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Noah Coslov brings a novel concept to podcasting: ask a question, listen to the answer then... follow up. Noah interviews interesting people in sports, entertainment and current events in every episode of The Follow Up.

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Kristen Balboni - Ask This Question

Sportscaster Kristen Balboni joins Noah on the show to offer advice to young broadcasters. Noah asks Kristen for the question that aspiring journalists often don't ask, but should. This episode doesn't just apply to those wanting to be in the media, so don't feel left out.

Eden Coslov - Vacation Success

Noah sits on his bed with his 3.5 year-old daughter Eden to recap their recent family vacation. What Noah failed to bring up were the slippers, toothbrush and towel the resort staff welcomed Eden with that made extremely happy. To find out where they went, see photos and more, follow Noah on Twitter @NoahCoslov and on Instagram @WawaRun.

Steve Greeley - The Front Office

Buffalo Sabres Assistant GM Steve Greeley gets on the phone with Noah to reveal the most challenging interview question he has had to answer during his NHL career. Also, they discuss the details of carpool arrangements after getting traded in the minor leagues.

Scott O'Neil - Stressed Out?

On today's episode of The Follow Up, Scott O'Neil, CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, chats with Noah about handling stress with such a high pressure job running an NBA & NHL team. Plus, the high school subject that Scott can't help with.

Dave Schultz - Pulling Tarp

Former baseball broadcaster and current sports radio host Dave Schultz joins Noah to tell stories that encapsulate the experience that is working in minor league baseball.

Brian Stelter - DC in Context

CNN's Brian Stelter joins Noah to talk about the challenges of keeping daily political news in the proper perspective and offers up an idea to fill a whole in the coverage.

Jimmy Traina - Stop Insulting Me

What's the mistake that sports media executives continue to make that drives Jimmy Traina nuts? That's the question Noah asks Sports Illustrated's media commentator.

Jimmy King - The Fab 5

Former Michigan basketball star and member of the famed Fab 5, Jimmy King, joins Noah to talk about the story behind "let your nuts hang." It's not a dirty tale, but it reveals a lot about what made that team so successful.

Lindsay Pierce - Post-Denver Post

Noah catches up with Lindsay Pierce, the award winning video journalist formerly of the Denver Post, to simply ask "how are you?" after being part of the mass layoffs at the paper a few weeks ago.

Dr. Jason Altman - Plastic Surgery

Doctors face ethical questions throughout their careers, so Noah asks his former roommate, plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Altman, about how he balances those while doing his job.

Adam Sinoway - Raising Sons

Noah and Adam have been friends for over 20 years and the two of them chat about what's coming next in Adam's life, a third son.

Jaclyn Carter - City Kids

Noah’s friend Jackie is married with two young children living in Brooklyn. He asks her the question that he gets asked all the time, “when are you moving out?”

Stacy - Student Safety

Noah's childhood friend Stacy is a 4th grade teacher. To open their conversation, Noah asks Stacy how much of her time is spent thinking about how to keep her students safe. It's a look into a world that so many of us only see after tragedy strikes.

Marc Kestecher - Being Underrated

The voice of the NBA on ESPN Radio was once a chemical engineering major. Marc Kestecher joins Noah to talk about that path and not being "famous."

Joe Favorito - Leadership

Longtime PR expert Joe Favorito speaks with Noah about the enduring qualities of leaders that he has recognized over the years in the sports, media and technology industries.

Paul Devlin - Hollywood Home Run

In Bull Durham, there's a memorable scene in which Kevin Costner tells the batter what pitch Tim Robbins is about to throw. The batter hits a home run and Robbins' character loses his shutout. That hitter is Noah's friend Paul Devlin, and the two of them talk about filming the scene and the experience on set.

Zach Berman - Pizza!

Aside from covering the Philadelphia Eagles for the Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News, Zach Berman is a pizza connoisseur. Noah and Zach talk about his ultimate pizza dining experience and hit a few of the best spots around the NFL.

Howard Beck - Hitting Send on Kobe

Ever hit send on something and your stomach turns as you consider the reaction? Noah asks award-winning NBA writer Howard Beck of Bleacher Report about the time Howard experienced that feeling.

Jeff Pearlman - Intimidation

When was the last time Jeff Pearlman was intimidated by an interview subject? That's the question Noah asks the NY Times best-selling author and longtime sports columnist.

Matt Gelb - The Grind

Entering his eighth season covering the Philadelphia Phillies, Matt Gelb joins Noah to describe the day-to-day of being a baseball beat writer and how his life will be changing in the near future.

Jesse Coslov - Starting From Scratch

Noah's cousin Jesse and his business partner opened The Dog Stop in 2009 and are now franchising in multiple states. While on the road, Jesse took time to speak with Noah about taking that final leap to do what it takes to go out on your own in business. Check out to see if there's a location near you.

Clifton Brown - Who is Tiger Woods?

Noah catches up with former NY Times golf writer and current Indy Star reporter Clifton Brown to ask him about what it was liking covering Tiger Woods during the prime of his career.

Jim Donnan - A Wild Recruiting Story

College Football Hall of Fame coach Jim Donnan sits down with Noah to recall a recruiting story from the '80's that took him on a chase unlike he had ever experienced.

Nell Shapiro - 20+ Years Later

Noah and Nell met at overnight camp when they were 14 and went to college together, so they've long been like family. In today's conversation, Noah asks Nell to look back over 20 years ago to think about what she envisioned her life being like in 2018.

Mrs. Howard - My 6th Grade Teacher

As a 6th grader, Noah knew nothing about the life of his teacher, so 25 years later, he asks Mrs. Howard about what was going on back in 1993.

Josh Scharfberg - Super Bowl Champs!

Noah's longtime friend boarded a flight to the Super Bowl on Sunday morning and was back home 28 hours later. Josh details the trip, the atmosphere and the celebration as their Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl last night, beating the New England Patriots.

Jon Fox - Super Bowl Champs?

Noah and Jon have been friends since first grade and with the Super Bowl being two days away, they chatted about the possibility of their Philadelphia Eagles winning it all.

Chris Gasper - Developing Thick Skin

In today's Follow Up, Noah asks Boston Globe sports columnist and radio host Chris Gasper how he has gone about handling intense Boston sports fans that often come after him for something he wrote or said.

Seth Edelstein - The First Date

In today's Follow Up, Noah calls up his friend Seth to see if he has any good recent dating stories. The answer is yes, and it's probably unlike any you've heard before.

Bob Ford - Charles Barkley Said What?

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Bob Ford has been covering Philadelphia sports since 1981, so Noah asks him to take us behind the scenes with the athlete whose personality topped all the rest.

Rob Rossi - The Big Reveal

In today's Follow Up, Noah chats with veteran Pittsburgh sports reporter Rob Rossi who details the most revealing information an athlete has ever given to him.

Mike Yam

John Griffin

Dan Moriarty - They're a Different Breed

Longtime NHL analyst and former host of NHL Cool Shots, Dan Moriarty, chats with Noah about his experience around hockey players and details what makes them stand apart from other athletes.

Joe Stapleton - When a Comedy Bit Bombs

Comedian and world-class poker commentator Joe Stapleton joins Noah to talk about how he handles himself on stage when a joke falls flat.

My Dad - Game 7, 1960

Noah's dad tells the story of what it was like being 11 years old and having a front row seat to the greatest moment in Pittsburgh sports history, Bill Mazeroski's walk-off home run to win the 1960 World Series.

Hank Harris - A Texas Football Dad

Would you let your child play football? Hank Harris has two sons playing at TCU and another in high school, so he chats with Noah about balancing the longterm health risks with doing what his boys love to do.

Chad Finn - What Do You Want To Hear?

Boston Globe sports media columnist Chad Finn sits down with Noah to identify the qualities of a successful sports talk radio host.

Marissa Coslov - Parenting Expectations

Marissa and Noah have been married for 6 years and have a 3-year old daughter Eden (the guest on the 8th episode of The Follow Up). Today, Noah asks his wife if this is what she thought parenting would be like.

Jordan Schultz - Making A Name For Yourself

Noah's good friend Jordan Schultz is a sportswriter who battles with carving out his own identity in the industry. Jordan's father is Howard Schultz, the founder and executive chairman of Starbucks, and in today's episode, he opens up about the challenges of earning respect and feeling fulfilled.

Jess Butler - How to Talk About #MeToo

Jess and Noah have been friends for 16 years and in college would have long conversations about complicated issues. Now with her PhD, Jess is a Sociology Instructor at Butler University and as more high profile sexual harassment cases are exposed every day, Noah asks her how she teaches her students about changing the culture.

Michelle Meyer - What an Expert Looks Like

Michelle Meyer is the Head of US Economics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Noah met her the first day of college in 2000. Their conversation centers around beating expectations, changing perceptions and evolving into the role model Michelle has become as an expert in her field.

Jeff Nelson - MLB Bullpen Stories

Noah and Jeff Nelson met 10 years ago, and in this conversation the 4-time World Series champion reveals some of the practical jokes he and his teammates executed through his 15-year MLB career.

Jason McIntyre - Maturing in the Face of Criticism

Carving out your own path to success is impressive and that's exactly what Jason McIntyre did at In today's episode, Noah asks Jason to reflect on how other journalists perceive him and the points along the way that gave him a sense of legitimacy in the business.

Eric Jackson - Figuring Out Media's Next Step

Basketball Twitter brought Noah and Eric Jackson together, but today they're not talking hoops. Eric's a tech and media investor and joins Noah for a conversation about the potential next monumental steps in the media world.

Bryan Miller - When it's Time to Walk Away

Bryan Miller was one of the top high school hockey players in the United States and played collegiately at Boston University where he and Noah became good friends. He played eight years of minor league hockey all over the country and in today's conversation, Noah and Bryan talk about the emotional hurdles of pursuing a professional hockey career.

Kevin Carroll - Navigating Life as a College Basketball Coach

Noah and Kevin Carroll met when Kevin was the head coach at Division II Maryville University in St. Louis, and this year, he and his family moved to Lexington, Virginia as he starts his first season at Virginia Military Institute. Noah asks Kevin about what the family conversations are like as major career and life decisions are made.

Nick Buzzell - Disrupting the entertainment business

Nick Buzzell is the CEO and Chairman of NBTV Studios, and met Noah met 16 years ago when they were teenagers spending the summer in New York City. In today's conversation, Nick identifies his biggest source of frustration with the entertainment business as he continues to think and operate ahead of the curve in the industry.

The Follow Up #15 - Mark Heisler

Mark Heisler has covered the NBA for 50 years, so Noah asks the Hall of Famer how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan would have handled playing in the social media era.

The Follow Up #14 - Randy Brochu

Randy Brochu's love of his hometown and also the present moment makes him someone that you always want to be around. Noah and Randy met in college in 2000 and today, they chat about where those characteristics come from and what it is about New Britain, CT that makes Randy so proud.

The Follow Up #13 - Alex Price

Noah and Alex Price met when they were 4 years old. In this episode of The Follow Up, they talk about how Alex developed his teaching style and about the thirteen years he has spent getting through to 6th graders while pressures mount around both sides.

The Follow Up #12 - Carl Woog

Noah and Carl Woog were classmates at Boston University and Carl's professional experiences since then have included a presidential election loss, jobs in the White House and Pentagon, and now at a company with a tremendous amount of influence across the globe. They discuss how Carl's idea of changing the world has evolved over the past 15 years.

The Follow Up #11 - Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron spent 10 years as a minor league baseball pitcher and was with the Reading Phillies in 2005 when he met Noah. They chat today about the moment that captured how emotionally draining Ryan's career was and what life was like immediately after the ride ended.

The Follow Up - Jen Royle

Noah first met MLB reporter turned chef Jen Royle at Yankee Stadium in 2008. In this episode, they talk about making a dramatic career change and the affect it has had on her personal and professional life.

The Follow Up #9 - Jim Litke

Jim Litke has been a sports columnist at the Associated Press for nearly 30 years. The journalism industry has gone through great transformation, so Noah asks Jim for a story he wrote that wouldn't be possible to do today. Listen as Jim treks through the snow to recall one from the Olympics.

The Follow Up #8 - Eden Coslov

Noah's daughter Eden turns 3 today, so the two of them sat on her bed and chatted about something that she wants to do now that she's older. Plus, they went over their dinner plans for the evening.

The Follow Up #7 - Will Leitch

Will Leitch founded Deadspin and has become one of the most notable sports writers of a generation. Noah and Will met 7 years ago, and in today's episode, Will answers the question of how he's raising his sons as sports fans given his experience in the industry and with athletes.

The Follow Up #6 - Brad Blake

In '00, Brad Blake was Noah's TA for Communications 101 at Boston University and they've been close friends ever since that first semester of freshman year. In today's conversation, Noah asks Brad what he was thinking about on his way to dinner the night Brad told him he was gay.

The Follow Up #5 - Dan Baer

Noah has known Dan Baer for fifteen years and given his background, Dan is uniquely qualified to answer this question: "If you're fed up with the current political administration, what can we do about it?" Dan is Harvard and Oxford educated, served 8 years in the Obama administration and is currently running for US Congress in Colorado.

The Follow Up #4 - Richard Deitsch

Sports Illustrated's media reporter Richard Deitsch spends most of his time being critical, but also highlighting the best in the business. Richard joins Noah to chat about how he handles it when the tables turn and others are criticizing his work.

The Follow Up #3 - Jamie Stelter

Noah and Jamie Stelter grew up down the street from each other and are in touch nearly every day. Jamie's a traffic reporter for NY1 in New York City and after being very open about miscarriages and IVF, three weeks before her due date, Noah asks her what she thinks about when she has time to herself.

The Follow Up #2 - Don Sperling

Former NBA TV Executive VP tells his favorite Michael Jordan story.

The Follow Up #1 - Katie Lowes And Adam Shapiro

Noah talks with "Scandal" star Katie Lowes and her husband actor Adam Shapiro about finding meaningful and true friendships in Hollywood.

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