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Join former Dallas Maverick Derek Harper, former Texas Ranger Kevin Mench, former Dallas Star Craig Ludwig, and former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton as they launch into the next stage of their illustrious careers – the all new DUB Network. Combined, these four professional athletes spent a total of 56 seasons on the court, on the ice, and on the field. Now they’re coming together to inform and entertain the masses once again, and they’re bringing their famous friends along with them. You loved watching them play, now you get to see and hear them 100% unfiltered.


Join host Mike Rhyner as he sits down for an introductory visit with our DUB Show Hosts- Craig Ludwig, Derek Harper, Nate Newton, and Kevin Mench. Yes, it’s as wild as it sounds. Trust us, this is a group party that you don’t want to miss!!