Religion & Spirituality


Ralph is a self-described agnostic. Father Josh is a Catholic priest with a wife and kids. Together they dive into topics from their own points of view. It's a discussion between a doubter and a man of faith that ends with respect and even some revelation.


Ralph and Fr. Josh talk SEX. It's not quite the discussion you think it is.


What does it mean to "fear" the Lord? Why does religion use so much "fear"? Fr. Josh and Ralph tackle FEAR in this episode of WORDS.


What is sin? How badly does it hurt me and the people around me? Fr. Josh and Ralph have a frank and honest discussion of "sin" in this episode of WORDS: The Priest And The Pragmatist.


Does everything really happen for a reason? Do we have to take life's hardships as part of a master plan? Fr. Josh and Ralph talk about "Faith"