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Spotlight Episode: Rob's Panel With Sid Krofft From Retro Expo 2023

In the last (for now) of our spotlight episodes before we are back live in the studio, we bring you the interview Rob did with legendary television producer and writer Sid Krofft! Hear him talk about his ties to North Texas with some surprises along the way!

Spotlight Episode: Rob's Panel With Phillip Glasser and Dan Molina From Retro Expo 2023

We are still on break, but we still have great content for you as we have Rob's panel from Retro Expo in Allen, Texas this past month! Check out his interview with the voice of Fivel in "An American Tale" in Phillip Glasser as well as Dan Molina, who edited that film and SO much more! There are some GREAT stories in here! Thank you to the guys at Fanboys918 for handling the video here; check them out!

Spotlight Episode: Rob, Don Bluth, and Special Guests from Retro Expo 2023!

We may be on our Spring Break, but that doesn't mean we can't bring you some new content! Earlier this month, Rob was fortunate to be asked to moderate panels for Retro Expo in Allen, Texas and got to interview animation legend Don Bluth along with some of the people he has worked with in his career. Check out some amazing stories about some of the projects we all grew up on! (Shout out to Fanboys918 for supplying the video. Check them out!)

Episode 13-28: Bracket CHAOS!

Before we take our Spring Break (we will be off the next three Sundays), we talk about our rankings in our Bracket Challenge, the increasing popularity of the XFL, Disney pumping the breaks on Marvel, Taylor Swift's new tour, Oscar confusion, more talk of the cruise experience, and MORE!

Episode 13-27: Love, Exciting And New...

The boys are back in-studio to talk Selection Sunday, Rob and Alex's journey to the Conference USA Finals, "Scream VI" setting records, Alex's vacation story, and MORE!

Episode 13-26: We See A Friend That We Have Not Seen In A LONG Time...

Alex is out on assignment this week, so we are joined by friend of the show Rachel (@averyfan) to talk a HUGE announcement for this summer, a cool story from Chance the Rapper, a LOT of movie new releases, Rachel's MLB adventures, and MORE!

Episode 13-25: The Argument You Didn't Know You Needed About The Superb Owl

We are back in studio to talk about the end of The Big Game, more losses in the sports and entertainment arenas, a milestone for The Weeknd, a live-action version of one of Don's favorites, a badly titled, film, and MORE!

Episode 13-24: How is It We Don't Talk About The Superb Owl Until THE END?

Alex is back in studio with Rob and Don to talk the return of arena football, the new name for Paramount+, this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominations, "Scream VI," and MORE!

Episode 13-23: L.A. Returns!

Alex is out on assignment, so we are joined by Linard "L.A." Anderson to talk the final games before Super Bowl LVII, Oscar nods, Netflix programming, Rob's disappointment in back-to-back episodes of "SNL," and MORE!

Episode 13-22: This One Is For Dalton...

We are back in studio this week with a special dedication, NFL playoff updates, "SNL" talk, more about "ThunderSmurfs: Electric Boogaloo," and MORE!

Episode 13-21: Don Outdoes Himself!

We are back after the holiday break to talk to Wren about his experience at the National Championship Game, Staff Gift Exchange, the NFL playoffs, and MORE!

Episode 6-20: A CRAZY End To The NFL Regular Season And Our Best And Worst Films Of 2022!

We are back from break, but with Wren on assignment (we think in Inglewood, California), we are remote to talk the impending NFL playoffs, bowl pick updates, and we go through our favorite and not so favorite films of 2022, so check it out! And yes, this runs a bit long.

Episode 6-19: The Closing Of The Year

We finally get Alex back in-studio to wrap up 2022 (we will still do our best and worst of after the holidays) to talk Bowl Pick updates, more NFL insanity, Henry Cavill changing course, a lot of release updates, an "SNL" departure, and MORE!

Episode 13-18: It's Bowl Pick Time!

Alex is out on assignment, so Rob and Don get with Wren to talk bowl picks (Alex sent his to Rob), another crazy week in the NFL, some big RIPs, tour delays, rumors of a reboot of "The Dark Tower, and MORE!


Alex is out on assignment this week, but Rob and Don are in studio to talk about more stuff we have manifested into existence, RIP to Christine McVie, "SNL" for the rest of 2022, the possibility of an "Easy Rider" reboot, and MORE!

Episode 13-16: How Are Those NFL Predictions Coming?

Rob is back with the boys in-studio this week to talk a loss in geek culture, two "DWTS" departures, another crazy week in the NFL, something cool for Sirius/XM subscribers, another business for Snoop Doggy Dogg, and MORE!

Episode 13-15: The Unintentionally Punny Episode

Rob is out on assignment, so Alex, Don, and Stephen discuss the end of NASCAR 2022, the current state of the NFL, tease Canada's Favorite Gameshow, and other "Heavy Hitters" in the scope of TV and Movies. Don gets homework to learn about Gears of War and will follow up on how he feels about it receiving a movie AND show with Netflix.

Episode 13-14: A LOT Of NFL Points Are Being Scored...

We are back at full strength (including Wren) to talk preparing for the big XFL announcement, Week Eight in the NFL, Dolly Parton doesn't want to tour anymore, "Black Adam" keeps making money, Rob's tech reviews, Game Show Battle Rooms, and MORE!

Episode 13-13: Rachel Had A Movie Revelation

Alex and Don are on assignment, so Rob recruits friend of the show Rachel Wimberly to talk a new NFL game for Prime Video next year, Rob's new-ish policy about TV shows, Taylor Swift making ALL of the money over the weekend, a new General "Thunderbolt" Ross, Retropalooza, and MORE!

Episode 13-12: Don Gets The Website Bit Backwards

Wren is out on assignment, so we do a home show to talk another crazy weekend of football, some notable personalities that have left us, a trivia question that stumps two of our cast, and MORE!

Episode 13-11: Rob May Or May Not Be Able To Do Math...

Everyone is back AND in-studio this week to talk about Week Five in the NFL, Tom Welling returning to television, our last America's Favorite Game Show for a while, Don's inquiry about a new TV, and MORE!

Episode 13-10: We're Back In The Studio... With A Guest!

Alex is out on assignment, Rob is back from Philly, he and Don are in the studio and are joined by Linard "L.A." Anderson to talk Week Four in the NFL, Rob's heart failure with baseball this weekend, the return of one of our favorite band names, Tom Cruise's "Top Gun: Maverick" payday, the decline of cable and satellite programming, and MORE!

Episode 13-9: Another CRAZY Weekend In Football

Alex is back for a week with us while Rob is still in Philly and Don is also at home to talk cardiac endings in the NFL, more college football chaos, this year's State Fair of Texas foods, Rob's experience at the Braves vs. Phillies game, and MORE!

Episode 13-8: We Have A Runsheet, We Promise...

Alex is still out on assignment, but Rob is live from Philadelphia and is joined by Don in what could be the most wheels off show we have done in a long while! Rob's boss calls in, his wife texts in, we get things ALL out of order, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 533: The Woman King

Voila Davis is in a new film that also stars John Boyega "based on actual events," and Rob has seen it. MAN, he has seen it, so check out what he thought as Don asks the questions YOU want answered!

Remote-ly Reviewed 532: The Silent Twins

A new film chronicles the strange case of Gibbons Twins, who only communicated with each other and NO ONE ELSE. Rob and Don have screened this film starring Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence and are here to tell YOU all about their thoughts!

Episode: 13-7 Football is back!

Alex is out on assignment, so Rob and Don talk college and pro football, the new season of “Dancing With the Stars,” D23 news, Justin Bieber canceling the rest of his tour, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 531: Barbarian

What better place to have a horror film than in an Airbnb, right? Don has the answers to that question and MORE as he has seen this film, and Rob is here too!

Remote-ly Reviewed 530: Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Sterling K. Brown. Regina Hall. Comedy? This should be awesome, shouldn't it? SHOULDN'T IT? Rob has the answers for YOU as Don asks the same questions YOU want to know!

Episode 13-6: Our NFL Preview EXTRAVAGANZA!

Wren is out on assignment, so Alex takes the reins to preview the 2022 NFL Season team-by-team with the in-depth analysis that you have come to expect from this show, especially when it comes to football because IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR FOOTBALL THAT COUNTS!!!!!!

Remote-ly Reviewed 529: Three Thousand Years of Longing

It's the second of our back-to-back Idris Elba film reviews, and this time he's a GENIE! Tilda Swinton is the one that lets him out of the bottle in this new twist on the old tale, and Rob and Don are here to talk to YOU about it with Alex asking the tough questions!

Episode 13-5: WHAT Won The Box Office?

Don is out on assignment this week, so Alex and Rob talk NFL Preseason Week Two, new castmembers for "Yellowjackets," naming conventions, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 528: Beast

In the first of back-to-back weeks featuring films with Idris Elba, Don and Rob talk him fighting a lion! Alex is along for the ride to ask the questions YOU want to know! PS: There might be a minor spoiler in here.

Episode 13-4: Rob Never Had To Take Geography

The boys are ALL back in studio this week to talk the start of the NFL Pre-Season, the countdown to the NASCAR Playoffs, funny band names, "Daliland," "Sonic Spinball," and MORE!

Episode 13-2: Vin Scully and The Field of Dreams

Rob is hosting from home while Don and Alex hold down the studio. Covering the home stretch to the playoffs for MLB and NASCAR. Kevin Smith has really cool project back in New Jersey. Rumors of a Midnight Sons rumor has us amped up. Here's to hoping that the takeover of HBO Max by Discovery+ goes better than expectations. "...wishing you a pleasant good afternoon, wherever you may be." RIP Vin Scully

Remote-ly Reviewed 527: Bullet Train

Brad Pitt's highly-anticipated summer movie is here, and ALL THREE of the boys are here to talk about it! Check out their thoughts and make the decision if it is worth your time AND money!

Remote-ly Reviewed 526: Luck

Skydance Studios brings its first animated feature to AppleTV+, and Alex has had the chance to check it out in advance! Rob and Don are along for the ride, so find out if it's worth it for you!

Remote-ly Reviewed 525: Easter Sunday

There's a new movie based on the standup comedy of the great Jo Koy, and Don has screened it! He is ready to talk about it, and Rob is here to ask the tough questions YOU want answers to!

Episode 13-1: New Show Record for Shameless Self Promotion

Alex, Don, and Wren handle the sports and pop culture from the time we have been off through the coming week while Rob is out on assignment. We will NEVER say "That's our website" this much ever again. Football is just around the corner and many shows are getting renewed during this hopeful time. Alex reports on his experiment with MX4D theaters.

Remote-ly Reviewed 524: Where the Crawdads Sing

The best-selling book is now a movie produced by Reese Witherspoon and starring Daisy Edgar-Jones! Alex and Don have seen it, and Rob is along for the ride to answer the burning questions YOU have!

Remote-ly Reviewed 523: Thor: Love and Thunder

The summer movie season rages on, and it's time to rage with The God of Thunder! Rob and Don have seen it, so check out their thoughts!

Remote-ly Reviewed 522: Minions: The Rise of Gru

The fifth film in the "Despicable Me" franchise is upon us, and Rob and Don have already seen it! Check out their thoughts as Alex asks the questions YOU need answered!

Episode 12-27: The Season Finale

Before we take three weeks off, we celebrate 600 EPISODES with Rob's upcoming birthday, the USFL Championship game is set, the gap between "Stranger Things" and "Squid Games," "Top Gun: Maverick" BARELY winning the box office but passing a million bucks worldwide, food talk (not during a Deconstruction), and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 521: The Black Phone

The highly-anticipated horror film with Ethan Hawke is HERE, and Don has seen it! Check out his thoughts while Rob and Alex ask the questions YOU need answered, spoiler-free! Well, Alex asks most of the good questions anyway.

Episode 12-26: Sometimes, The Universe Hates Rob

Don is out on assignment, so Rob and Alex are here with Wren to talk a new show Rob is watching, the final week of the USFL regular season, another video joins the YouTube Billion Views club, "Joker" updates, a quick rundown of the summer movie season, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 520: Lightyear

Pixar strikes again with a very interesting style of spin-off. Rob and Don have seen it, and Alex is here to ask the hard-hitting questions YOU want answers to as we go to infinity, and... you know.

Remote-ly Reviewed 519: The Phantom of the Open

Based on the true story of Maurice (pronounced Morris) Flitcroft, this new film is a story that has to be seen to be believed. Or does it? Alex has seen it, and with Rob and Don along for the ride, find out the answer to that question and MORE!

Episode 12-25: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS And One Of The Best Tech Talk Segments We Have Had In A WHILE

We are back in studio this week to talk a couple of cool things coming up, America's Favorite Game Show, Britney Spears' wedding, a "Joker" sequel, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 518: Jurassic World: Dominion

The "epic conclusion" is here! Rob and Don have seen it! Alex asks the questions YOU need answers to! There might be a minor spoiler near the end. We are still debating that.

Remote-ly Reviewed 517: Top Gun: Maverick

The highway to the Danger Zone has completed construction, and the flood gates are open for ACTION! All three of the boys have screened this one, so listen in as they tell YOU what they thought of it! And yes: the pattern IS full.

Remote-ly Reviewed 516: The Bob's Burgers Movie

Rob and Alex went into this one from two completely different perspectives, but did they cross the finish line the same way! Tune in as Don asks them the questions YOU want to know!

Episode 12-28: Don Tramples On Comedy

All three of the boys are back this week to talk LOTS of corrections, USFL updates, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" making MORE money, a "Spirit Halloween" movie (yes THAT Spirit Halloween), and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 515: Emergency

Three college students have a wild night, but not in the way they were hoping for in this new film, and Rob and Alex have the questions YOU want asked of Don because... you know... he saw it. Check it out!

Episode 12-28: Don's Finest Hour?

Rob is out on assignment. Alex, Don, and Eric cover the slew of Game 7s for the NHL and NBA. Also covered in this episode: the NFL schedule release, casting news for Dune 2, and Eric's request to fans attending Jerry World for the Sunday Night Football opener.

Episode 12-27: LIVE from the Reel Owl Film Festival 2022

After two years of virtual festivals, Garland High School's Film Department has their big show back IN PERSON! Alex is out on assignment, so Rob and Don are live to tape with some REALLY talented students, so listen in to the future of film!

Remote-ly Reviewed 514: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Alex is still out on assignment, so Rob and Don share with YOU their thoughts on the 28th film in the MCU! And Don's camera craps out at one point. No really. It happened.

Episode 12-26: Rob Got To See His Braves

Alex is off on assignment, so Rob and Don talk another week in the USFL, a couple of losses in the entertainment world, a couple of big films without directors, Rob's instructions to Don for their screening of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," and MORE!

Episode 12-25: Millions Of Peaches. Peaches For Me. Millions Of Peaches. Peaches For Free.

Everyone is back in the studio this week to talk the USFL, commercials on Netflix, a new Rammstein album, lots of "Halo" talk, and MORE!

Episode 12-24: Not Our Longest Show, But We Do Talk "The Batman"

Alex is out on assignment, so Rob and Don are joined by friend of the show and master chef Eric Douglas to talk our first NASCAR points standings review of the season, "Better Call Saul," a few "mazel tov" moments, Rob's DJ Technology experience over the weekend, and MORE!

Episode 12-23: Pinball, the Final Four, and MORE!

Don is out on assignment, so Rob and Alex talk a loss in the music world, the "Supernatural" prequel, an addition to the "Fast & Furious" franchise, another Adele milestone, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 513: The Lost City

Sandra Bullock. Channing Tatum. Daniel Radcliffe. Brad Pitt. Nothing can go wrong... right? Well, maybe. The boys are here to talk about their rom-com-venture, so check it out. And yes, we might have been a little rusty at the beginning.

Episode 12-22: We FINALLY Get To Talk About "The Batman"!

The boys are back in studio this week to talk "The Batman" (spoiler free; Don hasn't seen it), Tom Brady returning to the Bucs, a series about The Electric Mayhem, Eminem sets a record, and MORE!

Episode 12-21: Wren Does Some CRAZY Math

We are in studio to talk Rob and Alex seeing the 50th Anniversary presentation of "The Godfather," the return of the ORIGINAL America's Favorite Game Show, "Ozark" racking up the numbers, and MORE!

Episode 12-20: A Baby Shark Movie?

It's the week after the Superb Owl and the boys are back in the studio to talk about Alex's betting success, the Daytona 500, more members of the YouTube Billion Views Club, "Halo," "Star Trek," and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 512: Uncharted

Another video game comes to life, and this one is backed by Sony! The boys are here and have all seen it, so check out what they thought!

Remote-ly Reviewed 511: Death on the Nile

We are BACK with our first review of 2022, and the entire cast has seen the film we are reviewing, so get ready for three different perspectives on the highly anticipated follow up to "Death on the Nile"!

Episode 12-19: Don Will NOT SING!

Alex is on assignment, so Rob and Don are joined by Devin Pike AND Ted Price to talk the Clash at the Coliseum, the return of "Law & Order," the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and it's international numbers, and MORE!

Episode 12-18: NASCAR At The L.A. Colisseum?

We are back skating at full strength to talk the NFL Divisional Playoffs, our tributes to Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf, who has a chance to de-throne "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Microsoft buys another developer, and MORE!

Episode 12-18: Inmates Run the Asylum and Wren wins an Award!

Alex and Don cover this week's NFL playoff games, a monster deal for the minds behind South Park, and engineer Wren wins a very well earned and deserved award!!

Episode 12-17: The Best Of, The Worst Of, And Shocking News

We are back but not in the studio just yet as the boys talk the NFL Playoffs, production delays in some popular television shows, our most and least favorite movies of 2021, and news breaks during the show that completely brings us down.

Remote-ly Reviewed 510: The King's Man

The prequel to "Kingsman" is here, and the boys are ready to tell YOU what they think about it, so check out this episode!

Episode 12-16: The Last Show Of The Year

Since we are on break until January 9th, check out this week's episode where we update YOU on NFL Playoff seating, bowl pick updates, the crew's favorite holiday movies, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 509: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Holy cow, it's finally here! It's time for Rob and Don to talk about the newest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (spoiler-free), so check out what they thought of it!

Episode 12-15: The Annual Bowl Pick 'Em Show!

We are back in studio to talk all sports this week with our picks for ALL of the bowl games! Go to and join our pick 'em contest to vie for a t-shirt from The Cheap Popcast! Search for The Clubhouse Podcast.

Episode 12-13: It's Time For Our Yearly College Football Argument!

The Boys are back after a week off to talk pretty much ALL Sports with the Braves, a NASCAR champion, and then it's (unintentionally) ALL FOOTBALL!

Episode 12-12: What's That Website Again?

We are back at full strength in the studio to unbox this month's Pro Wrestling Tees crate, celebrate Alex's birthday, talking short-lived TV shows, Jesse McCartney getting married, "Dune," "No Time to Die," an update on Don's situation from last week, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 508: Ron's Gone Wrong

It's been a while since we got to review a family film, and so let's get one done as Rob is joined by Don and Alex to review this new film! Pseudo-spoiler: this film has LEVELS.

Episode 12-11: Rob Doesn't Rant As Much As Usual, So Don Picks Up The Slack

Alex is enjoying his birthday week, so Rob and Don are in studio to talk Texas Weekend in NASCAR, more reboots, Adele's album release date, the casting of Adam Warlock, Don's rant, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 507: The Last Duel

It's been a while since all three of Rob, Alex, and Don got to see a film to review together, and this is it! Matt Damon! Adam Driver! Jodie Comer! Ben Affleck! Does it all work? Watch (or listen in) and find out!

Remote-ly Reviewed 506: Lamb

You've heard it talked about, and it's finally here! Listen in and watch as Rob tells Alex and Don his thoughts on the latest film from Noomi Rapace! And get your popcorn READY.

Episode 12-10: FOUR TIMES!

The boys are back in studio to talk last night's show at Dallas VideoFest 34, the season finale for America's Favorite Game Show, a NASCAR delay, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, more "Halo" talk, and MORE!

Episode 12-9: LIVE From Dallas VideoFest 34

Rob and Don record this audio-only episode from The Angelika Film Center in Mockingbird Station for the final run of Dallas VideoFest as Rob interviews long-time unsung heroes of the festival, the amazing Wally Funk, filmmakers, the man who created the Kovacs Award, and the dynamic duo of Bart Weiss and Kelly Kitchens! It's the end of an era, and we send it off into the sunset like only WE can!

Remote-ly Reviewed 505: Venom: Let There Be Carnage

It got moved around a handful of time, but Tom Hardy is BACK as the Lethal Protector! Rob has seen it, so join him, Alex, and Don as they talk about his thoughts so YOU can make the best decision for your entertainment dollar!

Episode 12-8: Alex Wins One of His Bets (and Don Still Doesn't Listen)

With Alex out on assignment, The Ginja Ninja himself, Andrew Beckham, returns to the show to talk NFL Week Four, "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings," the "Twisted Metal" live-action series, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 504: The Eyes of Tammy Faye

The crazy-but-true story of the Bakker's has made it to the big screen (once on TV and a documentary came before it), but is all of the buzz about Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield justified! The boys have seen it and are ready to answer that question for YOU!

Remote-ly Reviewed 503: Blue Bayou

The award-winning story written, directed, and starring Justin Chon is here, and Don has seen it! Check out his thoughts on it and how he personally connected to this film!

Episode 12-7: The Super-Sized Episode

The boys are in studio this week to talk Don's experience with "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," Rob's streaming nightmare, Week One in the NFL, a celebrity engagement, the run time on "No Time to Die," and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed #502: The Card Counter

Rob and Alex (from a special location) are here to talk about the newest movie from the writer of "Raging Bull" and starring Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan, and Willem Defoe! Check it out!

Remote-ly Reviewed #501: Cinderella (2021)

It's a fairy tale! It's a jukebox musical! Does that even work? The boys are here to ask Rob the questions YOU want asked about this new release from Amazon Studios!

Episode 12-6: NASCAR Playoffs, NFL Prep, and Don's Vacation

We are skating at full strength this week to talk a couple of HUGE losses in entertainment, Wren shoots the wheels off, "Manifest," the end of the NFL Preseason, America's Favorite Game Show, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 500: The Protege

We've hit 500 of these things, and let's do that with the director of "Goldeneye," the writer of "The Equalizer," Maggie Q, Michel Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson! We mean... that would be cool if they were with us, but we are still going to review their new movie!

Episode 12-5: We Have A Guest... And You Won't See It Coming!

Don is still on vacation, so Rob and Alex talk about their visit to Globe Life Field, a guest for America's Favorite Game Show (and Wren checks in too!), a loss in the music world, Knuckles is cast in "Sonic the Hedgehog 2," and MORE!

Episode 12-4: Betting Lines on Pre-Season Football... Yep. We're Doing THAT.

Don is out on vacation this week and next, Rob and Alex are in the studio to talk losses in both the sports and entertainment world, "The Suicide Squad," "The Metallica Blacklist," a REALLY long cut of "Dune," and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed #499: Annette

Adam Driver. Marion Cotillard. In a love story... for the ages? Yeah... just see what happens when Rob talks about it.

Episode 12-3: It's Almost Football Season!

We are back in studio, and the boys talk about "Waterworld: The Series," paying tribute to Ron Popeil and Dusty Hil, a new "Saint," "Halo: Infinite," and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 498: Jungle Cruise

Disney is at it again, and we've got opinions! Join the boys as they talk The Rock, Emily Blunt, their love for the House of Mouse, and MORE!

Remote-ly Reviewed 497: Stillwater

Matt Damon is a father who fights for his daughter's innocence on two continents, but was it good enough to pass Don's muster? Watch and find out!

Episode 12-1 Alex and Don sail with out Captain Rob.

Stephen, Alex, and Don cover the MLB Allstar game and shark week. Don crushed the list.

Remote-ly Reviewed 496: Black Widow

The boys have been holding onto this one for a WHILE, so here are their thoughts on the latest (?) chapter in the MCU!

Remote-ly Reviewed #495: F9: The Fast Saga

Yep, Dom and the crew are at it again, and Rob and Don are here to let YOU know what Rob thought of it, so check it out and tell everyone you know to check it out! (It's good for our egos.)

Remote-ly Reviewed #494: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

For the first time in TWENTY MONTHS, we are able to bring YOU a non-written movie review, and for the first time EVER, we do it WITH VIDEO! Join Rob and Don as they talk the sequel to "The Hitman's Bodyguard" with Alex along to ask the questions YOU want answered! Did we mention this is on VIDEO too?!?!?!?!?!?

Episode 11-34: We Forgot Something... And Tagged It At The End

We are remote this week as the boys talk the upcoming Olympics, comfort in full arenas, The Rock getting more work, The "Aquaman" sequel title, and MORE!

Episode 11-32: NFL Schedules and Horror Movie Cheerleaders

It's a home show as Rob, Alex, and Don talk Medina Spirit, possible "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers, the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, "Knives Out 2" news, and MORE!

Episode 11-31 (What happened to the Buc-ee's Mug)

Join Rob, Don, and Alex as they laugh their way through any thing you would ever need to know in The Clubhouse.

Episode 11-30

The Clubhouse Podcast on Vokal

Episode 11-28 (Part 2): Rob is STILL in on EVERYTHING!

After some technical issues, here is the rest of the episode including MORTAL KOMBAT talk and a great tribute from Don!

Episode 11-28 (Part 1): Rob is in on EVERYTHING!

We are BACK as Rob, Alex, and Don talk new NASCAR names, "Warrior" moving homes, and MORE!

Episode 11-27: This Is What Happens When We Don't Have Much On The Runsheet

Rob, Alex, and Don talk NASCAR leaving it up to the Internet to name a race, Don Cheadle, Questlove getting a really cool gig, "Zack Snyder's Justice League," "Coming 2 America," one of the most awesome endings to an episode EVER, and MORE!

Episode 11-26: Tropical Heat and Melt Talk

The boys are remote this week and are talking Dak Prescott getting PAID, "Outlander," more ThunderSmurfs, a crazy food tangent, Selection Sunday, and MORE!

Episode 11-25: MATH!

Rob, Alex, and Don talk a TON of news from Paramount+, the breakup of Daft Punk, Alex's aversion to Kings of Leon, a title for the next "Spider-Man" movie, a "Twisted Metal" TV series, and MORE!

Episode 11-24: THE CHAMP IS HERE!

Alex and Jenn Rohm are out on assignment, so Rob and Don talk landing spots for J.J. Watt, a revival of "Criminal Minds," more spinoffs, Cardi B making history twice in one week, more remakes, a Fortnite film festival, and MORE!

Episode 11-23: Alex's Vegas Adventure and Don Still Needs Therapy

Jenn Rohm is out on assignment, so the guys are here to talk Super Bowl LV, Paramount+ and "The Real World," this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, MORE reboots and sequels, "Zack Snyder's Justice League" in theaters, and MORE!

Episode 11-22: Alex Prepares for VEGAS!

Jenn Rohm and Don are on assignment, so Rob and Alex talk Super Bowl LV and history, "Zack Snyder's Justice League," Amanda Bynes singing, LOTS of sequel news, and MORE!

Episode 11-21: Jenn Rohm's Birthday Eve

With Alex out on assignment, Rob, Jenn Rohm, and Don are joined by "Big Film Show" host Devin Pike to discuss the next crop of "Jeopardy!" hosts, Genesis trivia, "Nomadland" in IMAX, "Coming 2 America" (again), AT&Tv, and MORE!

Episode 11-20: Jay's Gift Exchange and Football 101

Don is out on assignment, but Jay is back so we can finish the gift exchange with Jenn joining us via satellite as we talk Tommy Lasorda, moving the Grammys, Loretta Lynn, when Robin Thicke was just "Thicke," the fate of Family Video, Emma Stone news, and MORE!

Episode 11-19: The Staff Gift Exchange (Without Jay) and "Wonder Woman 84"

We are back in studio (with Jenn Rohm remoting in) to give our annual gifts to each other, a possible buyer for Reebok, how 2021 could go, and MORE

Episode 11-18: SpongeBob SPORTSPants?

Jenn Rohm is still out on assignment, so the boys talk a new concept for the NFL Wild Card round, Notre Dame's Brian Kelly with a hot opinion, HBO Max FINALLY makes it to Roku, a strange music statistic, lots of casting news, and MORE!

Episode 11-17: Disney Drops The Hammer On EVERYBODY

Jenn Rohm is out on assignment, so the boys are here to talk Week Fourteen in the NFL (with faulty math), the big announcements from the Disney investors' call, our tribute to Charley Pride, "Cyberpunk" issues, and MORE!

Episode 11-16: We Had A Really Cool Title, But Rob Forgot... But It's In This Episode SOMEWHERE

Rob, Alex, and Don are joined by very special guest (and Rob's upcoming "CastOff!" opponent) Valerie Cameron to talk the possibility of May Madness, the Berlanti-verse, a "Minions' holiday special, Jonas Brothers' talk, Zachary Levi's latest charity project, horror films, the X Box Series X, and MORE!

Episode 11-14: A Sad Day For Rob

It’s time for a home show, as the crew talks with friend of the show Craig Price about “CastOff!,” The Masters (you read that right for the date of this show), the loss of Alex Trebek, a possible sequel to “Wedding Crashers,” a possible new “Mass Effect” game, and MORE!

Episode 11-12: Wait… Adele Is NOT The Musical Guest?

Jenn Rohm is back in studio so Alex can have his birthday off as we talk a retraction about “She-Hulk,” more of “The Vow,” a “Static Shock” movie, a move for “Coming to America 2,” the end for Tab, and MORE!

Episode 11-11: We Salute Eddie Van Halen

The crew talks the start of the MLB playoffs, the fate for “Soul,” something called “Batwheels,” a sequel to “Across the Universe,” more theaters shutting it down, and MORE!

Episode 11-10: Who ARE You Gonna Call?

The crew talks Doc Rivers on the open market, the return of the XFL, “Ms. Marvel” news, Dolly Parton with a new Christmas movie, a Ray Parker, Jr. documentary, the “Borat” sequel, and MORE!


The crew talks the announcement of The Big Ten playing football, a series about the making of "The Godfather," a "She-Hulk" announcement, Lil' Nas X writing a children's book, Ethan Hawke working on a new documentary, the demise of DC Universe, and MORE!

Episode 11-15: This Episode Matches The Date. We Just Now Realized That.

With a fancy new open and Alex and Jenn on assignment, Rob and Don talk another wacky football week, history in Major League Baseball, more Dolly Parton news, the fate of "Wonder Woman 84," the new iPhone, and MORE!

Episode 11-8: The Results from The Bet And More-at?

Rob, Alex, and Don talk Batman on Waze, an easier way to get the new X-Box, more and more remakes, Gorillaz working with Robert Smith, Week One of the NFL, and MORE!

Episode 11-7: DC FanDome Excellence & The Return Of Alex's Met Fandom

The crew is back via Zoom this week to talk the impending NASCAR Championship, the possible walking back of the Big Ten, an "X-Files" animated series, the announce team for "WWE Battlegrounds," and MORE!

Episode 11-6: They Want To Remake WHAT?!?!?!?

We are working remote this week to talk more organizations that seem to be watching this show, Comedy Central dumping a LOT of shows, the Black Adam reveal, and MORE!

Episode 11-5: Mother Nature REALLY Wanted To Be In This Episode...

We are not only skating at full strength, but we also have "Matinee Heroes" host and moderator extraordinaire Craig Price with us to talk Rob's idea for an MLB "bubble," an unlikely Lego remake, Metallica at the drive-in, the finals for "CastOff!," and MORE!

Episode 11-4: College Football In Danger And "Coming To America"

Jenn Rohm is on assignment, so Rob, Alex, and Jay talk the dash towards the NASCAR playoffs, an outbreak with the Cardinals, a premiere date for Hulu's "Animaniacs," Kanye's "running mate," a movie law change, and MORE!

Episode 11-3: Sports Is Back... But For How Long?

Jenn Rohm is out on assignment, so Rob and Alex (who is back in studio) talk problems with the MLB, how college football COULD work, Emmy nominations, Trent Reznor's possibility of the EGOT, AMC making a deal with Universal, and MORE!

Episode 11-2: The Return Of MLB AND G4?

With Jenn Rohm out on assignment, Rob, Alex, and Don are in studio to talk the return of live sports, Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones, Jr., Donald Glover to return to playing Lando Calrissian, big news for Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj, Dave Franco as Vanilla Ice, the Seattle Kraken, and MORE!

Episode 11-1: Domestic and Worldwide Box Offices

We are skating at full strength remotely to kick off our eleventh season to talk the march to MLB opening day, Peacock, "No Time to Die" moving AGAIN, rumors of a possible "Dirty Dancing" sequel, one of the coolest Lego sets of all time, and MORE!

Episode 10-36: Alex's Story Time II: Bobby Bonilla Day

We are back at Vokal Studios (with Jenn Rohm out on assignment) to talk the return (?) of sports, a move for "Cobra Kai," Kelly Clarkson's half way to an EGOT, more talk of how movie theaters will reopen, and MORE!

Episode 10-35: The Rohm Method

The whole crew is back this week via Zoom to watch Rob melt down about sports, "The Bold and the Beautiful" taking an interesting policy as they go back into production, the 25th anniversary of "Jagged Little Pill," theater re-openings, Alex's Top Ten Underrated Father-Son Movies, and MORE!

Episode 10-34: The Alex Remix

Rob, Alex, and Don do another Saturday show to talk a MAJOR shift with NASCAR, live sports getting closer, the cast of "Game of Thrones" playing D&D, the PlayStation 5 announcement, and MORE!

Episode 10-33: The Big Idea Episode

The gang's all here for a special Saturday episode to talk the return of the NBA, musicians raising money for great causes, what could save the movie theater industry, and MORE!

Episode 10-32: Cavill Back As Superman?

We are BACK at VOKAL to talk HBO Max, the VMAs, "The Mandalorian" being disqualified from acting awards for Pedro Pascal at the Golden Globes, sports return dates, and MORE!

Episode 10-30: Theme Park Logistics, Haircuts, & The Return Of Jenn Rohm!

The Lady of the House returns to the team as we discuss the restart of NASCAR, the pushback of new television, Globe Life Field's concert experiment, a huge move for the "Hamilton" movie, and MORE!

Episode 10-29: Alex's Story Time & The Renewal Of "The Bet"

Rob, Alex, and Don do a special Saturday show to talk about the NFL schedules, Guns 'N Roses as a children's book, a LOT of Tech Talk, big news for some beloved franchises, and MORE!

Episode 10-28: Sports At Disney & The AMC/Regal Issue

Rob, Alex, and Don talk NASCAR starting back up, the return of Elliot Stabler to "SVU," Post Malone raising money, HBO Max, and MORE!

Episode 10-27: For A Fact Checker, Don Doesn't Really Know Song Lyrics

Rob, Alex, and Don are joined by long-time friend of the show Heather Fogleman to discuss the draft television ratings, "Beastie Boys Story," Daniel Radcliffe in a movie with guns, album delays, and MORE!

Episode 10-26: Don's Reboot?

Rob, Alex, and Don are back to talk about record numbers for "Tiger King," "One World: Together at Home," and "Trolls World Tour," the future of the XFL, the conclusion of the James Bond Project, and MORE!

Episode 10-25: We Got To Stream This One!

Rob, Alex, and Don are joined by Rachel Wimberly to focus on how the four major sports deal with the delays caused by COVID-19, a chance for YOU to help out our friends at the Dallas Theater Center, more Elliott Stabler, the James Bond project continues, and MORE!

Episode 10-21: The Home Show

We are at the NEW home studio this week with special guest (and friend of the show) Chance Munsterman to talk his new single dropping this week, Red Dirt Outlaws

Episode 10-17: TWO MINI LISTS

Don is out of town, but the rest of the crew is here to talk TWO MINI LISTS, our first NBA update, college bowl updates, holiday wishes, and MORE!

Episode 10-16: The College Football Bowl Prediction Show… And Rob Melts Down AGAIN

We end up forgoing this week’s runsheet for the most part to do our bowl picks (with one of the worst names EVER), talk NFL, The Ten Reasons To Watch Who Needs Sleep next weekend, and MORE!

Episode 10-15: Zack Morris Is Not Trash

Jenn Rohm is out sick, so the boys are joined by friend of the show Richard Shealy to talk the NASCAR finale, the TNF debacle, Tua is out for the year, the launch of Disney+, AMC A-List, Amazon 4 Star, Rob’s Top Ten Things He Misses Being Pre-Diabetic and Post-Diverticulosis, and MORE!

Episode 10-14: THAT James Dean?!?!?!?

It’s just Rob and Jenn Rohm this week as they discuss the almost NASCAR finale, “Nancy Drew” talk, Rob’s adventures in moving, the Dolphins win AGAIN, “Ford v Ferrari,” Lil’ Peep, Rob’s Ten Things He Is Glad Is Still A Thing, and MORE!

Episode 10-13: DEVIN PIKE IS HERE!

Don is on assignment, so we are joined by the GREAT Devin Pike to talk Texas Motorspeedway Weekend, this NCAA debacle, the New Jersey Hall of Fame welcomes two new members, Rob and Devin’s experiences at the “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot” Roadshow, Rob’s Ten Things That Need To Be Updated, and MORE!

Home Show #491: The Lighthouse

A bold filmmaking move from the director of “The Witch” takes audiences into the psyche of two men stranded with only each other and the elements, but does it work? Don knows and is ready to tell YOU all about it! Listen in as the crew discusses it with him!

Episode 10-12: Has Rob Ever Told His Menudo Story?

Don is on assignment, but Alex is back, so he, Rob, and Jenn talk NASCAR, Dolphin continued failure, Kanye West’s Christmas album, the crew’s favorite Halloween costumes, and MORE!


Rob and Don are joined by the Ginga Ninja himself, Andrew Beckham, to talk “Bluff City Law,” the Dolphins on Monday night, Mike Posner (get ready for THAT segment), the 2020 Rock and Roll HOF nominees, a very emotional list, and MORE!

Home Show #487: Ad Astra

Brad Pitt. Tommy Lee Jones. Liv Tyler. Donald Southerland. SPACE. Here what Rob and Don thought about this highly anticipated new movie from the director of “The Lost City of Z”!

Episode 10-10: A Picnic Counts If You Have A Basket… And It’s Don’s Birthday!

Alex is out on assignment, so John “Doc” Howser is hanging out with us to talk a new coach for “The Voice,” Week Six in the NFL, Liz Phair, more Disney reboots, Rob’s Ten Things That Are Cooler This Time of Year, and MORE!

Episode 10-8: Story Time With Uncle Rob

Don is out on assignment this week, but the rest of the crew is here to talk The NASCAR second round, Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas,” Alex and the XFL, the MLB season finale for America’s favorite game show, “The Batman” casting, iOS 13 talk, Alex’s Bet Payouts Don Could Have Been Through, and MORE!

Episode 10-7: DON HAS NEVER SEEN WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It’s our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Vokal, and we are joined by John “Doc” Howser to discuss Round Two of the NASCAR playoffs, an astounding America’s Favorite Game Show, Don stops the show (again), Rob’s Ten Things He Is Looking For Through The End Of 2019, and MORE!

Episode 10-8: A Home Show And Donna Doesn’t Have HBO

We are calling an audible on multiple levels this week, as Rob and Don are joined by Rachel Wimberly and “The Donna” Joseph from Who Needs Sleep to talk the NASCAR regular season finale, Week One of the NFL, a Rob Halford holiday album, BBQ talk, Rob’s Ten Things He Wishes Sports Would Feature More Of, and MORE!

Episode 10-5: The Bet Gets Next Leveled

We are skating at full strength to talk D23, a new twist to Alex and Don’s bet, Andrew Luck retires?, The Lost ‘80s Tour, Nathan Fillion’s just announced role, the Texas State Fair’s food finalists, and MORE!

Episode 10-4: EPISODE 500!

We celebrate another milestone with friend of the show Linard “L.A.” Anderson to talk the cancellation of “Krypton,” pre-season NFL talk, Alex throws the gauntlet, Disney hits a milestone, our Ten Game-Changing Moments, and MORE!

Home Show #479: Good Boys

Three adolescent boys come to grips with their changing world in an anticipated new comedy, and Rob and Don have already seen it! Listen in as they tell YOU about it with Jenn Rohm asking the questions YOU want to know!

Home Show #478: The Peanut Butter Falcon

Wrestling, family, and a road trip all in one? This seems right up our alley! Listen in as the crew tells YOU if it is worth you checking it out or not!

Home Show #477: The Art of Racing in the Rain

The popular book (that Jenn Rohm has read) is now a feature film with names like Milo Ventimiglia and Kevin Costner, and she has seen it! Listen in as she gives her opinions with Rob and Don in tow!

Home Show #476: David Crosby: Remember My Name

Jenn Rohm has had a chance to check out this new documentary about the music legend, so listen in as she gives YOU her thoughts with Rob and Don asking the questions!

Episode 10-3: CUZZIE IS OPEN!!!

The crew is back assembled to talk Pat McAfee getting an ESPN gig, “S&M2,” FOOTBALL!, Alex has to say nice things about the Cowboys, the career of Peter Navy Tuiasasopo from Alex’s Top Ten Underrated Football Movies, and MORE!

Home Show #475: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

Dwayne Johnson. Jason Statham. You KNOW stuff’s gonna ‘splode! Jenn Rohm and Don got to check it out early, so listen in as they tell YOU all about it with Rob!

Episode 10-2: Leave it to Fiddy

Rob and Alex are joined by Linard “L.A.” Anderson to talk “Latin History for Morons,” “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” as a series, the Bobby Bonilla contract rears its ugly head again, Rob’s Ten Old School R&B Songs That Still Hold Up, and MORE!

Episode 10-1: We Really Know Where The Cameras Are… We Promise

We kick off the arrival into double digits to talk a LOT of SDCC News, a farewell to a couple of segments, Alex’s Movies He Wishes He Could Watch Again For The First Time, and MORE!

Episode 10-0: LIVE at the Asian Film Festival Dallas 2019

We prepare YOU for our TENTH SEASON as we are live-to-tape from the Angelika Film Centre in Dallas to talk to dignitaries, friends of the show, and MORE from the eighteenth annual Asian Film Festival Dallas!

Home Show #474: The Lion King (2019)

John Favreau directs his second Disney live action-ish remake with an all star cast, but can he get The Circle of Life work again? Don has seen it, so listen in as he gives YOU all the answers, with Rob and Jenn Rohm in tow!

Home Show #273: Stuber

Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani star in a new comedy that is also a buddy-ish cop film! Rob and Jenn Rohm have seen it and are ready to talk to YOU about it as Don joins the fun!

Home Show #272: Maiden

Sports documentaries are all the rage right now, so what did Don thing of this one about a ground-breaking sailing captain and her all-female crew in 1989? Listen in and find out as Rob and Jenn Rohm join the discussion!

Home Show #471: Midsommar

It's a two-and-a-half-hour horror film from the writer/director of "Hereditary," so you know Rob didn't see it, but Don went ahead and went, so see if this redeems the filmmaker in his eyes or not!

Home Show #470: Yesterday

The director of “Slumdog Millionaire” brings his latest film where the entire world outside of one man has no idea who The Beatles are! The crew has seen it and is ready to either sing its praises or throw vegetables through the speakers, so listen in! (We won’t do the vegetable thing.)

Home Show #469: Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase III ends with the latest film featuring your friendly neighborhood web-slinger, and the crew is here to tell YOU if it is a fitting ending, especially since it is spoiler-free! Listen in!

Home Show #468: Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

It's been almost three years to the day since Rob and Sharla saw this show, and it is back in town again! Listen in as Rob and Alex tell YOU all about it!

Home Show #467: Men In Black: International

The hit franchise from the late ‘90s has a spinoff, and we are here to tell YOU about it! Check out what the crew thought, and we promise not to nebulize you afterwards… as far as you know…

Home Show #466: Late Night

Mindy Kaling writes and stars in this new comedy with Emma Thompson, John Lithgow, and MORE! The crew has seen it (some even a WHILE ago), and they have convened to tell YOU about it! And we don’t even have writers!

Home Show #465: The Dead Don’t Die

Jim Jarmusch takes his shot at zombie movies with an all-star cast, but did it work? The crew is here to tell YOU if it is worth it or not?

Home Show #464: The Play That Goes Wrong

The smash Broadway hit is touring the country, and it is in Dallas for a quick run! Don and Rob got to check it out, so listen in and hear their thoughts (as long as the systems don’t crash in the meantime)!

Episode 9-48: The Season Nine Finale

We wrap up our ninth season by talking more NASCAR delays, the retirement of the last Day One employee of ESPN, shamelessly plugging Ragnarok 2019, music festival trouble in Belgium, a strange birthday coincidence, our annual Thank You’s, and MORE!

Episode 9-47: The Father's Day Show

Don is on assignment, and we are live to tape from Sooner Or Gator Studios to talk Rob’s unfortunate incident, a possible revival of the “X-Men animated series, the studio becomes Jaxon’s playground, The Group Therapy Tour, the Sunday Paper as POI, SOMEBODY wants to play Bane, 2019 is the year of Keanu Reeves’, Alex’s Top Ten Facts Dumb Enough to be Dad Jokes, and MORE!

Episode 9-46: FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?!?!?!?

Chad is still out on assignment, but the crew is here to talk Jenn Rohm’s theatre experience, Stay-Cations as POI, Don gets introduced to “Baby Shark,” we break into food talk, Echo Dot reviews, Rob’s Ten Elevator Etiquette Tips, and MORE!

Home Show # : Dark Phoenix

It’s the swan song for the Fox Marvel Universe, but does it go out with a bang or a whimper? The gang got to see it early, and here are their thoughts about it so YOU can make the best decision as to see it or not!

Episode 9-45: Don's Ginzemptions?

Chad is out on assignment, the crew discusses a new name in our NASCAR coverage, "The Eyes of the Dragon" on Hulu, Work/Life Balance as POI, the return of America's Favorite Game Show, "Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," Alex's Top Ten Sports Experiences You Must Do, and MORE!

Home Show #462: Aladdin (2019)

Disney's latest live-action adaptation of one of their hit animated films is here, so does Will Smith measure up to Robin Williams' performance? Alex has checked it out, and the crew is here to ask ALL of the questions YOU want to know!

Home Show #461: Cruel Intentions: The ‘90s Musical

Rob got to see his first "jukebox musical," based on the hit film, which is based on another hit film, which is based on a french film... Just listen in and hear what we thought!

Home Show #460: Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, The Musical

The film didn't seem to connect with audiences, but did the musical version make up for it? The crew has checked it out during a quick run through Dallas, and we are ready to tell YOU about the experience!

Home Show #459: John Wick, Chapter 3: Parabellum

Keanu Reeves is back again as the hitman who is on the run, and the ENTIRE CREW was in attendance for the screening! Listen in as they tell YOU all about it!

Episode 9-44: The Mother’s Day Show

Chad and Jenn Rohm are out on assignment, so Rob, Don, and Alex discuss Alex’s water bottle, renewals and cancellations from the upfronts, SportClips as POI, Ty Lue not coaching the Lakers, “Endgame” closing in on “Thunder Smurfs,” announcements on sequels, Rob’s Ten Things That People Do On Social Media He Doesn’t Understand, and MORE!

Home Show #458: The Hustle

“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” gets the 21st century makeover, this time with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson! Is it worth it, or did we feel conned ourselves! Rob and Don are joined by Jenn Rohm to let YOU know!

Home Show #457: Tolkien

Nicholas Hoult stars in this biopic of one of the most famous sci-fi/fantasy authors in the history of EVER, and Rob has seen it so he can tell YOU if it is worth your time or feels longer than “Return of the King”!

Home Show #456: Poms

Diane Keaton, Pam Grier, and Rhea in a movie about cheerleading? Why not! Jenn Rohm has seen it, and with Rob and Don in tow, she is ready to tell YOU all about it, so S-P-I-R-I-T SPIRIT, LET’S HEAR IT!

Episode 9-43: Gabriel Luna is NOT Diego Luna And Zack Brown Is NOT Zac Brown

It’s a special old school home show as Rob, Jenn Rohm, and Alex talk a “Black-ish” spinoff, tipping in advance as POI, Rob doesn’t get K-Pop, our Peter Mayhew tribute, American Airlines has their Hackathon, Rob’s Ten Things He Needs To Do More, and MORE!

Episode 9-42: LIVE from the Reel Owl Cinema Film Festival 2019

It’s one of our favorite shows of the year as we broadcast LIVE from Garland High School for our third year as judges for their student film festival, talking to the future of film!

Episode 9-40: Don Constantly Confuses Us, AND IT SHOWS

Jenn Rohm is out sick, so Rob, Alex, and Don talk the oddest open we may have ever had, Sunday Brunch as POI, “Knights of the Old Republic,” playoff updates, Rob’s Ten Cinematic Experiences You Must Do Before You Die, and MORE!

Episode 9-39: Three Shows In Two Days

Rob, Alex, and Jenn talk last night’s show from DIFF, “AHS,” Diana is cast on “The Crown,” Fossil as POI, Playoff Updates, LOTS of movie talk, and MORE!

Episode 9-37: Special Edition: WWE WrestleMania 35

This is a bittersweet episode, as it is the last one that deals with professional wrestling before this part of the show moves to The Cheap Pop-cast next week, so listen in as we talk as we talk a CRAZY weekend leading up to the Showcase of the Immortals, The Week That Was in Our Sport, Running and Grading the Card, and MORE!

The Clubhouse Podcast 3-31-2019

Tune into The Clubhouse Podcast Sundays at 6pm cst!


It’s Rob, Chad, and Alex to talk “Marvel” television reboots, the Texas Pinball Festival as POI, the retirement of Gronk, Woodstock 50, TWO major announcements, “Us” makes a TON of money, Rob’s Top Ten Pinball Machines He Cannot Get Enough Of, and MORE!

Don IS NOT Donnie D!

Jenn Rohm is out sick, so the boys talk a “What If?” series, Rob’s Suitcase Adventure as POI, March Madness, Dick Dale In Memoriam, ROH’s 17th Anniversary, James Gunn’s return to “Guardians,” The Top Ten Things Rob Did Not Appreciate Until He Got Older, and MORE!

Episode 9-33: Special Edition: WWE Fastlane 2019

It’s the last stop on the Road to WrestleMania, and the crew is here to prepare YOU for it with The Week That Was in Our Sport, running and grading the card, and MORE!

Episode 9-32: Jim Zorn is Bigfoot

Chad and Don are on assignment, so Rob, JennRohm, and Alex discuss Oscar pick results, Luke Perry suffers a stroke, third party ticket sales as POI, Johnny Manziel's problems, the return of Roman Reigns, more "A Star is Born", Movies to prepare YOU for Baseball Season, and MORE!

Episode 9-31: Unlike the Oscars, WE Have a Host

We are skating at full strength with Oscar picks, Blumhouse reboots, Don is rendered speechless, our first full AAF update, Elton John and “Rocketman,” WWE releases, Nintendo of America’s new president, Alex’s Top Ten Biggest Oscar Snubs, and MORE!

Episode 9-30 Special Edition: WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

We crown our first monthly champion, talk the Week that Was in Our Sport, run and grade the card featuring the most demonic structure in WWE (for the sake of this PPV), and MORE!

Episode 9-29: A Dutch Oven On A Global Scale

We are back in studio to talk about Super Bowl LIII, the Alliance of American Football as POI, a couple of bigs in In Memoriam, “It: Chapter Two” has a release date, the Dean Ambrose conundrum, Alex’s List of Things He Is Today Years Old Before He Found Out, and MORE!

Episode 9-28: Special Edition: WWE Royal Rumble 2019

It's Wrestling Christmas, and we have a new twist on our picks contest as we crown the 2018 Grand Champion, talk The Week That Was in professional wrestling, and MORE!

RAZR's Edge

Alex is out on assignment, so Rob, Chad, Jenn Rohm, and Don talk the NFC and AMC Championships, “Space Force,” the Motorola RAZR as POI, Jenn Rohm’s adventures at the House of Blues on her birthday weekend, The Revival and Sasha Banks may want out, Jason Reitman’s “Ghostbusters,” “MK 11,” Rob’s Ten Things He is Looking Toward in 2019, and MORE!


Alex and Don are on assignment, but Chad is back to join Rob and Jenn Rohm as well as special guest (and friend of the show) Danny Gallagher from the “Just a Sec” podcast and The Mocky Horror Picture Show to talk the NFL coaching carousel, the bowl picks results, NXT UK Takeover, “Bad Boys 4 Life,” Rob’s Top Ten Movies That Need to be Done by “How Did This Get Made,” and MORE!

Episode 9-25: The Best and Worst of 2018

Chad is still out on assignment, but the rest of the crew is here to talk about what worked and what didn’t in this past year! Listen in and hear the debate roar!

Episode 9-24: Pat McAfee & A TON Of Gifts

Everyone but Chad is back, but Dave Scott joins us to talk bowl pick updates, Pat McAfee calling an NFL game, comparing and contrasting the Armed Forces and First Responder Bowls as POI, , our annual Show Gift Exchange, the potential of Pat McAfee, Rob’s Top Ten Things That Qualify Him To Work in the XFL Front Office, and MORE!

Episode 9-23: Don Cheadle Is Not Don Cherry

Everyone else is out on assignment, so it’s just Rob and Alex to talk Bowl Picks, Week 16 in the NFL, “Nailed It!’ as POI, the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class, “Mystery, Alaska,” lots of wrestling engagements and weddings, Rob’s Top Ten “Asked and Answered” Arguments, and MORE!

Home Show #455: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Sony keeps a hold of the franchise with a new animated film with an all-star voice, and Don and Rob have seen it (can you believe Chad hasn’t?), and they are all here to talk about it so YOU know if it is worth it!

Home Show #454: Once Upon A Deadpool

“Deadpool 2” done “The Princess Bride”? Why not? Don has that answer, so listen in as the crew asks the questions YOU want the answers to?

Home Show #453: A Christmas Story: The Musical

The movie is a staple to everyone on the show, but how does the musical version hold up, much less the second time through? The crew knows the answers and is here to tell YOU all about it!

Home Show #452: Mary Queen Of Scots

Margot Robbie is QEI. Saoirse Ronan is Mary Stuart. And the power struggle is on, but is it worth it? Rob and Don have the answers, so listen in as they tell YOU what they thought!

Episode 9-22: The ADD Show

Tonight it’s just Rob, Alex, and Don to talk the Miami Miracle, XFL team announcements, college athletes opting out of bowl games as POI, a couple of deaths in professional wrestling, a horror movie Rob may actually see, terrible reviews for good movies, and MORE!

Home Show #451: Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

Andy Serkis directs this version of the classic Rudyard Kipling story for Netflix, and Rob has checked it out to tell YOU all about it! Jenn Rohm and Don are here as well!

Home Show #450: Anna and the Apocalypse

It’s a musical! It’s a horror film! It’s both? Jenn Rohm and Don are here to tell YOU all about it, and Rob is here to ask the questions!

Home Show #449: A Christmas Carol

It’s that time of year again for the Wyly Theatre Center to unveil their annual presentation of the Dickens classic, and for the fourth year in a row, the show was represented on Press Night! Check out our thoughts on it to see if you should catch it before it ends its run on December 30th!

Home Show #448: The Favourite

From the director of “The Lobster” and “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” comes a new film about Queen Anne and her closest “friends” with Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Emma Stone! Rob and Don have seen it, and Chad is here to ask the important questions about it that YOU want to know about! Listen in and hear their thoughts!

Episode 9-21: The 2018 College Bowl Picks Show

With Jenn Rohm out on assignment, you get our “in-depth” analysis of the 2018-19 College Bowl Season along with entertainment headlines including in-depth analysis of the need or not for an “Avengers 4” trailer and MORE!

Episode 9-20: It’s Been A Rough Day

Rob starts the show with a special pre-show In Memoriam, then the crew talks Rivalry Weekend, the scheduling of the Army/Navy game as POI, Snoop Doggy Dogg and this star on the Walk of Fame, some heavy hitters In Memoriam, Elite Wrestling news, Rob’s Top Ten Things You Need To Do This Holiday Season, and MORE!

Home Show #447: Creed II

After its predecessor took the world by storm (including an Oscar nomination), does the sequel live up to the bar set by it? The crew has already seen it and is ready to tell YOU all about it! Listen in and hear what they thought!

Home Show #446: Green Book

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen bring the true story of Dr. Don Shirley’s deep south tour in the ‘60s to life, and Rob has seen it and is ready to tell YOU all about it with the crew in tow!

Episode 9-19: Special Edition: WWE Survivor Series 2018

The final major of the year has come, and the crew is on hand to give YOU the week that was in our sport, picks and grades, and MORE!

Home Show #445: The Front Runner

Hugh Jackman brings the Gary Hart story to screen with an all star cast and directed by Jason Reitman! Rob has seen it and is ready to tell YOU all about it with Alex here to ask the questions!

Home Show #444: The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers are straight to Netflix with a film about the old west anthology style, and Rob is here with Alex to tell YOU all about it! Listen in and see if you need to put it in your Netflix queue!

Episode 9-18: Time And Space Are Relative To This Crew

Rob, Jenn Rohm, and Alex are in studio to discuss “The 4400” vs “The 100”, Lynda Carter LIVE as POI, Betting Talk, minimal wrestling news, “Once Upon a Deadpool,” Rob’s Ten Holiday Things That He Is Not A Fan Of, and MORE!

Home Show #443: The Girl In The Spider’s Web

This “Dragon Tattoo” tale has made it to the big screen with Claire Foy and Lakeith Stanfield! Rob and Don have already seen it, and Alex is also here to add to the discussion points YOU want to know about, so listen in!

Home Show #442: Overlord

J.J. Abrams produces this new film about World War II and human experiments gone horribly wrong! Don has seen it, and Alex and Rob are here to make sure YOU get the answers you need to know if you want to see this film!

Home Show #441: A Private War

Marie Colvin’s story is brought to the big screen with Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan, and her story of bravery and the quest for truth is getting the narrative AND documentary treatment! Rob has seen it, and Alex and Don are ready to ask the questions YOU want to know about it!

Home Show #440: Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen is a band whose music has lasted in the public consciousness for over forty years, and its story has made it to the big screen with Rami Malek, Mike Myers, Aiden Gillen, Lucy Boynton, and MORE! The whole crew has checked it out and is ready to tell YOU all about their thoughts, so be a champion and listen in as we try to rock you! (Yep. That just happened. Take it all in, man…)

Home Show #439: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant star in this film based on a true story of forgery that gets completely out of control, and Rob is here to tell YOU what he thought, with Jenn Rohm and Alex along for the ride, so listen in! And we promise, it’s really them. I mean, who would impersonate US?

Episode 9-17: More Gifts For Alex and The List WE Have Been Waiting For

It’s guys’ night as Rob, Alex, and Don talk Texas weekend in NASCAR, Rob poses an interesting Netflix question, AGU Ramen Bistro as POI, Super Bowl predictions?, Evolution and Crown Jewel talk, Alamo Drafthouse doing good by their employees, Alex’s experiences on the Chris Jericho Rock & Wrestling Rager Cruise and his List of Greatness on it, and MORE!

Episode 9-16: Special Edition: WWE Evolution 2018

History is made after the recording of this Home Show with the first all-women’s WWE Pay-Per-View, and the crew has all of their picks lined up, The Week That Was, Running and Grading the Card, and MORE!

Home Show #438: Mid90s

Jonah Hill takes his shot in the director’s chair in this coming-of age story, and Rob has some opinions! Listen in as Chad asks the questions YOU are curious about!

Home Show #437: Hunter Killer

It’s time to talk a movie where stuff ‘splodes with Gerard Butler, Common, Gary Oldman, the late Michael Nyqvist, and Linda Cardellini! Rob has checked it out and Chad is gonna ask the questions YOU want the answers to!

Home Show #436: What They Had

When you pair “family drama” with names like Hilary Swank, Robert Forster, Blythe Danner, and Michael Shannon, you may have something cooking, so listen in as Rob tells YOU all about it with Don asking the questions!

Home Show #435: Halloween

Michael Myers is back after forty years (at least that is what David Gordon Green wants you to think) as the franchise tries to right itself… but does it? Chad and Don are willing to tell YOU all about it, so listen in as Rob asks them the questions!

Episode 9-14: Batista as Tattoo?

Alex is under the weather, but the rest of the crew is here to discuss “Iron Fist”s fate, Power Rankings as POI, the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, Crown Jewel in trouble, Rob is Rich Little, “Fantasy Island,” Rob’s Top Ten Things You Need As Cold Weather Comes in, and MORE!

Home Show #434: First Man

Ryan Gosling teams up again with Damien Chazelle to tell the story of Neil Armstrong and his journey to stepping on the moon in this highly anticipated film! Rob and Don have been able to check it out, so check US out as we tell YOU what you need to know about it!

Home Show #433: 22 July

It isn’t often that we get to review a Netflix film, so when we can, we DO! Check out our thoughts on this film that takes place during the terrorist attack on Norway that killed over seventy people in 2011.

Home Show #432: Bad Times At The El Royale

Things Get REAL at a hotel that straddles Nevada and California over one fateful night, and with an all-star cast telling the tale, Rob has seen it and is ready to tell YOU all about it, so find out what he thought!

Home Show #431: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

It’s the scary season, and the popular books for kids and teens has given us another film to help enhance it! Rob has seen it and is ready for YOU to hear about it, so listen in as he answers ALL of the questions! If you dare…

Home Show #430: Venom

The Spider-verse continues to grow as Tom Hardy takes the mantle of Eddie Brock in this Marvel/Sony standalone film! Chad and Don have seen it so they can tell YOU about it, and Rob is here to find out their thoughts as well!

Home Show #429: Steel Magnolias

The stage show that the popular film is based on is being produced locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and Rob got to check it out during Press Night! Within these audio walls are his thoughts, so listen in as Chad and Don get to the things YOU want to know about!

Home Show #428: The Hate U Give

A new film has arrived that tackles some relative social and hot button issues, and Don has screened it so he can answer the questions YOU want to know! Listen in as Chad and Rob discuss it with him!

Episode 9-12: Don Fjord?

The gang is on an abbreviated, all-entertainment episode to talk the big announcement from Jon Favreau, ClickList as POI, Sydney Super Show-Down Talk, Jenn Rohm’s “Charlie’s Angels” theory, Ten Cool Things That Happened On This Day In History (because it’s Chad’s birthday), and MORE!

Episode 9-11: Rob Talks To A Lot Of People

Jenn Rohm is out sick this week, so the boys are here to talk the loss of boxing on HBO, “Dancing with the Stars Juniors,” a PG-13 “Deadpool” as POI, a big one In Memoriam, the close of the MLB season, an Evolution reunion, Fox shuffling a lot of stuff around, The Ten Worst Ideas In The NFL In Recent Years, and MORE!

Home Show #427: Smallfoot

Warner Bros. Animation is showcasing their fall release about what happens when a village of Yeti discover that humans are real with the voice talents of Channing Tatum, Zendaya, James Corden, LeBron James, and MORE! Rob is here to tell YOU all about it, and Don is along for the ride!

Home Show #426: The Sisters Brothers

French director Jacques Audlard takes his first shot in a film about the Old West that Don has checked out, and Rob is here to ask the questions both YOU and he want to know! Listen in and hear his thoughts!

Home Show #425: Colette

Don’s celebrity crush has a new film, as Keira Knightley in a true story with Dominic West! He and Rob have seen it and are ready to tell YOU their thoughts! (Minor spoiler here: you may be surprised by the outcome of their opinions.)

Episode 9-10: Don Shoots The Wheels Off More Than Normal

The crew has moved to the new home at Vokal Studios to discuss Chad’s shocking lack of supporting his favorite genre in TV Talk, Concert Etiquette and POI, Eric Dickerson, “The Room” vs. “Room,” the collapse of Telltale Games, Rob’s Top Ten Songs About Garbage People, and MORE!

Episode 10-33: The Big Idea Episode

The gang's all here for a special Saturday episode to talk the return of the NBA, musicians raising money for great causes, what could save the movie theater industry, and MORE!