whiskey Neat Show" joins the Doctor and the Coach to talk about his show's origins and how they've built such an impressive guest list.

Lockwood Distilling

Even Batt of Lockwood Distilling in Richardson, Texas joins the boys in studio today.

Treaty Oak Distilling

Jamie Biel is the Director of Science and Sustainability for Treaty Oak Distilling in Dripping Springs. Who better to walk Nico and Jimmy through all their offerings on the Texas Whiskey scene?

Andalusia Whiskey

Ty Phelps from Andalusia Whiskey joins the show for their first-ever all remote podcast. It goes.... fairly well.

Single Malt Whiskey

Single Malt Whiskey? What is it? How is it different? Is it worth your time? The Coach and the Doctor unravel the mystery in this episode.

Bourbon Heritage Month

It's Bourbon Heritage Month - and who better to celebrate with than Dr. Nico and Coach Jimmy??? Let them guide you through the amazing world of Texas Whiskey.

Taste All The Whiskey!

Nico and Jimmy invite a life-long friend to the show and have him try... well, everything! This show goes about where you would expect it to go!

TahWahKaro Whiskey

Justin Jackson from TahWahKaro Whiskey joins the show detailing their journey from start up to having their own tasting room. Somehow that journey involves Hershey's chocolate! Watch to find out how.

Finished Whiskey

What is "Finished Whiskey" and how are some Texas distillers using this method to do some really interesting experimentation? Dr Nico and Coach Jimmy take us to school in this episode.

Markus Kypreos From Blackland Distilling

Markus Kypreos left behind his law life to start Blackland Distilling. Hear about his journey in this episode.

Alex Elrod from Balcones Distilling

Alex Elrod from the legendary Balcones Distilling joins Nico and Coach to chat about how Balcones takes an experimental attitude when it comes to whiskey making.


The Texas whiskey industry is like one, big family. It's not unusual to see competing businesses actually working together to create something new. Not only has Nico written about it - he has actually benefitted from the collaborative spirit.

Whiskey Diversity

Texas whiskey is a generic term that encompasses a lot of different tastes, styles and procedures. Nico and Coach take some time to help sort through it all and maybe introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about "Texas Whiskey"

Bourbon Real Talk with Randy Sullivan

Randy Sullivan from Bourbon Real talk joins Nico and Coach to explain to awesome power of whiskey and how it could be the solution to all our problems... well, at least it helps bring people together any way!

Brandon Choate From Lone Elm Whiskey

Brandon Choate from Lone Elm Whiskey joins the show to chat about the wonders of wheat whiskey, and Nico explains why this is the most underrated whiskey in Texas.

Texas Whiskey: The Show: The Book

Nico Martini literally wrote the book on Texas Whiskey which will be out this summer. He and Coach Jimmy talk about how the book came about the the "long" history of Texas and Whiskey (Hint: it's not as long as you think).

Texas Whiskey Festival

Nico and Coach give you a little "taste" of the Texas Whiskey Festival including an interview with the man who brought it all together: Jake Clements.

Howdy Y'all

No matter if you are an expert or new to all this, "Texas Whiskey" has something for you. Let Nico Martini and "Coach" Jimmy help you navigate the sometimes confusing but never boring world of Texas Whiskey.

Whiskey 101: Older Whiskey

So - is older whiskey necessarily better whiskey? Well, it depends... Nico and Coach explain.

Whiskey 101: Whiskey and Rye

So, what is the difference between bourbon and rye? Lucky for us, Nico and Jimmy have an answer.

Whiskey 101: Single Barrel

So, what makes "single barrel" so special? Nico has the answer.