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Texas Whiskey

There's a new boom in the Lone Star State. Texas whiskey is making a name for itself, but navigating the landscape can be intimidating. Especially if you are new to the spirit. Enter Nico Martini and Coach Jimmy. They take the mystery out of whiskey, and have a lot of fun doing it. If you are a newbie or an old pro, there is something for everyone in this show.

BENDT Distiling

Raleigh Hughes from BENDT Distilling Co. joins the show (again) to get us up to date on all the goings on with your friendly neighborhood distillery.

Michael Urie Encore

It's the first returning guest on Texas Whiskey, and it's old friend Michael Urie who has been quite busy since he was last on the show. His new series "Shrinking" is killing it on Apple+, and he has all the stories from the production of the show.

American Whiskey Magazine

Did you know in addition to writing books, Nico's work can also be found at time inside "American Whiskey" magazine? We get to meet his "boss" Maggie Kimberl in this episode.

Acre Distilling

You like a little Texas history mixed with your Texas whiskey? Well, we have a show for you! Owner of Acre Distilling Tony Formby joins the show talking about some of their creations.

Milam & Greene Whiskies

She makes whiskey and she writes books. What's not to love! Heather Greene joins Nico and Jimmy in studio.

Jackie Summers

It's more "Tales from the Tales: Jackie Summers is an American microdistiller, writer and chief executive officer of Jack from Brooklyn. He's done a lot, and he shares a lot in this episode.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

What do you get for the whiskey lover in your life? Well... whiskey, of course. But what else? The Doctor and the Coach have some suggestions just for you.

Movers And Shakers

Guess what? Nico wrote an article. This is the video version of his written prose for American Whiskey magazine.

MKT Distillery

The Doctor, The Coach and The Empty Chair are all here talking with Nick Jesset - CEO of MKT Distillery.

Let's Give Thanks For Whiskey

The holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving this week. The Coach and the Doctor answer the all-important question: which whiskeys pair best with my Thanksgiving meal? Tune in to find out.

Old Humble Distilling

Joseph Breda from Old Humble Distilling joins the show.

Saint's Alley

The Doctor and the Coach are back in the studio! Nico has an unhealthy obsession with all things Saint's Alley. Find out why in this episode.

Wayne Curtis

It's another Tale from the Tales: Wayne Curtis was the spirits and cocktails columnist for The Atlantic magazine for eight years, and has also written several books about spirits and spirits culture, including And a Bottle of Rum. He's a founder of the New Orleans Spirits Competition and basically the guy you'd most like to run around the French Quarter with while bar hopping.

Rabbit Hole Distillery

It's another Tale from the Tales: Kaveh Zamanian is the founder of Rabbit Hole Distillery. In this interview we talk about the origin story of Rabbit Hole and what it was like trying to be the new guy on the block trying in Louisville, KY with all the old established distilleries.

Derek Brown

It's another Tale from the Tales. There is a significant movement toward low or non-alcoholic cocktails in the spirit world. Derek Brown literally wrote the book on that called "Mindful Mixology"

Johnnie Walker

It's another Tale from the Tales and the Doctor and the Coach sit down with Emma Walker - the master distiller for Johnnie Walker. You may have heard of them!


It's a Tale from the "Tales" - The Doctor and the Coach talked to a lot of people at the recent Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans, and you are going to see all of them! Starting with Jordan Zimmerman, Premium Whiskey Education Lead & Head of Advocacy at Brown-Forman and their work behind the "Pause" campaign.

Belfour Spirits

When Ed Belfour retired from his successful hockey career, he was looking for a way to channel that winning attitude into a new venture. He found it with the help of his family. Come meet the whole crew in this episode.

Texas Whiskey Trail Pt. 4

The final stop on the Texas Whiskey Trail takes us to South Texas. Like most of the state, there is a lot to discover in this region.

Texas Whiskey Trail Pt. 3

The week the Texas Whiskey Trail takes us to the Hill Country and the place that started it all.

Texas Whiskey Trail Pt. 2

This week, the Texas Whiskey Trail takes us to the Houston/Gulf Coast area of the state.

Texas Whiskey Trail Pt. 1

So you want to do a Lone Star whiskey tour but don't know where to start? Lucky for you The Doctor and The Coach are here to help you find a starting point and then keep on going!

Tales From The Tales

The boys are back from the "Tales of the Cocktail" event in New Orleans alive and in one piece (mostly). Hear about all of their wacky hijinks in this episode.

What News From The Shire?

Nico and Jimmy bring you good news from the Shire... Distilling outside of Houston with Tim Raines the master distiller himself.

Tales Of The Cocktail

As Tales of the Cocktail gets underway in New Orleans, Nico and Jimmy chat with CEO Eileen Wayner about the event and what to expect at this year's festivities.

Hefeweizen Whiskey

Whiskey may not be your first drink of choice during a hot, Texas summer. But that may change after you watch this episode featuring Bahnbrecker Slow River Blend Hefeweizen Whiskey.


Tough to spell... tricky to pronounce... but it makes an incredibly drinkable whiskey. Hop on board the Triticale Train now with The Doctor and The Coach.

Summer Breeze

Think you can't drink high-proof whiskey in the hot summer months??? Well, think again!!! I mean, you can drink whatever you want, but if you are looking for something a little different, The Doctor and The Coach have a menu of options to try this summer.

Maverick Whiskey

Meet the guys behind Maverick Whiskey: their historic ties, their unique creations and their really cool spot in San Antonio.

Texas Whiskey Tasting... Tasting

What goes into an "official" tasting? Well, it depends. As you can imagine, the Doctor is asked to conduct a lot of tastings in and around the area. He gives his tips for a successful tasting in this episode.

The Whiskey Blendery

Ever wanted to just add and little of this and a little that to create something unique? Tim Huels from The Whiskey Blendery did just that and created a whole business around it. The Doctor and the Coach talk with Tim about his inspiration and creation.

Awards Season

How does Texas Whiskey stack up against the more "traditional" fare from Kentucky? And what can awards tell us about Texas' stature in that world. The Doctor and The Coach discuss in this episode.

Cocktail Hour

Nico wrote (another) book. Actually, it's an update to his first book: Texas Cocktails. Jimmy gets inspired and wants to try some of the recipes. So, they hop into a new studio to try some libations.

Whiskey Fest Recap

The Doctor and The Coach are back from Texas Whiskey Fest, and they have some stories to tell.

It's Texas Whiskey Fest Week Y'all!

Everything you need to know before heading to this year's Texas Whiskey Festival is in this episode. So, you need to listen for sure.

The Great Texas Whiskey Quiz

How well do you know your Texas Whiskey? The Doctor puts the Coach to the test.

The Science of Whiskey

Ale Ochoa is a whiskey scientist from TX Whiskey. Yes, that is a real thing that exists. The Coach and the Doctor couldn't be more thrilled!

Texas Whiskey Festival Preview

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Texas Whiskey Festival is right around the corner, and Jake Clements joins the show to let us know what the 2022 edition has in store for everyone.

Herman Marshall Whiskey

The oldest distiller in Dallas was recently sold. Ryan Hamar from Herman Marshall Whiskey joins the show to chat about his recent purchase and what's in store.

Michael Urie

Local celebrity and close friend of the Coach and the Doctor Michael Urie joins the show to get his own education in Texas Whiskey.

Mistakes Were Made

Even professionals like Nico and Jimmy are prone to mistakes. Learn from them, people!

Flyin' Solo

Coach Jimmy is by himself in this episode. You've been warned!

Ranger Creek Distilling

Are they are brewery? Are they a distillery? The answer is... yes. Josh Gardner from Ranger Creek Brewery and Distilling joins the show.

Matt Drew

Matt Drew from the "Single Malt Matters" podcast joins the show to talk about... single malt whiskey. And Nico couldn't be more giddy about it!

Bendt Distilling

Raleigh Hughes from Bendt Distilling in Lewisville, TX joins the show.

The Terroir of Whiskey

Author Rob Arnold joins the show talking about his book: "The Terroir of Whiskey" - mostly to explain just what in tarnation "terroir" means!

Corny Jokes About Corn Whiskey

Corn - in convenient liquid form. The Doctor and the Coach take a swim through the corn whiskey world in Texas.

Even More Whiskey Trends

Too much for just one episode, The Doctor and The Coach continue their discussion of their top 10 favorite things from 2021.

Happy (Belated) New Year!

It's a new year for Texas Whiskey. And what better way to start than by looking back at the top-10 trends in Texas whiskey!

Year In Review

It's been a helluva year. A new book. A new release. A new podcast... 2021 has for sure had its ups and downs. The Doctor and The Coach recap it all in this episode.

The Texas Whiskey Holiday Special

Don't know what to get the whiskey enthusiast in your life this holiday season? Fear no more! The Doctor and The Coach are here with their gift picks sure to please.

Grayson Whiskey

Nico didn't just write the book on Texas Whiskey, he also makes his own. Hear the incredible story behind Grayson Whiskey in this episode.

Real Spirits Distilling

The Doctor and the Coach welcome David Topel - Head Distiller from Real Spirits Distilling in Blanco, Texas.

Texas Whiskey Trail

Jake Clements of the Texas Whiskey Festival joins The Doctor and the Coach to talk about the Festival, who gets to be on "the Trail" and what exactly defines Texas Whiskey.

Whiskey Neat

Kristopher Heart - host of "the Whiskey Neat Show" joins the Doctor and the Coach to talk about his show's origins and how they've built such an impressive guest list.

Lockwood Distilling

Even Batt of Lockwood Distilling in Richardson, Texas joins the boys in studio today.

Treaty Oak Distilling

Jamie Biel is the Director of Science and Sustainability for Treaty Oak Distilling in Dripping Springs. Who better to walk Nico and Jimmy through all their offerings on the Texas Whiskey scene?

Andalusia Whiskey

Ty Phelps from Andalusia Whiskey joins the show for their first-ever all remote podcast. It goes.... fairly well.

Single Malt Whiskey

Single Malt Whiskey? What is it? How is it different? Is it worth your time? The Coach and the Doctor unravel the mystery in this episode.

Bourbon Heritage Month

It's Bourbon Heritage Month - and who better to celebrate with than Dr. Nico and Coach Jimmy??? Let them guide you through the amazing world of Texas Whiskey.

Taste All The Whiskey!

Nico and Jimmy invite a life-long friend to the show and have him try... well, everything! This show goes about where you would expect it to go!

TahWahKaro Whiskey

Justin Jackson from TahWahKaro Whiskey joins the show detailing their journey from start up to having their own tasting room. Somehow that journey involves Hershey's chocolate! Watch to find out how.

Finished Whiskey

What is "Finished Whiskey" and how are some Texas distillers using this method to do some really interesting experimentation? Dr Nico and Coach Jimmy take us to school in this episode.

Markus Kypreos From Blackland Distilling

Markus Kypreos left behind his law life to start Blackland Distilling. Hear about his journey in this episode.

Alex Elrod from Balcones Distilling

Alex Elrod from the legendary Balcones Distilling joins Nico and Coach to chat about how Balcones takes an experimental attitude when it comes to whiskey making.


The Texas whiskey industry is like one, big family. It's not unusual to see competing businesses actually working together to create something new. Not only has Nico written about it - he has actually benefitted from the collaborative spirit.

Whiskey Diversity

Texas whiskey is a generic term that encompasses a lot of different tastes, styles and procedures. Nico and Coach take some time to help sort through it all and maybe introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about "Texas Whiskey"

Bourbon Real Talk with Randy Sullivan

Randy Sullivan from Bourbon Real talk joins Nico and Coach to explain to awesome power of whiskey and how it could be the solution to all our problems... well, at least it helps bring people together any way!

Brandon Choate From Lone Elm Whiskey

Brandon Choate from Lone Elm Whiskey joins the show to chat about the wonders of wheat whiskey, and Nico explains why this is the most underrated whiskey in Texas.

Texas Whiskey: The Show: The Book

Nico Martini literally wrote the book on Texas Whiskey which will be out this summer. He and Coach Jimmy talk about how the book came about the the "long" history of Texas and Whiskey (Hint: it's not as long as you think).

Texas Whiskey Festival

Nico and Coach give you a little "taste" of the Texas Whiskey Festival including an interview with the man who brought it all together: Jake Clements.

Howdy Y'all

No matter if you are an expert or new to all this, "Texas Whiskey" has something for you. Let Nico Martini and "Coach" Jimmy help you navigate the sometimes confusing but never boring world of Texas Whiskey.

Whiskey 101: Older Whiskey

So - is older whiskey necessarily better whiskey? Well, it depends... Nico and Coach explain.

Whiskey 101: Whiskey and Rye

So, what is the difference between bourbon and rye? Lucky for us, Nico and Jimmy have an answer.

Whiskey 101: Single Barrel

So, what makes "single barrel" so special? Nico has the answer.