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The Completists

Shane and Ted live by one motto: if you are going to start something, you have to finish it.... or something like that. So, they take a film series and go through each movie, one by one, until they complete the whole thing.

The Godfather Part 3

Just when you thought they were done, they... well, you know. Shane and Ted wrap-up their look at the John Cazale catalogue with the third installment of the Godfather series. Interestingly, they watch two different cuts of the film. Watch to find out their reaction.

The Deer Hunter

Shane and Ted tackle the 1978 Best Picture winner "The Deer Hunter" in a review that will leave you hanging.

Dog Day Afternoon

We've all be at the end of our rope at one point or another. So, naturally, we plan to rob a bank, take hostages, and arrange for a plane out of the country. Someplace like... Wyoming. Our John Cazale series continues with yet another Best Picture nominee and masterpiece.

The Godfather Part 2

It's the only sequel to win a Best Picture Oscar, but is it better than the original? Shane and Ted have that age-old debate in this episode.

The Conversation

A forgotten classic that was also nominated for Best Picture. The Conversation touches on themes that are just as relevant today as they were almost 50 years ago. Ted and Shane take a look at the small film with big ideas.

The Godfather

The Completists start a new series of films all starring character actor John Cazale. An actor with the unique distinction that every film he was in was nominated for Best Picture. It was also an excuse to watch "The Godfather" - the film by which all others are judged.


Krzysztof Kieślowski's Trois Colours trilogy concludes with "Red" - considered by critics to be the best of the three, but Shane isn't so sure. He and Ted not only discuss this film, but the trilogy as a whole and the themes it explores and why they are still timely today... but not in a pretentious way!


Krzysztof Kieślowski's Three Colors Trilogy continues with "White" - a sort-of anti-comedy that Ted has a hard time getting his hands around and Shane appreciates for not falling into typical film tropes.


Time to get pretentious and snooty. It's time for a foreign film series. Krzysztof Kieślowski's "Three Colors" series kicks off with "Blue" Hear Shane and Ted fawn all over it as only film snobs can!

John Carter

A quick "break" for The Completists as Shane and Ted discuss a film that was supposed to kick off a whole, new series for Disney. Unfortunately, the movie-going audiences had other plans. They talk about the spectacular flop that is "John Carter" in this episode.

Alien: Covenant

The Alien saga wraps up (for now) with the 6th installment in the series. Is it a satisfying conclusion (for now)? Ted and Shane wrestle with that. (But the short answer is no).


The Alien series continues, but this time we go back in time. If you've ever wondered just "how" the Aliens themselves came to be, the movie has all your answers. OK. Just kidding. It has some and a lot more questions. Shane and Ted break it all down in this episode.

Alien Resurrection

Ripley is back... kinda. The franchise tries to rescue itself from the disaster of Alien 3. Does it achieve it? Well, Ted and Shane discuss.

Alien 3

When you commit to the bit of watching every movie in a series, you understand that they can't all be classics. But rarely does a movie make you as mad as this movie made Shane. So much so, he enlisted the help of Adam Peacock from the "My Neighbors Are Dead" podcast the help him thru it.


It's more Aliens... a LOT more Aliens. Thus the "s" But much more than being just more, "Aliens" is an amazing film made by a relatively young James Cameron. Hear how much Shane and Ted love this film in this episode.


In space, no one can hear... Shane and Ted talk endlessly about one of the most influential sci-fi/horror films of all time.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The actors... the setting... the music... the direction... all of it. It's all amazing. There aren't enough adjectives available to describe this film in this limited space. So just watch Shane and Ted discuss it for an hour.

For A Few Dollars More

The "Dollars Trilogy" continues with Clint back in the Spanish countryside in "For A Few Dollars More." Arguably the least-known entry, but as Shane and Ted point out, this film deserves a lot more credit than it probably gets.

Fistful of Dollars

Time to saddle up and take a ride with Shane and Ted as they start the so-called "Dollars Trilogy" - the Spaghetti Westerns that made Clint Eastwood famous. Fistful of Dollars starts it off. Is this movie better received today than when it was released? The Completists discuss.

Kong in Song

It's Kong as you've never hear him before... in song. Well... kinda. The big ape himself doesn't sing, but everyone around him does. We have two incarnation: animation and Broadway! Tim Sniffen from Jackbox games tries to help make some sense from the all the nonsense.

Godzilla vs Kong

If you like things punching things... then do we have the movie for you. It's Godzilla vs Kong! Who's in it? Who cares? What's the plot? Who cares? Monkey punches lizard. End of story.

Kong Skull Island

We get another "re-imagining" of the Kong origin story - this time big stars and big budget and a big Kong! This movie had no business being as good as it was. But here we are.

King Kong ('05)

Here we go again. Another (third!) re-telling of the original King Kong story. This time with all the spectacle and gadgetry that 2005 special effects technology can provide. And Peter Jackson coming off his spectacular "Lord of the Rings" run. So what could possibly go wrong????

King Kong Lives

When Kong endured a barrage of helicopter fire and fell from the top of the World Trade Center, you would be forgive if you thought he was dead. You couldn't be more wrong! He's been kept alive for 10 year awaiting a heart transplant. And this movie is the result. So bad it's good? Ted and Shane discuss.

King Kong ('76)

Kong is back and he's ready for the 70's! Big stars. Big budgets. Bis special effects. Big... bust???? Shane and Ted discuss.

King Kong Escapes

The second and final installment of the Toho-produced Kong monies. This one has Kong fighting the creation of one Doctor Who (no, not that one) and is actually a spin-off from a kid's TV show no one watched. Shane and Ted make it all the way through it and let you know all about it.

King Kong vs Godzilla ('63)

If you think the 2021 release is the first time these two titans have tussled... think again. King Kong is in the handle of Japanese studio Toho, and they waste no time pitting him against their biggest star: Godzilla. Shane and Ted and the blow-by-blow of Round 1.

Son Of Kong

So you make one of the most influential films of all time. What do you do next? Why rush out a sequel in just 9 months of course! Shane and Ted talk about what little there is of this King Kong follow up.

King Kong (1933)

It's considered an all-time classic due to its cutting-edge special effects. But it's also almost 90 years old. So, does the original "King King" still hold up? Shane and Ted take a look at the big ape and how he plays so many years later.

Jaws: The Revenge

Just... no.

Jaws 3

Yeah... well.... ummmm. It's a "Jaws" movie in "3-D" sooooo... yeah.

Jaws 2

Just when you thought it was safe to watch The Completists... Jaws 2 comes along to wreck everything! In the most boring ways possible. Shane and Ted somehow make their way through this contractually-obligated sequel.


It's the movie that changed Hollywood - for better or worse. It's the movie that had you thinking twice before going into the water. It's the movie that scared a young Shane and Ted out of their wits! It's "Jaws" and it's spectacular!

Let It Be

The 5-movie Beatle run draws to a close with the documentary "Let It Be"- a fascinating look at a band in its final days and a glimpse of what might have been.

Yellow Submarine

It's the Beatles (kinda) in all their animated glory! Yellow Submarine ushered in a whole new style of art and animation while also closing a chapter in The Beatles career. Shane and Ted break it all down in this episode.

Magical Mystery Tour

It was the first real mis-step in the Beatles career - the infamous made-for-tv movie Magical Mystery Tour. It's a project that proved the Fab Four really were fallible. And Shane and Ted are here for it.


The second film outing by The Beatles is not quite as good as their first, but it still has its moments. Not many, but a few. Hey, at least the songs are good.

A Hard Days Night

There really is only one word to describe this film: delightful. Shane and Ted go full-on fanboy with the first installment of the Beatles filmography.

Bond Recap

Shane and Ted have finally made it all the way though the James Bond catalogue (what's available any way!). So what stood out the most? Who was the best villain? What is the most underrated movie? What is the best song? And who was the best Bond? All these questions and more will be answered in this episode.


It's SPECTRE! It's Blofeld! It's things you know! The fourth Daniel Craig entry in the Bond series has its share of critics. But Ted and Shane have kinda sorta come around on their views of the film. Find out more in this week's episode.


Skyfall was one the the biggest money-makers in the Bond franchise and is considered one of the best of the Craig Bond films. But, it doesn't land quite so spectacularly with Shane and Ted. Hear their takes in this episode.

Quantum Of Solace

Right on the heels of the exceedingly popular and successful Casino Royale comes... this. From the highest highest to the lowest lows, Quantum of Solace reminds us that script re-writes are a good things. Ted and Shane somehow make it thru for this discussion.

Casino Royale ('06)

There are reboots... and then there are reboots. Casino Royale represents the high-water mark of Bond films. Shane and Ted cannot say enough about the film, Daniel Craig, the script... all of it. Tune in to watch two grown men gush over a movie.

Pop Culture Bond

Even if you've never seen a James Bond movies, chances are you know all the tropes. And that makes Bond the perfect subject for parodies, rip-offs and spin-offs. Shane, Ted and special guest Ryan DiGiorgi from Jackbox Games discuss some of the more well-know Bond "off shoots"

Die Another Day

Look, can we all just agree to forget this GCI mess and move on??? No??? We are The Completists, and we have to watch everything??? Well, ok then. Shane and Ted somehow get an hour out of this.

The World Is Not Enough

Christmas.... her name is Christmas Jones. And she's a nuclear scientist. Played by Denise Richards. That's... pretty much all you need to know about this one. But Shane and Ted talk about it for an hour any way.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Information is the new ammunition of war. Believe it or not, this is from a movie that's 25 years old - not today. The Brosnan era continues with his second stint as the British spy. Has it gotten any better for Ted? You'll have to watch to find out.


The Pierce Brosnan era begins with a bang with the iconic Goldeneye. Shane thinks it's the perfect "greatest hits" movie with all the elements that make Bond movies so great. Ted thinks... something else. Tune in to find out his opinion.

Licence To Kill

The Bond film that doesn't feel like a Bond film. Timmothy Dalton's second (and last) turn at the franchise sees an even darker tone, a deadlier villain and a personal revenge story. Does it all work? Shane and Ted disagree a little. Find out where on this episode.

The Living Daylights

It's a new era for Bond. Timothy Dalton takes over the role, and we see an immediate tone shift in the series. The Living Daylights brings us a grounded and grittier Bond. But does it work? Shane and Ted discuss.

A View To A Kill

We come to the end of the Roger Moore era of Bond... and not a moment too soon. Actually, the era probably should have ended a little sooner. This one just doesn't work. Shane and Ted tell you why in this episode.

Never Say Never Again

It's dueling Bonds! Sean Connery is (kinda) back in a new Bond (kinda) movie! It basically an '80's re-telling of Thunderball, but is it any fun? Shane's improv friend Padraic Connelly joins the discussion.


It has one of the more iconic pre-title sequences in Bond history. But how does the rest of the movie old up? Shane and Ted are here to discuss.

For Your Eyes Only

After a few over-the-top installments, the producers go back to the basics with this movie. Count how many times Shane and Ted use the word "grounded."


It's Bond... in SPAAAAAAAACE. It's silly, over the top, and... a little too much for Shane and Ted.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Now THIS is more like it! More gadgets! More stunts! More... Moore! It's all here, and it is all GLORIOUS! Can you tell that Shane and Ted really like this installment?

The Man With The Golden Gun

Roger Moore's second outing as Bond is... not good. In fact, it's just not that interesting. But Shane and Ted somehow manage to get an hour's worth of discussion out of it.

Live And Let Die

The Roger Moore era kicks off with a film that... doesn't age well. Lots of good quips and stunts and a killer theme song, but there are a lot of choices made that are more than a little puzzling. Shane and Ted discuss "Blaxploitation Bond" in this episode.

Diamonds Are Forever

There is a reason the term "guilty pleasure" exists, and it's for movies like this. It's not the best. In fact, many people put it in their bottom 5. But Ted makes the case for it being a hidden gem of a Bond film.

Casino Royale (1967)

Shane and Ted welcome Greg Smalley from 366 Weird Movies to talk about a... well... weird movie. Not exactly James Bond cannon, but it's an interesting discussion nonetheless. And there are some definite opinions on this one.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

It's a new Bond! A new era! And a new type of discussion between Shane and Ted: actual, real, disagreement. Find out who enjoyed the film and who most certainly did not in this episode.

You Only Live Twice

SPECTRE is stealing US and USSR spacecraft trying to incite a global war. But there is one person in their way: James Bond in a very, very questionable disguise! Shane and Ted discuss this (not quite) last installment of the Connery era.


Bond. Underwater. A lot. Pretty much all you need to know about this one. Other than: is it essential viewing? Shane and Ted discuss.


This is it. This is the one. The one that all other Bond films are judged. Goldfinger is the "gold standard" of Bond films. And as Shane and Ted discuss, it is just as great a watch as it was 50+ years ago.

From Russia With Love

The second Bond film sees the British secret agent in Istanbul and on board the Orient Express. It shows Bond in his element and gives more insight into SPECTRE. But is it essential viewing? Shane and Ted discuss.

Dr. No

The James Bond film that started it all. All the tropes are here - right from the beginning. Does it still hold up? Is it essential viewing for the non-completists? Shane and Ted discuss it all in the debut episode.