Mike Rhyner is Your Dark Companion

The Old Grey Wolf lives here. Join Mike Rhyner as he talks to the news makers, the hit makers and every day people with a perspective all his own. And from time to time, he'll even share what's on his mind.

Emily Jones

Rangers team reporter (and "Mom Game" co-host) Emily Jones joins Mike to talk a little Rangers baseball, being comfortable in the clubhouse and what it is like when a player gets traded.

What's On Mike's Mind: In With The New

The Temple is no more. Long live The Temple. Mike has been out to the new Stadium for the Texas Rangers. And as you can imagine, he has a few thoughts.

What's On Mike's Mind: Gray Wolf

The Old Grey Wolf is talking about... Gray Wolves. California wolves specifically and if the return of the wolf population in that state will lead to protection or extermination.

Jon Herington

The long-time guitarist for Steely Dan sits down with Mike to talk about auditioning for the band, hearing them for the first time and answering the question if they will ever tour again.

What's On Mike's Mind: P22

He's one of the more famous pumas in LA - known as "P22" he's been living in Griffith Park for years. And in that time, Mike has been monitoring his progress. Today, he has an update.

What's On Mike's Mind: Bud Buschardt

A legend in Dallas radio has passed on to the next plane. Bud Buschardt touched many lives including a young Mike Rhyner. Mike pays his respects in today's What's On Mike's Mind edition of Your Dark Companion.

Krys Boyd

Mike sits down with the host of "Think" on Dallas public radio Krys Boyd. They talk about finding your own voice, discussing topics outside your comfort zone and lamenting the state of talk radio.

What's On Mike's Mind: Utah Jazz

At the proverbial half-way point of the NBA season, one team has surprised many and crashed the party: the Utah Jazz. This Jazz team reminds Mike of another Jazz team that he followed when he was just starting out in the radio biz.

Wilt 100 with Gary Pomerantz

59 years ago, Wilt Chamberlain amazed everyone by scoring 100 points in a game. But that's only part of the story. Where the game was played, how many people were there, who got to see it and the state of the NBA are all fascinating aspects of that momentous night. Mike talks with author Gary Pomerantz about those circumstances and if we will ever see anything like that again.

What's On Mike's Mind: Darren O'Day

Darren O'Day was a waiver-wire pick up for the Rangers in 2009. He wasn't supposed to pitch the day the Rangers signed him, but the fates intervened. And what transpired was one of the more unusual debuts Mike has ever seen in baseball.

Chris Young

Spring Training is underway and that means the 2021 Texas Ranger season is right around the corner. This year's team will look pretty different, and that includes a new General Manager as former Rangers pitcher Chris Young takes over the role. So, what are his plans, and how will he leave his stamp on this team? Mike finds out in this episode.

Cowboys Talk with David Moore

Mike Rhyner joins the podcasting world with a little Cowboys talk. The 2020 season did not go as planned. What happened, and what can they do to fix it? David Moore of the Dallas Morning News joins this inaugural journey.