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I am Dr Bryan Ardis, I have a passion for inspiring, encouraging, educating, and extending hope to people all over the world in the way of health, wellness, and vibrant living!!!

Dr. Bain

Dr. Bain

Dr. Ardis interviews Jodi Carroll and Dr. Lee Vliet: Loved ones are DYING from hospital protocols!

Jodi Carroll shares the heartbreaking story of losing her mother due to hospital protocols and Dr. Vliet gives us the medical and legal explanation of what is happening. They both give a very strong message of why we must take a stand for humanity.


Dr. Sigoloff has been suspended from the military for prescribing life saving medications for his patients and giving medical exemptions. His powerful message for everyone: "COURAGE IS MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN FEAR!"

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. David Martin: Anthony Fauci's crimes exposed and a CALL TO ACTION!


Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Peter McCullough: Athletes are dying from the Covid 19 shots!

Dr. McCullough discusses the impact the Covid 19 shots are having on our young athlete's hearts and explains exactly what myocarditis is and why this is happening. REGISTER TODAY TO WATCH THE FREE VIEWING OF THE DOCUSERIES, COVID REVEALED, STARTING NOVEMBER 3OTH. COPY AND PASTE THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER!

Dr. Ardis interviews General Michael Flynn: Our national security is being threatened by the Covid 19 vaccine mandates!

General Michael Flynn shares with us the national security threat of the Covid 19 vaccine mandates, the influence his mother had on him at an early age, as an activist, and the power of local action!

Dr. Ardis Interviews 3 powerful nurses on the front lines of the Covid Truth battle.

Lori Jean, Founder of United States for Medical Freedom; Nicole Sirotec, Founder American Front Line Nurses & NYC Whistleblower; Jodi O'Malley, MSN RN - HHS Whistleblower.

MUST WATCH!!! Dr. Ardis interviews medical specialist and Covid 19 expert, Dr. Peter McCullough.

MUST WATCH!!! Dr. Peter McCullough shares CRUCIAL information and statistics on how to treat and survive from Covid 19 with EARLY TREATMENT! Learn the KNOWN RISKS of the Covid 19 vaccines and if there really is NATURAL IMMUNITY! You don't want to miss this episode! TUNE IN AND SUPPORT DR. PETER McCULLOUGH!

Dr. Ardis interviews Stuart Wilkie - Remdesivir is killing Innocent Americans...Stuart Wilkie exposes the deadly drug used to kill Seniors in the UK!

Remdesivir is killing Innocent Americans...Stuart Wilkie exposes the deadly drug used to kill Seniors in the UK!

OMG!!! Must watch and share! Dr. Ardis and Dr. Carrie Madej learn from Karen Kingston, what's REALLY in the C19 vaccines!

OMG!!! Must watch and share! Dr. Ardis and Dr. Carrie Madej learn from Karen Kingston, what's REALLY in the C19 vaccines!

Dr. Ardis interviews attorney Kellye Sorelle about the necessary Medical and Religious Exemption forms for the Covid 19 vaccines.

Dr. Ardis interviews attorney Kellye Sorelle about the necessary Medical and Religious Exemption forms for the Covid 19 vaccines.

Dr. Ardis interviews Christiane Northrup and Dr. Stillwagon

Dr. Ardis interviews Christiane Northrup and Dr. Stillwagon

URGENT - Share Everywhere .... Dr. Ardis speaks with patient advocate Michelle Rowton.

Dr. Ardis and Michelle discuss the life saving need of patient advocacy during Covid, as welll as the critical resources you need, like medical power of attorney, to support your loved ones. Listen to today's episode to find all the steps needed to find patient advocacy on

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Judy Mikovits

Please watch this touching inteview with Dr. Mikovits as she shares her incredible knowledge as well as enormous challenges she's overcome.

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Bartlett MD.

Emergency room physician, Dr. Bartlett, shares more critical, life saving advice from the trenches. Follow the battle with these highly informed practitioners!

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Simone Gold, MD - Founder of America's Front Line Doctors.

MUST WATCH!!! Dr. Gold gives breaking news about legal actions being taken to protect US Military personnel from the effects of the jab. The data presented is concerning, if not shocking! Everyone should understand this information in an effort to help Dr. Gold, America's Front Line Doctors and Dr. Ardis save lives!

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, Board Certified Dermatopathologist & CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics

Dr. Ryan Cole has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004. In this episode he explains how important early treatment is for Covid 19 and how treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are saving lives.

Dr. Ardis Interviews MIT Senior Research Scientist & Author of Toxic Legacy, Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Have you heard of Glyphosate or Round Up weed killer? Did you know it's in our food, water, air and even vaccines? Ever wonder why Autism rates are on the rise? Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains the impact this toxin has on the brain, gut and pineal gland. She emphasis how it causes disruptions of the reproductive system, hormonal system, and why so many people have problems with sleep. It even causes cancer, and there are many lawsuits proving this. Listen to this episode and find out why everyone needs to eat organic food and what supplements are key in helping prevent damage from Glyphosate exposure.

Dr. Ardis interviews Attorney Thomas Renz


Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Joel Hirschhorn, Professor & Author of Pandemic Blunder

Dr. Joel Hirschhorn discusses his book, Pandemic Blunder and the 4 Pillars of Control everyone needs to understand. You will learn why early treatment is so important and how this is the first time, in our history, early treatment was not talked about and even discouraged. Dr. Hirshhorn is passionate about medical freedom and says, "What has replaced medical freedom is authoritarian government".

Dr. Ardis Interviews Patient Advocate Michelle Rowton, MSN, about taking the necessary steps to protect your loved ones in the hospital.


Brighteon Network Premiere - Why Dr. Ardis is fighting for the truth!

Brighteon Network Premiere - Why Dr. Ardis is fighting for the truth!

Dr. Ardis Interviews JeVon McCormick, President & CEO of Scribe Media

A story of going from incredible abuse, racism and trauma, to amazing success! JeVon McCormick shares his life story of being raised by a drug-dealing pimp father and an orphaned single mother on welfare. He started his success story scrubbing toilets to becoming President of two multimillion-dollar companies, a husband and father to four children.

Dr. Ardis interviews Stew Peters, Host of the Stew Peters Show, Stew Peters.TV

If you want BREAKING NEWS and the TRUTH, follow Stew Peters! Stew is a Patriot and Warrior for Truth. He truly cares about humanity and America. He is doing God's work to awaken the masses to the corruption, lies and dangers the world is facing. He is a man of honor and dignity. Watch this episode and get to know Stew Peters and his mission a little better.

Dr. Ardis interviews Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, Creator of the MELT Method

Do you want to solve your pain? Sue Hitzmann will explain how! Sue's journey to resolve her own debilitating pain led her to create the MELT Method. Anyone can MELT! It's gentle, you can do it while watching TV, it's anti aging, and it resolves pain and stress. If you want to look and feel great, watch this episode and learn about the MELT Method!

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, Board Certified Cardiologist, Author, Speaker

Must watch, fascinating interview with Dr. Thomas Levy! He is a wealth of information about the outstanding benefits of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin D and K2. Plus he reveals some bonus information you have probably never heard about. Find out why you don't want to be taking calcium supplements and learn his protocols for fighting all viruses.

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Jack Wolfson, DO, Board Certified Cardiologist, Author of Best Seller, The Paleo Cardiologist

Dr. Wolfson takes us through his extraordinary journey as a cardiologist following in his fathers foot steps. He watched so many dying, including his own father, met a chiropractor, later to become his wife and partner, who taught him to be a "doctor of cause", and his practice transformed. He is now passionate about treating heart health naturally, without pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures. You don't want to miss this incredible information Dr. Wolfson has to share with you!

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Brian Hooker, Ph.D Biochemical Engineer

In this episode, you will learn how to read and understand the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS! Dr. Brian Hooker takes us step by step through this system. You will also learn more about the lawsuit regarding the 45,000 deaths from the Covid 19 injections. And the highlight of this episode is Dr. Brian Hooker's recent research study on vaccine safety between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. You do not want to miss the discussion on this brilliant study and outstanding data!

Dr. Ardis Interviews New Zealand Attorney, Sue Grey & Ohio Attorney, Thomas Renz

These brave powerhouse attorneys are standing up for the rights of the people!!! Attorney, Sue Grey shares with us the incredible corruption going on in New Zealand, how she ran the High Court "Vax Challenge", and how many people are coming forward and standing up for the truth. Attorney, Thomas Renz updates us on the lawsuits he has filed in the U.S. against the outrageous corruption and lies, and how they will be held accountable!

Dr. Eric Nepute, DC, Primary Care Provider, Nutritional Specialist, Internal Health Specialist, CEO Nepute Wellness Center, CEO Wellness Warrior

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Eric Nepute. Dr. Nepute takes us through his journey and background in his extensive healthcare career. He explains how his passion for education, prevention of disease and illness, and holistic health guidance has come under fire and what he is doing to make this an opportunity, not a problem.

Dr. Rima Laibow MD, Medical Director of The National Solutions Foundation

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Rima Laibow! Dr. Rima shares the truth like no other! In this episode you will learn what is behind the COVID-19 injections. The agenda is exposed and Dr. Rima gives us specific actions steps and hope for our future. Please share this important information far and wide!

Dr. Mark Sherwood, Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Speaker

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Mark Sherwood! Tune in to this episode for some great tips, steps and guidelines to free yourself from the food pyramid and start your path to feeling great, looking great and achieving optimal health!

Ann Vandersteel, Host of SteelTruth

Dr. Ardis interviews Ann Vandersteel and they dive into the hot topics Americans are concerned about and want answers to! Ann has partnered with Producer Liz and created an amazing primetime, online show that brings you news, highlights, facts, evidence and most importantly, truth. You don't want to miss this show! Ann will put the pieces of the puzzle together for you so you can see the big picture and the truth for yourself.

Pastor Dave Scarlett, His Glory Ministry

Dr. Ardis interviews Pastor Dave Scarlett! After a near death experience, Dave had a taste of heaven and a vision of Jesus. Through his severe trials and tribulations, His Glory Ministry was formed.

Dr. Ardis interviews Dayle Garner, ART Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Health & Life Coach

Dayle Garner shares her fascinating path to healing! How she went from chronic health issues, hopelessness and desperation, to finding the root causes to her symptoms and illness, and how it completely changed her life and her purpose. #northtexashealing

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Part 2), DO, AOBNMM, AHBIM, Emergency Medicine Physician, Medical Director, Founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, Author, Speaker

You don’t want to miss Part 2 with Dr. Ardis and Dr. Tenpenny! Her upcoming webinar is of critical importance! Find out why Dr. Ardis feels this is the most important webinar to watch this year.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Part 1), DO, AOBNMM, AHBIM, Emergency Medicine Physician, Medical Director, Founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, Author, Speaker

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny passionately breaks down information about the Covid-19 injections, lack of informed consent, and gives us a summary of the 20 Mechanisms of Injury.

Dr. Ardis Interviews Graham Ledger, Host of the The Ledger Report, Two time EMMY Award winner & Public Speaker.

Graham Ledger speaks out about his plan to help the American people preserve our Constitution and save our freedoms in this country.

Dr. Ardis Interviews Mike Lindell at Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference 2021 in Tampa,

Dr. Ardis Interviews Mike Lindell at Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference 2021 in Tampa,

Dr. Carrie Madej, DO, Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Director and Public Speaker

Must watch, deep dive with Dr. Carrie Madej into the dangers of the COVID 19 injections, Spike Proteins, HydroGel, Transhumanism and crimes against humanity.

Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD, General Practice, ER Physician, Medical Director & CBS News Medical Expert for 20 years.

Dr. Richard Bartlett discovered the best kept secret for COVID 19 that was broadcast around the world but suppressed in the United States. One year later Oxford validated this successful treatment in two studies. Despite the many attacks, find out why Dr. Bartlett still gives us this message, “We are not helpless or hopeless like we have been led to believe”.

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Jim Meehan, Opthalmological Surgeon, Functional Medicine Expert and Medical Editor.

Dr. Jim Meehan explains why medicine has been destroyed by fraudulent research. He encourages and empowers everyone... "In doing your own research, assume they are lying, read the studies and look for conflicts of interest by the authors and those who are funding the studies".

Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, Women's Health Expert & Best Selling Author.

This interview with Dr. Northrup is filled with gems you don’t want to miss! Her wisdom, grace, intuition, humor and brilliance continue to inspire, empower and educate those all over the world. Learn about her newest book, “The Wisdom of Menopause”, her upcoming events, and why, “The best is yet to come”. #bevokal @DrChrisNorthrup @northtexashealing

Dr. Ardis Interviews Chris Wark - Speaker, Health Coach, and Author of "Chris Beat Cancer".

Chris Wark takes us through his journey of the shock and fear of cancer diagnosis, all the way to empowerment, gratitude, faith, joy, surviving and thriving. He is a true inspiration and a light in the dark. #bevokal @chrisbeatcancer

Dr. Bryan Ardis interviews Clay Clark, Founder of, Author and Speaker.

Clay Clark passionately explains how he intends to kill the spirit of fear in this country, with TRUTH. Tune in for information and how to get tickets to his upcoming Health and Freedom Reopen America Tour, which gives Americans an action plan to return this nation back to God and restore the basic freedoms Americans are losing.

Dr. Ardis interviews Michelle Rowton MSN, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Patient Advocate.

Michelle Rowton gives us insight into why there are so many infants with complex issues right now, the stress and trauma of COVID 19 chaos on fetuses and infants, and explains the importance of, and how to be an advocate for patients, yourself and loved ones.

Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Brian Hooker, Ph.D Biochemical Engineer

What we fear the most is what we don’t know. Dr. Brian Hooker explains how to break down science so the lay person can read a scientific research article, articulate it, understand it, and apply it.

Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Dan Fouts, BSc, DC and Nutritional Technologist.

Dr. Fouts explains the good, the bad and the ugly of apoptosis. Everyone should understand the importance of nutrition and effective supplementation to enable the body properly manage cellular lifecycles. #bevokal #apoptosis

Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Michael Einsohn, Founder of Thermography Center of Dallas.

Dr. Einsohn describes how painless and non-invasive thermography can be a game changer for your personal health. Learning about this diagnostic alternative can change your life, without putting your body at risk. #bevokal #thermography @ThermographyDr @ardisshow

Dr. Ardis interviews Joshua Coleman, Co-Executive Producer & Cinematographer, Vaxxed II

Dr. Ardis explores with Joshua how a father's entire life mission can change after his son's debilitating vaccine injury. You will see how tragedy transforms into purpose. Joshua will show you how ANYONE can make a difference, educating the uninformed, in a productive, respectful & loving way. #bevokal #vaxxedII

Dr. Ardis interviews Pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. What EVERY parent should know about the Covid-19 vaccine!

This is a fascinating, in depth and data driven episode. Dr. Palevsky digs into some very important questions like, "Why are parasite drugs working so effectively on a virus." The answer to THAT and many other questions will leave you astonished. Dr Palevsky's message of hope will leave you inspired. You should take notes on this episode! #bevokal #covid #vaccine #frontlinedocs #agenda2030

Dr. Ardis interviews powerhouse Attorney, Thomas Renz. Find out WHY he's suing the CDC over Covid19!

Attorney Thomas Renz is in an epic battle against medical tyranny. Watch and listen to Dr. Ardis explore why Renz's fight in Ohio is relevant to the entire country. This is an inspirational interview that will leave you asking, "What can I do to help?". You'll find THAT out too! #bevokal #medicalfreedom #notyranny #nolockdown

Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Lee Merritt MD. She is an Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and one of America’s Frontline Doctors.

Dr. Ardis unpacks all the data on COVID vaccines, as well as the truth behind therapeutics. Find out what Dr. Merritt considers safe, as well as where and why to exercise caution. #bevokal #ardislabs #frontlinedoctors

Polly & Jon Tommey, 20 Years later. What life is REALLY like parenting a brain injured child.

Dr. Ardis explores with the Tommeys the incredible hurdles they faced with family, friends and an industry bent on denying the reality of vaccine injury. Also remember, Children are a gift...Autism is NOT! #bevokal #vaxxed2

Andy Wakefield: His plea to mothers..."trust your intuition!"

Dr. Ardis explores many topics with Dr. Wakefield, from pharmaceuticals to Covid. They discuss how controversy led to peace and, ultimately, a message for all your intuition. This is a fascinating interview with physician turned filmmaker. Meet the humanitarian...Andy Wakefield.

Medical Lie number 2:  Low Fat Diet is Good for You.

Dr. Ardis discusses many of the fallacies associated with low fat diets and the actual RISKS associated with not having enough healthy fats in your system. #bevokal #northtexashealing #drardis #healthyfats #transfats #saturatedfats

What You Should Ask Every Medical Doctor. "Could Parasites Be Making Me Sick Doc?"

Dr. Ardis dives DEEP into parasitic infections with Dr. Amin from the Parisitology Center. #bevokal #northtexashealing

15 Symptoms- That You Are Deficient In This One Miracle Mineral!

Dr. Ardis discusses 15 Symptoms, 12 of which are classified as medical diseases, that he believes are a direct result of your body needing this critical "miracle" mineral! #ardislabs #northtexashealing #magnesium

Should I get a COVID Vaccine?

Dr. Ardis goes deep into the history AND the science on the Flu and Covid vaccines. Are they safe? You can (and should) decide for yourself! #Northtexashealing #bevokal #ardislabs #ardisnaturals

Interview with Parasitologist, Dr. Omar Amin of Parasitology Center, Inc. www.

Dr. Ardis discusses the little known reality of parasites in America and how many disease symptoms are actually a function of parasite infestations in the human body. #parasites #baddiagnosis #bevokal

The 8 Major Causes of Diseases and Your Symptoms

Dr. Ardis discusses the 8 major causes of diseases. They're not what you might think. #bevokal #ardisnatural #ardislabs #trulabs #northtexashealing

You Don't Have IBS or Chrohn's or Ulcerative Colitis... You Have...

Dr. Ardis explains... IN DETAIL... the true nature and cause of your IBS like symptoms. #poopnormal #notibs #bevokal

Stress & Anxiety..."Let It Go, Let It Go!"

Dr. Ardis advises on many of the underlying causes and mitigations for stress and anxiety. #letitgo #natural #health #northtexashealing #ardislabs #bevokal

Boosting Your Families Immune Systems

Dr. Ardis explains how to beat the flu with these simple immune system boosting diet & supplementation recommendations. #Health #beattheflu #bevokal

Jenny Dean & Dr Ardis: Living on Purpose & What Everyone Needs To Know About COVID

Dr. Ardis chats with Jenny Dean of "Living on Purpose with Jenny Dean". Learn how to remove the biggest obstacles to your success. Hint: sometimes it's YOU. #health #onpurpose #bevokal #covid

Interview with Rev. Lee Wolak, Spiritual Director Agape Center for Spiritual Living

Explore Three of Rev. Lee Wolaks most important spiritual lessons. Spoiler alert...It starts with Self Love. #selflove #meditation #healing #wellness #bevokal

The Power of Buried Emotions with Diana Stefanik

The Power of Buried Emotions, with Diana Stefanik of North Texas Healing #emotions #healing #wellness #bevokal #northtexashealingcenter

Interview w/Brandon and Jen Pogue of TruLabs

Here's a story of struggle & hope for everyone. Listen to Jen Pogue tell her story of becoming ill, being misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong condition. Jen is led to Dr. Ardis and wellness. Jen leads Brandon to Dr. Ardis and TruLabs is born. #trulabs #wellness #hydrate #ardislabs #sweat #heartattack

Interview with Dr. Brian Tregellas, Owner of The North Texas Healing Center

We discuss the importance of nutrition in supporting the bodies immune function. #nutrition #supplement #farmlife #ntxhealingcenter #health #immunesystem

How to protect your Family from COVID